Ziggy controls light, and thus heat energy. Using her pyrokinesis powers she can heat flammable objects to

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Ziggy's pyrokinesis

a blue or even white flame. She can use Chaos Lightning and Chaos Storm only when wielding a Chaos Emerald, due to needing another source of power in order to survive the attack.

Ziggy tends to have a strong bond with the Grey and Light Blue Chaos Emeralds. She is fairly athletic and good at dodging attacks, though she's physically weaker and more vulnerable than most.

Technically, she can't be killed, as she is a being of pure energy; though she can be pushed to a "dormant" state when she is drained of her energy, but it takes quite a great amount of time and power, as does regenerating (only possible in sunlight). 

Ziggy is affected by everything except darkness, as she is made out of light. She wears black, protective, fingerless gloves in order to not scorch herself when she is using pyrokinesis. 

Since she is made out of energy, her form can be manipulated. This is possibly her greatest weakness, along with fragility due to her butterfly form.

Special Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis
    • The ability to heat flammable items to a blue or even white flame. This is the skill she will usually use to attack, as it doesn't require as much energy and can be used in quick succession.
  • Chaos Lightning
    • A very powerful attack that requires a lot of energy, and thus the use of a Chaos Emerald. When used, the near vicinity will dim as most of the light is absorbed into Ziggy's body, noticeable by her eyes turning black as they absorb more and more light, and then lightning will surge towards the victim.
  • Chaos Storm
    • Ziggy's most powerful attack. She is only able to use this attack when she isn't wearing her collar, so she is at her full potential. It is a similar move to Chaos Lightning, though the lightning spikes fork a lot more. The surrounding area will be drained of all of its light, making Ziggy invisible. Although it cannot be seen, her entire body will go black as she drains all the light/energy. This attack is likely to kill her due to the vast amount of energy passing through her body at one time.
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