Zonic the Zone Cop is a recurring character in the 2014 game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog that works as a Zone Cop in the Nexus, the world that connects worlds, and bears a striking resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog. His role in the aforementioned is crucial to the game's plot.
Zonic the Zone Cop
First appearance
English Voice Actor
Johnny Yong Bosch
27 (deceased)
Zone Cops
Creator (real-world)
Dan Slott
his father, hoverbikes, Everbard Lune
villains, animal experiments
Skills/ Techniques
laser vizor, blaster and other firearms, hoverbikes, gravity shifting

Background Information

Zonic's actual name is Witackous Spark. He comes from the distant future. When he was little, his father, a prominent scientist at that time, was a researcher of the Albion technology and its secrets. It was him who wrote the 4th tome of the Golden Epics, based on his meticulous research on the Albion Technology. Eventually, his father fell victim to a conspiracy which sought to steal the Albion technology and its secrets written in the Golden Epic and use it for ill intentions. Witackous followed his father's footsteps and tried to retrieve it. However, at some point of his life, he was on the verge of being killed when Sonic himself rescued him, and many others in the process, ultimately risking his own life in the process. Nevertheless, the attack left Witackous with a severe cerebral damage, causing him to lose half of his brain. Because his survival was uncertain, scientists took the risk to transplant half of Sonic's brain into Witackous'. It was the very first brain transplant operation ever conducted. 

Witackous survived the operation but had lost everything from his life. His family had been killed because of the Albion technology and his health was declining. As years went by, Witackous slowly obtained Sonic's memories and reached a point where he literally started becoming Sonic, such as his fur turning from brown to blue. Other side effects included growth restriction, his ability to read Sonic's mind and communicate with him telepathically, although this occurred only when he met the present Sonic during the events of the game. He was kept at a facility where scientists experimented on his brain. Witackous would eventually escape, but would be hunted down by the scientific community and for his knowledge on the Albion technology. Unable to continue his life in that manner, Witackous pledged a sorcerer to help him. He transported him to the Nexus, where he would be safe. To hide his identity, Witackous changed his name to Zonic, because of his similarity to Sonic, and was hired as a Zone cop at the Zone Prizon.

Appearances in Games

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics

Zonic is one the main characters in the game. He makes his first appearance in Chapter 2: A Hedgehog Named Zonic. When Sonic and Tails accidentally teleport themselves to a mysterious forest, they are attacked by a group of forest creatures. A short while later, Zonic appears, wearing his helmet and riding a hoverbike and helps fend off the monsters. However, his hoverbike gets damaged in the process and is forced to go on foot with Sonic and Tails to find the exit to the forest. Zonic does not reveal hiw full identity to them, but simply discloses his name. He states his intentions in catching a criminal that has escaped from Zone Prizon. Sonic and Tails agree to help him in his mission if Zonic helps them find what they want. They make a deal and from that point onwards, Zonic accompanies them throughout most of their journey. Zonic also has a jet with his own personal driver and engineer, a cat named Everbard Lune.

Zonic doesn't do anything suspicious throughout the game, not until Chapter 7: The Battle of Sarrytian. When the heroes reach the Tachyon Terminal, they board to the booths, with Sonic and Captain Whisker going last. At that moment, Zonic presses the button to send the booths to their destination, leaving the 3 there. He pulls his blaster and aims it at Sonic's head, partly revealing his true intentions. He aims to kill Sonic for the Golden Epics, then head and destroy the Albion Technology himself. After battling against each other, Omega appears and thwarts Zonic's plans. He then escapes and is not seen or played as a playable character until Chapter 9: The Last Encounter at the End of the Horizon. Zonic telepathically guides Sonic to the control room where the two battle for the second time. During this battle, he reveals his true name, Witackous Spark. The battle does not last for long. Adrasteia's troops and she herself march into the room, forcing the two to join forces reluctantly and escape. Later, Sonic's friends, led by Shadow, infiltrate the mothership to find Sonic and give him the Chaos Emeralds, transforming him into Super Sonic and battling against Adrasteia. During the battle, however, Zonic is severely injured by Adrasteia when he gets shot right in the right hemisphere. 

After the battle is over, Sonic visits Zonic in the hospital. Being the two for the first time alone, Zonic reveals Sonic the entire truth, including his past. He expresses remorse and guilt for having been wrongly blinded by hatred by the Golden Epics, the Albion technology and Sonic, the things he held accountable for the loss of his father and the downfall of his life. Sonic gives him flowers and asks if he wants to join them in the Place Where Planets Are Born to find the Legend of the Golden Epics. Once they get there all together, Zonic assists one final time in reaching their destination. He is, unable, however, to solve the puzzle at the Gate of the Ancient because of his injuries, so Everbard Lune, Zonic's engineer and pilot friend, steps in and together with Sutamin open the Gate of the Ancients. Zonic leaves his last breath at the forest of the Legend of the Golden Epics after having told the heroes the truth about what Adrasteia had told them concerning the vessel of the Children of the Stars and after having thanked Sonic for all he has and had done to him. His body is placed on a raft and is left floating in the river as a reminiscent of the Children of the Stars' custom when somebody died. Sonic keeps Zonic's helmet, just as he had promised to him, and takes it with him back to Earth. In the final cutscene, Sonic places Zonic's helmet on the ground, exactly on the spot where he woke up once arriving back to Earth and runs to his friends.

The picture after the credits shows the word FIN together with the Chaos Emeralds, the Golden Epics, Sutamin's face and Zonic's helmet.

Physical Description

Zonic's appearance is very similar to that of the Archie Comics. He wears a Zone Cop armour composed of a red jumpsuit with the Zone Cop's emblem on it, blue, metallic gloves, green boots and a black belt. It is equipped with golden plates. Zonic's most characteristic feature is his helmet that covers all of his head, including his quills. With the press of a button, the quills can be uncovered. His helmet also contains two radars on both sides and a vizor. Beneath his armour, Zonic's physical appearance is identical Sonic's, the major difference being that his eyes are black instead of green, indicating his false identity, his voice and his face being slightly older in appearance and his hight being taller.

Character Description

Zonic's personality largely differs from that of Sonic. He is much more serious in his job and more mature than him. He does have a sense of humour but rarely expresses it. Zonic has a mysticopathic nature; from the start of the game, he tends to hide his thoughts and feelings while also suppressing his expressions. Whenever he senses that his personal space is bypassed, he becomes anxious and tries to jump to a different subject. Furthermore, due to his double brain, Zonic is mildly schizophrenic. This is shown in in-game dialogue when at some points unexpectedly, he starts talking incomprehensibly until he gets a pain in the head and gains his senses. He has a tendency to lie, though he does that consciously to hide as much as he can of himself from others as possible. 

Towards the end of the game, Zonic's personality changes dramatically from that of a mysticopath to that of a confessionist. At the hospital, he confesses the entire truth to Sonic, including the reasons why he wanted him dead. In the second to last chapter, Zonic accepts Sonic as his friend and expresses his gratitude to him and his friends. Zonic is a tragic figure in the aforementioned game's storyline. While a minor antagonist, Zonic's evil actions are a result of false beliefs that he had, holding the Golden Epics as a culprit of his family's death and all his sufferings as well as holding a grudge against Sonic for using the Golden Epics for his own purposes. He starts off as a retributor, but ends up reconciled with himself and greets death as a means of liberation and redemption.

Skills and Abilities

Zonic uses a wide arsenal of firearms, including a stun rod. His most widely used one is a blaster. He can also shoot laser beams from his vizor. In addition, he is a skilled hoverbike driver. As a skilled cop, his job's prerequisite is to be physically in good shape and a capable fighter. He does not sport any superhuman speed or physical strength whatsoever. Because Zonic shares half of Sonic's brain, he can communicate with him telepathically and partly read his mind, thoughts and memories. This allows him to foresee Sonic's movements. In terms of gameplay, Zonic has the ability to manipulate gravity. He can create a field which neutralizes gravity in short distance around him. This allows him to walk on walls or even upside down. It is presumed that this is because of his specially designed gloves.

This character's fourstat code is 4366


Zonic's physical condition was very fragile. Having undergone the first brain transplantation and being kept as an experimental subject for many years, Zonic's health deteriorated to the point where his mental health started collapsing as well. He experienced headaches and illusions and couldn't discriminate between reality and dream. Nevertheless, his will for retribution kept him alive, until he was redeemed spiritually. Another major weakness is that Zonic is very dependent on firearms and weapons in general as he does not sport any special abilities as Sonic does.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Zonic's actual goals force him to predent that he is Sonic's ally. As such, he behaves like his friend until he betrays him in Chapter 7. Nonetheless, Sonic, acknowledging his sufferings, forgives him and accepts him as his friend. For more information see the chapters above.

Sutamin the Jomon

Zonic's behaviour towards Sutamin is neutral. Nevertheless, he treats him nicely, as does in most people he comes across in order to not let down disguise. Zonic also seems to grow suspicious over him as the story goes because he senses that Sutamin can feel his pain.

Everbard Lune

Zonic's trusted engineer and pilot is his best and closest friend. He is the only one to whom Zonic has disclosed his true identity, but not his intentions. Everbard originally helps Zonic achieve his ambitions, until he realizes he has lost his sanity and begs Sonic to help him before he gets himself killed by Adrasteia's forces. Everbard is an anthropomorphic cat. He wears a blue jumpsuit, gloves, boots and goggles.

Zone Cops

Zonic makes a reference to his fellow Zone Cops sometimes during gameplay. He says his relations with them have been getting better over time.

Voice Acting

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics ~ Johnny Yong Bosch

Theme Song

Cristian Onofreiciuc - Awakening (Epic music, uplifting powerful orchestration)

Cristian Onofreiciuc - Awakening (Epic music, uplifting powerful orchestration)

Awakening by Cristian Onofreiciuc

Zonic's theme song is purely instrumental. This, and some remixes of it, play when Zonic is battled as a Boss. 
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