Zona the Cat is a character created by IncaIceBunny. So far, her only appearance is in Sonic Fanfiction, where she appears as the main antagonist.


Early Life

Not much is known about Zona's early life, but her mother is mentioned breifly at the beginning of Sonic Fanfiction, so it can be assumed she was raised by her mother. It is also possible her mother was a rival of Herman and Esmeralda Melter, and she followed her mother's footsteps in being a treasure hunter.


When Zona was eighteen, she had captured two of her rivals, Herman and Esmeralda's, children, Shine and Ruby Melter, and held them hostage in a large tomb where her parents had planned to steal a valuable treasure. Zona had told them if they wanted their children back, not only would they give her the treasure, but to give her any remaining treasure they currently had. Herman and Esmeralda agreed to give her the treasures, since their children were more important to them.

Once they arrived at the shrine, Zona would agree to free them, but only if they brought the treasure to her. They did, and once Zona cut the ropes she had tied Shine and Ruby with, and one of them accidently hit a tile that set off a trap, setting the tomb on fire. Shine and Ruby escaped, but Herman and Esmeralda died from injuries caused by fire, due to being unable to escape, while their treasures melted around Zona and cooled down, freezing her in time.

Post History

While Herman and Esmeralda went into the afterlife Zona reawakens as a living statue. Cursed to live the life of this, Zona must fight any justice-bringers who dare cross her path.

IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction


Zona first appears in the prologue, which takes place twenty-five years after the Anti-Age, but she goes unnamed, and is simply referred to as "The white cat" by the narrator. She is first seen in her throne room, asleep on her throne, and her second-in-command, Skelegator, is keeping guard. Without warning, five of her minions burst into the room, awakening her, and they drop to one knee, once they are in the middle of the room. Skelegator yells at them for ruining "her darkness'" sleep. She tells him it is alright, and the five minions that had come into the room was a patrol she had sent a few days earlier.

She asks them if they found the Living Colony, but two of the minions report they haven't. She reluctantly asks them if they had any ideas on how to conquer everything faster, and two more of her minions tell her that she was the only one with good ideas. She notices the fifth minion, a blue hedgerabbit, is being quiet, so she asks him for ideas. The blue hedgerabbit realizes he forgot to praise her, and knows that he has one idea, but he figures it is unlikely it would work.

The hedgerabbit tells her that he and his patrol had found machines of some sort, and believes that they are time machines. He suggests she should go back in time and take over the world sooner, making her able to take over other parts of the universe and several various dimensions much faster. At first, Zona is angered by this, believing he is questioning her original plans, but then after taking some thought to it, she decides it is not a bad idea at all.

She sends her minions away, but tells Skelegator to come with her. The two go through a secret passage into a security room. Zona walks over to a chalkboard, and tells Skelegator to locate the time machines, while she works on the details of her minion's plan that she takes credit for. One of the screens starts flashing red, revealing that three intruders from the Living Colony had overheard her minion's idea. She orders her guards over an intercom to go after them, and not to let them get away.

Her guards managed to catch one of them, a young rabbit named Lucy. Zona comments that other than Lucy's newly torn ear, she looked just like her mother. Lucy tells her to enjoy her reign of tyranny, and suggests that it would not be there the next day, to which Zona replies she doubts that. She orders the guards to take Lucy away, and over her shoulder, Lucy tells Zona she will not get away with it, but Zona is convinced she already has. 

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Present Zona

Currently, not much can be said about Present-Day Zona's personality, as she has not made any formal appearances yet.


Being a ghost, she can levitate.

Although never having a specific afterlife, she is well-versed on the knowledge of the supernatural world, as well as having speed and strength that comes with it, making her a dangerous opponent.

In life, Zona was a skilled treasure hunter and thief, so learning skills made stealthy, and can go undetected when she wants to.



  • Unnamed Mother (Most Likely Deceased)


  • Future Zona (Ally)
  • Her Minions
  • Skelegator (Future (Corrupt Timeline) Only)



  • Zona's name is an Arabian girls name, meaning "prostitute". She was given this name because originally, she was more of a flirtatious villain, rather than a bloodthirsty one.
  • The castle Future Zona lived in, was the same castle Queen Aleena and Joseph T. Marley once ruled from. However, since her rule, there had been some changes, one of the most noticable ones being the secret security room, and the chain-link fence surrounding the border of the castle grounds
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