Cquote1 Most of the time you have to put your best for foward, but sometimes you have to give you other foot a chance! Cquote2
Zix the Fire-fox's signiture quote.

Zix the Fire-fox

Zix the Fire-fox

Zix, "What's her name", Six (Accidentily by Rhianna), Red head, Mummy girl
Fur Color
84 lbs
Project-5237 (Currently Unknown), Sarbrina (Cousin), Scourge Cousin),
Romantic Interests
Hex the Hedge-bat, Arrow the Fire-fox
Levatation, Breath Fire, Glow,
Super Zix, Overheated Zix, Toxic Zix
Arrow, Hex, Warm areas, Candy, Laughter, Others being happy, Soft Fabrics, Looking at volcanoes, Shooting stars, Amy Rose
Everything going wrong, Fortune Cookies, Pests (Flys, etc.), Boats, Shadow the hedgehog, Project-5237, Liers
Theme Song
Brighter than the Sun-Colbie Caillat


A somewhat tall Fire-fox that wears bandages around herself likes close. Almost like a mummy (But she's not one). She has a upside down triangle marking under her eyes and a bandage covering her right eye. Her eyes a Blue-green. She is barefoot and her fur color is grey-80% (Which Grey and Black is a rare color for her species). Her hair is messy and seems very spiky. Her hair is also red which she is known as a red head.

Other times she has a somewhat different apperance. 30% of the time she wears a yellow T-shirt and a green pair of pants. While she has this apperance she wears socks and brown sneakers. Also with black half gloves.


Starting Out Different

When she was born from a pair of Fire-Foxes she was the rare color of grey. Which was found weird because neither the female or the male was Black or Grey furred. The Doctor suggested to hand it over to him to examine it but the couple denied the offer.

As the couple went on through the years with their rare furred child they started to learn that she had other abilities other than what the normal Fire-Fox has; Which is breathing fire and overheating, etc. She had the ability to levitate and had psychic abilities.

After the couple being told to test it they finally accepted it and handed it in to the T.A.T.T company. The T.A.T.T company was very intruged to get such a rare kind of Fire-Fox. So after tubing her they took her out begin to test her skills which was unusally impressive for a 7 year old.

Years after testing they found out she was the only Fire-fox species that had all sorts of abilities.

Related to someone she doesn't know

During the months of being a 7 year old she was brought to Dr. Eggman by his Eggpawns and EggFighters. When she was brought she was told that she was relative to one of Eggmans "Creations" and was seperated. Although Zix didn't belive most of it she did think that's how she got her akward name that she grew attached to.

After Dr. Eggman showed her the creations he belived that she was relative to Rox. Although it seemed not to be true, after Eggman has set her and Rox for a relativity test the results were positive. After getting the results Zix had ran away and headed to Empire City.


Zix is a caring female that will try to put everyone over the clouds so they could have a nice day. She would never be rude for no reseon. She has very good discipline.

If she was set with a group and the right materials she will already be on one of her little adverntures. She always tries to make everything fun and is very optimistic about things.

Zix doesn't put her mind on the bad things unless it gets out of hand and it can't be ignored. She usally is very quick thinking about her actions and tries the first idea she thinks of that makes decent sense unless she is told there is a better plan or that it would easily back-fire.

Although she is told she is one of Eggman's creations, she keeps her head held high. Which show a sign of being strong willed.

Powers and Abilities

Fire breather/bender

She has the ability to control fire like Blaze. But she's not up to blazes standards considering controling a mountain of fire or stopping a volcano.


Like Silver, She could levitate. For her its like flying although it isn't necacarilly.


With her glowing abilities she could illuminate the path which could be dark and unsee-able.

POW moves

Overheat: She raises her temperture to the point where she burst into flames, Then she jumps at the enemy.

Psychic: Basiclly throwing a near by item at the enemy. May Stun.

Flaming Advantage: Zix helps out one of her teammates giving him/her another action.


Super Zix

Using the seven Chaos Emeralds, her appearnce changes to a golden color and her hair is brown. Her Bangages turn into a White dress with a golden collar. One of the bandages change into a golden colored barrette that goes into her hair creating a ponytail.

Now in this transformation she could control fire much easier and has better fighting skills. She also now has super strength.

Overheated Zix

Almost like a "burning" form but you can't control what you do, To Fire-foxes this is a dark form. Which means when they get agitated/Angry, They will transform into this form.

Her appearance changes; Her fur becomes Deep Black and her pupils disapear. Her body becomes surronded in flames making her untouchable in that state, Unless water is thrown at her or a Fire extinguisher is sprayed at her.

Toxic Zix

Not much is known about this form but people say that her skin is full of toxins, just like a Poision Dart Frog. And the siliva in her mouth comes out as acid.

Her fur color changes into a dark purple and her hair turns lighter, creating pink, Streaks are in her hair that are blue. She now has boots that have spikes all over them with bracelets that have spikes too.

When she smells to much gas(Gasoline, helium, etc.) She will transform.


In her normal form she really doesn't like fortune cookies. So if you we're to force her to read it whatever it says she'll think is true.

Boat rides also come to be her weakness. She gets extremely sea-sick. She also can't swim so it scares her if theres a chance that the boat will sink.

She is also afraid of running into Eggman again. She is still frightend of being told that she was a sister to one of the Eggman Empire.

When she gets angered she can transform into her overheated form and may destroy everything if that side of her thinks it right.


Arrow the Fire-fox

She has a real interest in him, especially after Arrow had helped her through her terrible cold. They're also the same species. They've been friends since Zix was 6 and Arrow was 9. They never actully knew Zix's hidden abilities back then. After 8 years, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Their first date was not as normal as it should be, At that time she just had learned about her Toxic form which she transformed into after multiple smokers had passed by. (Since they were at the park). After that she had a cold which Arrow cared for her that the time. 4 years after, Zix became Arrow's fiance.

Hex the hedge-bat

While she was in middle school she met up with him. She started to like him, Especially with his optimistic ways and his great advice.

Amy Rose

She grew very attached to Amy in middle school. They became best friends forever (BFF). Zix will listen to Amy's problem no matter what and Amy would do the same. Amy will stand guard and go with Zix for her rights. Most of the time they share their personalities to have it rub off on each other.

Dr. Eggman

Although Eggman claimes that he's Zix's father, Zix still hates him and treats him like another villian in the crowd. Eggman is now trying to bring her back to him but all is plans are being foiled by others. Zix never tries to interact with Eggman.


Being called "sisters" by Dr. Eggman they usally don't go hard on each other. Even though Zix completly doesn't belive a word Eggman says. Rox doesn't actully belive it either. They also share some of the same traits like they both have discipline.

Memborable Quotes

  • "Most of the time you have to put your best for foward, but sometimes you have to give you other foot a chance!"
  • "I don't undertand fortune cookies! Aren't they supposed to tell you real fortune and not some lies?!" -The 3rd time she read a fortune cookie.
  • "That was epic! Wasn't it?!" -Rank S
  • "Cool." -Rank A
  • "Not to bad, I guess." -Rank B
  • "What? How could this happen?!" -Rank C
  • "This is bad.." -Rank D
  • "I failed.." -Rank E

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

  • "Yes!" -When she passes someone.
  • "Oh?" When she gets passed.
  • "Come back here!" When she get passed.
  • "Okay!"
  • "Alright!"
  • "There!"
  • "Which one of you are ready for this?!" -When uses All-Star.

Theme songs

Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than The Sun

Colbie Caillat - Brighter Than The Sun

Zix's main theme

Eternal Engine - Sonic Adventure 2

Eternal Engine - Sonic Adventure 2

Zix's theme when she uses her All-Star

The All American Rejects- Move Along

The All American Rejects- Move Along

Zix's secondary theme

Battle Status

Zix's Battle Stats
Held Wepeon(s)?
She sometimes brings a Dagger with her but that status is rare.
Attack Power?
Zix's attack power is her highest stat reaching 9 out of 10.
This is unfortunetly her lowest stat. Coming to 4 out of 10.
Special attacks?
Her third highest stat which raises up to 6 out of 10.
Her second highest stat, which is 7 out of 10.
Her second lowest stat 5 out of 10.
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