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Zulto Beltz
15 (due to the cloning process)
yellow and black fur, grey, yellow, red, and light black shoes
Lightning "Selenia" the Hedgehog
Romantic Interest
The New Orginazation
Angelaz the Light, training,Fighting
Eggman, Elise, Junk food, funny talk, being alone, racing (cars), Drathordian the Hedgehog (due to his strangew nature, and also because of his attempt to sedate him)
Teleportation, time travel, power of Lightning
Almost everyone he has meet
Dr.Eggman, Elise
Hyper Zulto, BlackFlame Zulto, Chao Zulto (special, very uncommon)

Zulto or by his full name Zulto Beltz is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with an strange personality, he is also the new Fursona of Xabior.


Not much is known of his Orgins, but it is revealed that he has parts of Sonic, Shadow, and Silvers D.N.A. But it is know that his parents that adopted him died due to an aciddent involving a Car race. When he became 6 he travelled across the world searching for more facts about his past. Currently, he recently faded away due to clone after effects, but a new clone arose from thye ashes with no true memory of what his life was like.


Zulto can be seen as a smart, smart mouthed, and adventorus hedgehog and he is fairly nice and seems to be quite open around Angelaz. In the face of battle he is cool and calm, even in the most dire situations. Zulto belives that training is the most important thing in life and that you must have trained your Heart, Mind, soul, and body to truley become strong.


Zulto contians a wide vary of attacks, many of them being speed attacks due to his believing "The Faster you are, the shorter the battle". One strange ablility he contains is the ability to see in to the future, although this power acts on its own. He also has the ability to travel inot the past and future without an emerld. He also has power of lightning.

Friends and Enemys

Selenia Lightning the Hedgehog

Sister and good friend

Road Runner the Hedgehog

Thinks of him as an okay friend and belives him to be fine.

Mazda the Hedgehog

Thinks of him as a good insperation, seeing him in battle only encouranged him to train more to become strong

Darthoridan the Hedgehog

After he sedated him, Zulto disregards him as a true enemy, he also belives that he has a violent nature.

Angelaz the Light

Seems to be similar in a way and he also likes her mid-violent personality. Finds her attractive but plays it cool so that he dosent get onto th wrong side of her.

Famous Quotes

If I was dead right now, how would you tell Im alive?

Heres the deal: Either we grab those weapons or the walking dead gets to us....Unfourtantly, in both options you are less likely to survive..but for both options, I will survive..

Have you ever felt a electric shock when you touched something? Well, just think of millions of shocks just like that and mix it all together and what do you get?? A shocking death, so just get ready for the impact.....

Give me piece of straw and you will get fire

Just mix that with that...and there you go!!! A Nitrogen fueled Electrical Magnetic Polar Satelite...Its as easy as 1 and 2, there is no 3 because by the time you reach that number you will be dead.

Ah ha!!! Its my precious Behemoth Ray, oh where did you ever go...I mean, oh look at this weapon!!! I wonder what it does....

You can kill me, but you would die in the process of even trying..

Give me a lift!! These missles dont launch on there own.

If it was the end of the world, then I would probally survive for a while...only when the planet dies would I die in the process...because no object of any kind could possibly kill me.

Is it cold in here or is it just the fact that its snowing?

How many light bulbs does it take to kill a man?? Well if it was me with those light bulbs, well then.....

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