zoe the Zorua
zoe the Zorua
4' 10"
Speed, Dark Solarakinesis, illusion powers.
Gas station clerk.
High fructose corn syrup, bright lights.

zoe is a Zorua with illusion powers.


zoe had been accused of being a witch in her town. Her parents were murdered for the same accusation when she was only four. On the night before her exucution, she managed to run away. When running, she slammed into Idle the Dead. Fearing him to be one of the villagers, she ran. However, he held her by the scruff of her neck and she froze. He then brought her to a stadium in his town, Duat.

When she awoke the next morning, Idle explained everything to her. At first she wished to leave, but he told her she would reach her full potential and would be treated to the highest respects, having all of her wishes granted. So, zoe stayed. Days later, Rockin the Riolu had arrived, and soon after Ragu the Sha. It was far to late to leave, and Idle pitted them against each other. They fought to near death in tests of life.

Weeks later, another was brought. Her name was Kara the Quilava. Her and zoe got along quite well and became quick friends. Eventually, Kara became the top fighter of the four. After more than a year there, the four ran off. They swore on an oak tree to never use the Dark Solarakinesis taught to them. After this, they all went their seperate ways.


After leaving, zoe found herself in the centre of Duat. This was highly unfortunate, as many signs were posted to find and capture them. When someone noticed her, instantly a crowd thundered over to her. She ran swiftly away, only to be folowed by a mob of money-lusted people. Eventually, she lost them in a gas station. She unintentionally got a job there.

After working there for a week, zoe decided to explore the area more. She ended up in a forest filled with foxes, wolves, and cougars. She created a hut at the edge of the forest and lived there. After a few weeks, she found a group of wolves attacking a young cougar. She scared them off and took in the cougar. She named him Chad and it became her pet.


She is fun loving, but can be rude at times. She usually likes teasing people, usually because of their fears. She is bright and energetic, but can have a darker side when eating meat, or when talking about her horrid past. zoe hates to hate being late, or miss something of the action action. She generally enjoys being the center of attention, though not to be spoiled. Despite her general personality, she can be very caring. She is very tomboyish.


She is maroon, light black, and gray. she has a large cow lick on her fore head that is gray and maroon, she could easily get rid of it, but prefers not to. She let her fur grow out toward her waist and now it acts as a skirt. Her fur is also grown out near her neck, making it look like a scarf. She wears a tattered red and black piece of cloth inbetween her scarf and skirt. She'll also wear formal attire, although this is a simple dress conjured by her powers.





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