Ziggy is 96 cm (3'1") tall and her weight is unkown. She is a mutant Blue Swallowtail butterfly.

Her attire consists of a royal blue tube dress with a white, twin-tailed trim; a black collar with an aqua gemstone, black fingerless gloves with blue rings and royal blue, white and black boots with blue rings. She has white scales and her eyes are turquoise. Her antennae are white and end in blue tips with black trims. The aqua gemstone on her collar glows brightly, whereas the blue rings glow slightly less, and her eyes only glow when she is upset or using her powers.

Since Ziggy is a physical being made of pure energy, enough light must be reflecting off of her body in order for her to be visible. If there is no light at all, she can be classed as invisible. This is why her wings are sometimes not visible, they need a lot more light than the rest of her body to be seen. Also, she can retract them  and change their shape depending on their current purpose, as she can change the shape of her energy.

Being pure energy, she is always quite warm. Hence her pretty much constant blushing.

Ziggy the butterfly by wingsz-d6zmz0h
Airo graffiti friends by silveromi-d76v321
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