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This is an article about Zorovar "Twilight" Hallstrom, a character created by Frost the Wolf.


Physical Description

Zorovar is a type of dingo that heavily resembles a particular canine species known as the New Guinea Singing Dog. He has rust colored orange-brown fur which gets lighter near his belly. His belly fur is white-ish with a very faint orange color visible. His hands and a small portion of the undersides of his arms are also this color, although his muzzle is black. Zorovar's nose is an oblong oval shape, which is a deep black color. The fur around his back appears sleek and smooth. His amber eyes are reflective and glow bright green when lights shine at them. Zorovar has short, dark brown hair. It spikes in a few places as if it is slightly unbrushed. His ears are fairly short, and they stick up at a point facing slightly forward. Zorovar's ears are fur-lined, so there are small amounts of his rust-colored fur visible in his inner ears. His tail is long, straight, bushy, and is tipped with white. Zorovar has a fairly lean figure, with some muscles visible through his chest fur.


Zorovar wears a long-sleeved dark gray shirt with an intricate black design of a mythical sea dragon on the front. Overtop of his shirt, he wears a black hooded jacket. He usually always wears the hood because he likes to keep the light out of his eyes. When, for some reason, he cannot wear his hood, he will wear a pair of black sunglasses instead. Zorovar also wears long black jeans, with a studded black belt holding them up. Occasionally, he will wear a spiked collar, but this is seldom, and he almost never wears it. His socks are short and black, and his shoes are black and gray. Zorovar wears dark gray leather gloves. He also wears a unique, black and silver gauntlet on his right forearm. The gauntlet has the ability to flip open, revealing a hidden storage compartment for him to store crystals for his crossbow. While his clothing would give the impression tht he is goth, he is not. His clothes simply reflect his dark side.


Zorovar is in very good health and he is even capable of living for a very long time due to his vampiric genes, if he isn't killed by monsters, demons, or some other foe first. In addition, his body heals from wounds in only a fraction of the time a normal person heals. Unlike other vampires, his heart actually beats and he would appear to be normal aside from his vampiric fangs. In addition, he is quite fit due to the fact that he would have to be in order to survive as a monster hunter. However, he is still capable of dying from wounds or very old age (estimated age of expiration is around three hundred years old). His senses are finely tuned and have no imparements. In fact, his senses are actually sharpened and more acute.

Psychological Profile


Zorovar is very patient, which is essential for the line of work he's involved in. He can take the time to follow, track, and make note of a monster's movements without getting irratated by the amount of time it requires. Zorovar, being raised in seclusion, will often feel wary of new people. However, due to the fact that his first friend (Eclipse) was a female, he has become a bit chivilris towards other females. Even when he feels wary of someone he doesn't know, he tries to have a patient, mildly polite, and calm temperment towards the person. He does, however, like to taunt others during an argument or fight, and will sometimes ignore people on purpose just to mess with them.

Because a vast majority of Zorovar's life was spent in seclusion from the rest of the world, Zorovar is somewhat unfamiliar with modern technology, particularly cell phones and computers. He will sometimes rant about how confusing modern technology is; however, he is learning to adapt at a slow, but steady, pace. As a result of this quirk, Zorovar will often rely on Eclipse or another person to handle any technology that is "too modern" for Zorovar's liking.

Because he was raised to fight monsters alone, Zorovar is reluctant to work with others, especially people he doesn't know. However, if it is neccesary, Zorovar will ally himself with another to complete the task. Zorovar is also completely dependent on others when it comes to certain technology, a trait that Zorovar disdains about himself.

Zorovar has a unique interest in history, legends, lore, and myths. He will often read as much as he can about these topics when he gets the chance. Because of his fascination with such things, Zorovar has learned a few dead languages, primarily Latin. He will even use Latin phrases during conversations, only to be mildly annoyed when it seems like no one understood what he said.


Zorovar is very intelligent, and has had plenty of education during his youth. He has up to a high school intelligence on most subjects, but he has extensive knowledge on history, dead langauges, and ancient lore. He is capable of speaking and reading ancient Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and a few other dead languages. In addition, he is very knowledgable about different kinds of monsters, demons, and other mystical and mythical creatures.In addition, Zorovar is quite crafty. He is able to come up with good, solid plans to get past difficult or challenging problems. He also has a good amount of common sense, being able to realize beforehand the reprecussions a certain action could bring about.

However, when it comes to most modern technology, Zorovar is not quite so knowledgable. He did not grow up using things like computers, so he has very little idea about how they work or how to use them. Although Zorovar could probably learn how to make a call on a phone or radio, he probably couldn't figure out how to use any other advanced features. As for computers, he would be totally lost on what to do unless you gave him step by step instructions, and it would take him a while just to type in a sentence. So, when it comes to technology related tasks, there are better people to handle that job. However, that's not to say that he doesn't ever enjoy the benefits of technology; he often likes to watch or listen to any news that's being announced on a radio or television screen.



Zorovar's parents were killed not long after he was born. Zorovar's father was a vampire from a prestigious family, while his mother was a mortal. While there was normally nothing wrong with a vampire/mortal pairing, such things were forbidden among the most prestigious and powerful of vampiric families. Zorovar's family was no exception, as they were one of the most powerful families in the monster world. Because Zorovar's father was married to a mortal, Zorovar and his parents were targeted for 'execution'. Somehow, only Zorovar survived...

Most of Zorovar's early life was spent being raised by his uncle Vlademire after the death of his parents Connor and Elena Hallstrom. Zorovar's uncle had informed Zorovar of his vampire/mortal ancestry and how it had resulted in his parents' death. While Zorovar did feel some shame and guilt over this, Vlademire saw potential in him due to the fact that Zorovar exhibited none of the trademark weakness of a vampire, but retained many of the abilities of one. During his youth, Zorovar would often be curious of the permanent scar across his uncle's face, but he would never be granted a straight answer.

From an early age, Vlademire trained Zorovar to be a monster hunter, training him to fight a wide variety of monsters that threatened the known world. The monsters that he would be tasked with killing would range anywhere from vampires to were-mobians to witches and to any other type of supernatural monsters. The weapon that had seen him through many of his adventures was an enchanted crossbow that never ran out of ammunition and could fire a wide variety of arrow types. He named the weapon "Harbinger", for the bolts it fired acted as forerunners, announcing Zorovar's arrival. After several years of training and education by his uncle, Zorovar would soon become an expert monster hunter.

During his years of training, Zorovar accidentally discovered that he had the ability to manipulate shadows and dark energy. When he informed his uncle of this, Vlademire informed Zorovar that this power was actually inherited. This power over darkness and shadow would manifest itself once every several generations, and the last person to have it was Zorovar's great-great-great grandfather. Vlademire encouraged Zorovar to learn to control this power and use it.

At the age of 13, everything about Zorovar's life changed forever. Vlademire then told the young dingo everything about his parents: how they were murdered at the hands of a vampire. He then proceeded to tell the young monster hunter that he had found where the vampire responsible for his parents' death was hiding. Before dusk had set upon the uncle's mansion, Zorovar had packed everything he needed to avenge his parents' murder: a few bottles of water so he wouldn't thirst, a few snacks, and his enchanted crossbow. After about a day's journey, he finally reached the location of his parents' murderer.

It wasn't long before the young dingo was confronted by the vampire responsible for his parents' death. A fierce battle quickly ensued. During the battle, Zorovar demanded to know why the vampire killed his parents. The vampire denied it, however, claiming that Zorovar was lied to. Enraged by the vampire's lies, Zorovar started to attack relentlessly. He soon managed to shoot the vampire with his crossbow, fatally wounding him. The vampire then made the following statement:

"I never wanted this for you. I never wanted any of this to happen to you. I'm sorry... son."

This statement shocked Zorovar, causing him to want more answers. Instead, the vampire only managed to pull out an old photograph; it was a picture of him, another woman, and Zorovar as a baby. On the back of the photo was writen these words: Connor, Elena, and Zorovar Hallstrom. A family forever. The vampire, who is now identified as Conner Hallstrom, then closed his eyes and died.

Zorovar then had a flashback of the night of his parent's murder. As it turned out, Vlademire had attacked Zorovar's parents, killing Elena and almost killing Conner. However, when Vlademire saw Zorovar, he took him with him rather than killing him. After the flashback, Zorovar buried his father and vowed revenge. He then began the journey back to his uncle's mansion.

After arriving back home, Zorovar confronted his uncle, demanding to know why he murdered his mother. Vlademire tried to deny it at first, but soon realized that Zorovar knew the truth. He explained that, according to tradition, a member of the family must be the one to kill another family member for any serious crime against the family. So Vlademire, being Conner's only brother, was selected for the job.

Zorovar than made a remark that his uncle's scar was proably the result of his parents retaliating in self defense. His uncle confirmed this, and Zorovar attacked. Unfortunately, Vlademire, being Zorovar's mentor and instructor, was able to deflect and counter many of Zorovar's moves with ease. During the battle, it was revealed that Vlademire was also a vampire like Zorovar's father. With his supernatural abilities, Vlademire nearely beat Zorovar within an inch of death.

However, before Vlademire could unleash a finishing move, Zorovar felt what he could have sworn was the ghost of his father standing behind Vlademire and released an incredible blast of dark energy, knocking his uncle away. Zorovar's resolve and will were strengthened, and he managed to gain an upper hand against his uncle. In a desperate battle, Zorovar finally managed to land a fatal blow on Vlademire. Zorovar looked up to see that the image of his father had disappeared. Zorovar then noticed something around his dead uncle's neck; it was a key to Vlademire's study. Using the key, Zorovar looked through everything he could find to figure out more about his family's history.

From the notes, he learned that his mother was not only a mortal, but that she had also been a notorious monster hunter herself. However, she ended up falling in love with Zorovar's father before learning that he was a vampire, and still loved him even after finding out. While looking through the study, he found an item that belonged to his great-great-great father: the handle of a large sword. At first glance, the item seemed useless. But when Zorovar held it, a large blade of dark energy erupted from the handle. Zorovar decided to keep the sword as both a keepsake and a valuable weapon. After looking through the entire mansion one last time, he grabbed as many necessities as he could carry, grabbed his crossbow and his new sword, and burned the mansion, along with Vlademire's body, to ashes.

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Roleplay history:

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Zorovar has the power to manipulate darkness and shadows, using them to attack, hide, or move around quickly. On offense, he uses darkness as an energy attack that can be fired at opponents, or cloak himself in dark energy to enhance his melee power. In addition, he can create a temporary 'copy' of himself from either his shadow or someone else's to do his bidding. However, the copies are short lived and only stay active for a few seconds. On defense, he can sink into shadows (either his own or the shadow of another person or object) to hide from his opponents before reappearing for a suprise attack. He can also create portals of dark energy to enter the world of shadows, allowing him to disappear and reappear from almost anywhere instantly. However, his time in the shadow world must be breif, as it takes focus and energy to stay in the shadow world. He can use this ability to "teleport" short distances to either reach difficult areas, or outmaneuver his opponent.

In addition to his ability to manipulate darkness and shadows, Zorovar also has the ability to summon "minions" to fight by his side. Using the power of darkness, he calls forth armored, four-legged, spider-like monsters that faithfully obey his every command. Zorovar can only a few of these in the area at any given time. While the minions are durable and strong, they are slow. To compensate, they have the ability to roll around. In addition to durable armor, the minions have strong appendeges that can be used to smack an opponent around. The minions can also fire a volley of three to five semi-venemous darts at the opponent, slowly chipping away his or her health. The darts, however, are never fatal.

Zorovar's shadow, who's name is "Eclipse", also acts as a power of some sort. Eclipse is capable of becoming a person and aiding Zorovar in combat. She is an accomplished sword fighter, an expert with using a staff, and an incredible spellcaster. Eclipse is really the mind and soul of a spell caster who was once a close friend of Zorovar. As such, her combat abilities are different from Zorovar's. Her main weapon of choice is a special staff that she can use to cast a variety of spells and use as a melee weapon. Her other weapon is actually Zorovar's blade, Requiem. The sword has the ability to split from one large sword of dark energy into two thinner swords. Both Zorovar and Eclipse are skilled with using Requiem in this form. Being fused with Zorovar's shadow, Eclipse will always be with him, whether in the form of his shadow or in the form of a person.


Because he is the son of a vampire, Zorovar has inherited several abilities that vampires have.

The first of these abilities is the ability to run at incredible speeds for a short time. He can silently run at almost the speed of sound, making him capable of clearing a great distance without being seen. However, this ability can only last about five seconds and he cannot use it successivly.

The second ability is to walk up walls and along ceilings. Like his super speed ability, this doesn't last for an unlimited time. He can only walk on these surfaces for about seven seconds before he falls. He can, however, use this in combination with his super running ability, allowing him to clear incredible obstacles that otherwise would seem impossible to clear otherwise.

Another ability that he inheritied was the ability to manipulate another person's mind. By looking into thier eyes, his will glow red and lock them in a hypnotic trance. During this trance, Zorovar can wipe a portion of the person's memory away, convince them to do things, or even temporarily affect the person's behavior. He can even just have the opponent stand in a trance while he performs some other action. However, this ability doesn't work on vampires, people with incredibly strong wills, or people something that prevents Zorovar from seeing the victims eyes, such as mirrored lenses or a blindfold. This ability can be used from a good distance away, provided that his target is looking right at him. A person locked in a trance will stay in it for several seconds until either they come to their senses, are struck in some manner, or manage to have a very strong will and mind.


Since Zorovar was young, he was taught many things about a variety of supernatural creatures. As such, he has incredible knowledge about the different types of monsters and their attributes. He uses this knowledge to help give him an advantage when fighting a supernatural creature such as a vampire, were-mobian, witch, sea monster, etc. Because of this knowledge, Zorovar will sometimes become annoyed with horror films, saying that many of them have their "monster facts" wrong or mixed up.

The fact that he was raised to hunt monsters means that he became skilled in tracking. He is patient with this, and is often willing to track for several days before finally catching up to his target. This skill in tracking, and his knowledge of legends and lore, has also made him good at finding ancient treasures. As such, this talent has actually led him to become a part time treasure hunter.

Not only was Zorovar brought up to be an expert on monsters, but he was also trained to kill or assassinate them if they became a major threat to innocent people. As such, he is highly lethal in combat and is incredibly stealthy when he needs to be. When assassinating a dangerous monster that's in disguise, he knows how to silently take out the target, hide the evidence, and quickly get out of the area before being caught. In open combat, he will often use all available resources and options available to him to vanquish his foes.

Another skill that serves as an asset to Zorovar is that he is incredibly skilled with crossbows. Since he has spent a majority of his life using his enchanted crossbow, he has become incredibly adept at using this type of weapon, being able to hit targets at incredible distances with deadly accuracy.

In addition, Zorovar is a skilled swordsman. After aquiring his father's sword, Requiem, Zorovar put a lot of time into becoming proficient with its use. While he does prefer his sword due to the blade being weightless and composed of dark energy, he can use another sword if the situation requires him to do so. He will often switch between using his crossbow and using Requiem during combat in order to keep his opponents on their toes.

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Weapons and Items


  • Harbinger: This is Zorovar's most dangerous weapon and his weapon of choice when it comes to fighting from a distance. The Crossbow's enchantment allows him to fire infinite bolts rapidly, dramatically increasing it's usefullness. In addition, Zorovar owns an assortment of crystals that allow him to add a special effect to the bolts. When not in use, Harbinger is compacted into what looks like a silver, long-barreled handgun of some sort, and hangs off his belt. When Zorovar holds the inactive crossbow, it extends in length and the sides extend outward, creating the traditional crossbow appearance. There is also a grip on the underside of the crossbow to help steady Zorovar's aim.
  • Requiem: Requiem is a broad longsword that belonged to Zorovar's father. When not in use, the blade dissapears and only the sword's elegant black handle is visible, giving the appearance that it is almost entirely useless. However, when Zorovar holds the sword, a long, broad blade of pure dark energy erupts from the base. While the sword looks like it would weigh a lot, it is actually weightless, with only the handle having any significant weight. In addition, the sword has the capability of splitting into two katana-like swords. This gives Zorovar another choice when fighting his opponents. In addition,he can also give one of the half-blades to Eclipse for her to use.


  • Crossbow Crystals: Zorovar has a collection of crystals that can be used to alter Harbinger's abilities. These crystals will usually add an effect of some sort to the bolts, making them more dangerous or adding a bonus effect to them. He keeps these crystals in a small, hidden compartment located in the gauntlent on his right forearm.


Zorovar is a powerful and dangerous opponent, but even he has his weaknesses. Some of these affect his ability to fight against others. Other weaknesses are more personal, and will sometimes affect his relationships with other people.

The most obvious threat to Zorovar is any enemy that can manipulate light energy. The fact that light is able to expel darkness makes it harder for Zorovar to fight them using his powers, as the opponent can use light to counter a variety of his attacks. However, he is not directly weak to light type attacks, taking no additional damage than normal when hit. In addition, opponents who can manipulate light are able to move freely around the shadow world should Zorovar ever drag them into it, rather than be restricted like other people.

Opponents who can manipulate dark energy are also capable of giving Zorovar a hard time. They tend to take less damage from his attacks and are able to counter some of his powers. Like light manipulating enemies, they can freely move around and exit the shadow world should Zorovar ever drag them in.

Some of Zorovar's attacks take some of his energy when he uses them. For example, using darkness to grip an opponent will use up some of his energy over time. The more people caught in the grip, the greater the energy drain. Zorovar can recover some of his energy, however, if he doesn't use energy consuming moves for a breif time.

Zorovar is slow to trust other people. Being raised in seclusion, Zorovar has not had a lot of experience dealing with "mortals," people who are not monsters or of the supernatural. However, ever since meeting his first friend, a spellcaster named Eclipse, Zorovar has become a little more capable of befriending people. But they still have to earn his trust before he calls them a friend.

A humorous weakness of Zorovar's is that he isn't very good at using modern technology. Items such as computers and cell phones will typically give Zorovar some difficulty. Because of this, Zorovar will often allow others to use such items for him. Relying on others for help is something that Zorovar resents doing.

Relationships with other characters


Eclipse the Spellcaster: Eclispe was a spellcaster that Zorovar met shortly after he had left home and became rogue. Although Zorovar was a loner by nature, he came to become friends with her. While he feels that she could be a nusiance at times, he cares about her and often treats her like a younger sister. The two have a close friendship.

Twilight the Lycalo: Zorovar and Twilight became friends not long after meeting each other. When the two first met, Twilight was in his nighmare form. Afterwards, Zorovar and Twilight grew to become friends and do trust each other to an extent. Zorovar has a surprising amount of knowledge about Twilight's curse. Although not best friends by any means, the two do get along very well.

Valencia the Fox: (currently going under some revisions...)



Scorch the Hellhound: Zorovar has an undying hatred towards the demon. Scorch is responsible for nearly killing Eclipse and her brother, who were like a family to Zorovar. Zorovar, already being a monster and demon hunter, has vowed to find a way to truely kill the seemingly immortal hellhound.

Reuben the Cat: Zorovar doesn't seem to like Reuben all that much, but doesn't exactly view him as an enemy either. However, because Reuben is Valencia's husband, Zorovar keeps any bickering with the cat to a minimal.

Romantic interest

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Trivia and Music


  • Zorovar's last name, Hallstrom, comes from another name for his species: the Hallstrom Dog.
  • Zorovar will often complain about horror movies by saying that they rarely get their monster facts correct.
  • Zorovar's birthday is January 11th (or Day 11 on the Mobian calendar), and his birthstone is a garnet.


Main theme song: The One by Elena Siegman (Instrumental only)

Main battle song: (to be determined)

Alternate battle song: Beauty of Annihilation by Elena Siegman (Instrumental only)