Zoey the Fox is a 15 year old Mobian Fox


, she is the Wielder of Universia



Zoey was found by Spike in the Forever Forest at age 13. Spike was intrigued since she could also use Galactic Abilties, and Spike was believed to be the only one who could use such an ability (Spike knew that four others could use the Ability as Anox has said to him many times). Voltrex Performs various tests, and discovers she is the only descendant of a race of Echidnas from the Star Tribe, yet her powers were from a darker source, Dark Matter, the same as Spike's Galactic Energy. She is later taught how to fight with usage of a Sword, which she calls," Her Anox, Universia"

Returning to the Past

Zoey is eventually sent on her first Solo Mission, where she would enter the Space-Time Gate, and find where Galactic Abilities became Darker. The Gate Sent her to the Star Tribe.


Zoey is an outgoing girl, who is up for any challenge. When she was first found, she was a shy and lonely girl, running through a forest during a storm in the middle of the night. since then, she has been up for every challenge. 

Interactions with Other Characters

Spike the Wolf

Spike the Wolf is Zoey's adopted father. he adopted her after she accidentally created a ball of Galactic Energy in her palm. even though Zoey is Spike's daughter, she isn't forced to live with him, instead she's free, as she's part of the Dragoonworks Family (featureing Spike, Voltrex, Rampart, Sydney, Gavier, and Vega)

Voltrex the Vulture

Rampart the Rhino


  • She can perform Galactic Abilties that Spike can't. 
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