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Zuriel possesses a Human Form, Mobian Dragon Form, Power Dragon Form, Leviathan form, Lion form, & Dragon Fortress Form.

Human & Mobian Forms

As a human Zuriel has spiked up black hair & pale skin, with pink angel wings. He carries a golden staff in this form that can generate flames & in the 21st Century wears a white dress shirt with a necktie (usually red) underneath a Silver Suit with Silver Pants. He also wears a diamond ring & gold headband.

As a Mobian Dragon he has red scales & pale pink skin with Green Eyes. His clothing remains fairly unchanged, although parts of his Silver pants transform into silver armbands.

He can control metals (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Mercury, & Steel most easily) in both forms using kinesis. Zuriel also possesses limited pyrokinesis in both of these forms. The human form is faster, while the mobian form has more physical strength.

Powerful Dragon Form

Zuriel takes the form of a Golden Wyvern with large wings. He heavily breathes fire & may actually be indestructible in this form, save for his wings. When his wings are attacked heavily, Zuriel leaves this form.

Leviathan Form

Appearance wise Zuriel takes the form of a large mostly silver snake with 6 blue crystal nodes on it's body, & 6 sets of golden wings across its body near said nodes. While in this form Zuriel launches indigo spheres of electricity from it's mouth, while moving quickly, although Zuriel eventually will bite his tail & start to charge electricity, however he stops moving while doing this, giving Ramiel a chance to attack his nodes, however Zuriel is charging for a series of powerful lightning attacks when doing this, which Yume & Cerah need to avoid when attacking his wings, which slows Zuriel enough for Ramiel to damage him by blasting lightning into Zuriel's mouth. After taking enough damage he will transform.

Lion Form

When Zuriel takes the form of a large White Lion with a golden mane & golden metallic wings. He will breathe fire & have Electricity flow from his mane, both of which take 3 seconds for him to charge. Repeated attacks to his back & wings (half as effective) eventually require him to transform.

Dragon Fortress Form

Liquid Metal surrounds Zuriel's body & hardens to create this massive form. Zuriel's weakness in this form is his Mobian body located deep inside the Fortress. Zuriel only entered this form when fighting Team Yume, after they had significantly weakened him as a last resort. The form collapsed on the dark side of the moon when Zuriel's sleeping body was struck by a blast of lightning which sliced through his heart.


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Born from the core of King Jupiter after splitting in the year 40AD, Zuriel would quickly gain respect within heaven for his power. He possessed some of King Jupiter's wisdom, & would gain entry into the Divine Council in December of 42AD. 30 years later he would become it's leader.

Zuriel, as the strongest angel, went to Earth to capture Ramiel, then to exterminate an evil fairy race that was becoming a serious threat. Arriving on Earth he searches for Ramiel then gives him a time limit upon finding him to say goodbye. 1 week later Zuriel agrees to fight the super forms of Ramiel & his teammates in space, following their refusal. After a long fight stretching all the way to the Darkside of the Resurrected Moon, Zuriel in his last minute of life reveals his other objective and Ramiel allows him to be reborn as an egg.

Reborn Zuriel

By sacrificing most of his energy Zuriel was able to hatch within 6 months rather than 100 years. Following this reincarnation Zuriel appears as a Mobian Dragon girl age 12, with limited memory of the previous life. Zuriel has yet to regain any transformations, and because of the energy sacrificed, usually sleeps for 12 hours each day. Zuriel's speed has also been reduced down to that of average Mobian speed.

Zuriel's scales are pink, her skin is pale, & her hair is blue. Her style in clothing is heavily based on the style of her first friend upon hatching, Yume Paradisia. As such she always wears cute schoolgirl clothing. She would attend school in Japan after Yume helped her learn Japanese.


  • Zuriel's Leviathan form resembles an Ouroboras.
  • Zuriel's Silver Suit & Armbands are liquefied for the creation of his Dragon Fortress form.
  • Zuriel was reborn female because he hatched early, as the embryo is born female.
  • After being reborn as a girl, Zuriel is weak to fire & cutting weapons.
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