"I am who I am, I can't always be what the world always expects me to be"

-Zero the Wolf

Zero the Wolf is what Zero would be if he was a mobian creature, he is obviously not the same person. He will with have some of the same elements (weapons, design, quotes, etc), but some things will be by my design, and will follow accordingly. His design will be similar to his Megaman Zero design.

Zero the Wolf
Creation Date:
Awakened Date:
Robotic Wolf
None (Presumed to be male)

Zero is a robotic wolf, created many millenia ago by a advanced race of mobians (later thought to be a tribe of echindas), who had died out, two millenia ago, of which, he is one of the last pieces of evidence that it existed. He was awakened on ??/??/???? (will add date later) by a expedition of several archeologists and a young doctor, looking for artifacts of a ancient civilization, which, if they found, would expand the horizons of science and the like. They found what they were looking in the mountains, which they were drawn to by a massive energy reading, of which, the energy itself was unknown. What they found in the chamber was; the basis of the modern language, models of ancient echindas and a old android, with a plaque reading, the barely legible words 'Model: Zero'. Zero himself, was not even a shadow of his former glory, the metal of his body heavily cracked, however, his face and tail, seemed like they were on a living in person. His fore-arms and legs were missing, revealing the tubes and wires, which had collected dust. He had large tubes extending out of his back, which seemed like it was keeping him in suspended animation and hanging on the wall. One archeologist went touch Zero, but a energy shield erupted, and large, self powered and self-piloted mech erupted from the darkness, freshly awoken. The archeologists and doctor, had little or no fighting experience, and ran for cover. The young doctor was first caught by the large, spider-like mech, and was pleading for help. Luckily for her, the pleas didn't fall on deaf ears. The shield around fell and with a large beam of light and energy (the same sought that the expedition had found) erupted around Zero. Then he was standing there, with the metal reformed, his eyes opened and he springing into action, slicing of the arm which held the young doctor in a single strike of his sword, and landing the final blow in about one minute. After the battle, the expedition formed around him. The young doctor, which he saved saved, looked very similar to someone that he met before. She thanked Zero for saving her, and if he remembered anything about his creators. He replied with a simple no and said that he could only remember his name. She said that it was probably due the hibernation sickness, and told him her name, which was Doctor Sky, and if he had remember anything, that he should come and talk to her. And has kept that advice in mind when he had departed.


Zero has black fur, which can only be seen on his face and tail and blue eyes. His armor consists of a black/ dark blue body glove which has extra padding on his shoulders, with a red vest with the tops of the pockets bright yellow, black gloves with white tips, red armor on his forearms, with a gold ring as a bridge to bring them together. He also wears red boots, which extend up to his knees, with purple soles which circles around the sides of boot with the exception or the arch of his food, and a thick gold ring around each of his ankle region. His helmet is primarily the same colour as his body glove, has the same colour red fins on his head as his boots and fore-arms armor, with a dark green equilateral triangle just above where the fins join together. He has white pointed fins on the side his head, which slightly angles in on his face, with red devices holding them onto his head. He also has some blond hair extending from the bottom of his helmet, all the way to the tops of his boots.


When you first meet Zero, you catch the fact his cold-hearted, cruel and straight to the point. He doesn't really open up to people. But when he does open up to a person, they find out that he is caring, and will protect any of his friends to the bitter end. He doesn't not conceal the truth, or beat around the bush, he will tell the facts as they are, whatever they are. He sticks to logic, and doesn't not believe in the improbable, because he physcially cannot. Amongst his friends, he is the anchor of them, because he genuinely listens to people and pays respect to them, and keeps them together.

Zero will keep his cool in any situation, from the destruction of the planet, to a ambush from some robbers. (of which, he makes short work of). When he is in battle, he feels like the battle is meaningless and with out a cause, but sometimes he feel like the battle plays out like it has already happened, before he was awakened. Zero would and will fight until the last breath, giving all he's got and even more.

Powers/ Equipment/ Techniques

Zero has no majorly extraordinary powers other than:-

  • Having strength near that of the average echinda
  • Having the twice the speed of a wolf
  • The double jump
  • Master swordsmanship
  • Dual wielding (I.e, wielding a sword and gun at the same time)
  • And can predict a opponents movements, with a 50% accuracy.

Zero's equipment is as follows:-

  • Z-Buster: Mark X: A basic energy projectile weapon with a decent range, rapid fire abilities, can be upgraded with elemental chips, can be used in a duel wield and can be charge up to two levels;-
  • Level 1: Shoots medium sized shot, same power as a Z-Sabre slice (See below), Level 2: Shoots large sized bullet, slightly increased power from Level 1, and goes through unlimited number of enemies until it either; A) Exceeds projectile limit range or, B) hits a solid obstacle (Wall or ground)
  • Z-Saber: Mark X: A energy sword with amazing amounts of power,can slice through most modern day metals, can be upgraded with the elemental chips, can be used in a duel wield and can also be charged up to two levels, same as the Z-Buster. Level 1: Minor energy projections into the sky, minor ground shock-waves. Level 2: Major energy projections into the sky, major ground shock-waves.
  • Elemental Chips: A series of 10 chips, which can imbue any of Zero's weapon with a certain element, and giving Zero none elemental weakness. The elements that the chips are imbued with are:- Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Light, Darkness, Nature, Poison. A weakness of them are that one one can be in use at one time. But they can be put in any weapon at anytime, and if it is in one weapon, the effect will carries across to the other weapon in use if Zero is dual wielding.
  • Shield Boomerang: Mark X: A circular razor disc that can be used as a shield and a boomerang. The shield size is rather small as well as the range of the boomerang. Can either shoot across the ground for greater range and slice through multiple enemies and return when it has exceeded it range. Can be upgraded with the elemental chips and can be used in a dual wield.
  • Recoil Rods: Two rods, made of the same energy as the Z-Sabre and Shield Boomerang, these rods are mainly used for quick attacks for piercing defenses, can used elemental chips, can't be used in a duel wield and has one level of charging:- Level 1: Has great amount of force, can send back the heaviest foes, can launch Zero straight into the air or send a powerful energy pulse into the air.
  • Triple Rod: A quarter-staff, mainly used for defensive purposes, has a long ranged attack for a melee weapon, can use the elemental chips, but cannot be used in a duel wield (due to size and awkwardness if not being used in two hands and be charged up one level:- Level 1: Swings in a circular motion, completely defensive, can disarm a opponent and reflect projectiles.
  • Chain Rod: A whip like weapon, with energy chains, with a arrow-like head, extra-long range for a melee weapon, can be used to swing across the longest distances( as long as there is a roof of sorts) or can be used a hook-shot of sort. Can also be used to drag enemies towards Zero, and small items as well. Can used the elemental chips, but can be used in a duel wield, but cannot be charged.
  • Zero Knuckle: A chip in Zero grove, which increases his strength to that of a crocodile, but only as a punch. When a enemy is destroyed by the Zero Knuckle, Zero's hand forms into that enemies weapon, until it's ammo runs out. Cannot used the elemental chips and cannot be charged.
  • Zero Gloves: Mark X: The Zero Gloves are made of a ancient metal (same as the rest of his body) and his forearm armor (which is connected to his glove(s) can misdirect some melee weapons, and reflect minor projectile weapons (I.e bullets).
  • Zero Boots: Mark X: Zero's boots are unique, as they have many special properties such as; can grip onto vertical surface (in conjunction with the Zero Gloves) supreme traction on slippery surfaces, can negate gravity for a certain amount of time (though this function draws on Zero's own energy) and boosts Zero own speed.

Zero's techniques are very powerful and widely ranged:-

  • Zerodasshu:- A powerful technique with multiple uses. Zero can move at speeds close to the speed of light for a maximum of 10ft. Some uses of this technique are; evasion of projectiles, increase jump distance and height is a jump is performed during the moves, put extra power behind a melee attack and can even make Zero phase through anything (range still applies).
  • Tenshouzan:- A powerful uppercut from the Z-Sabre and can also send enemies flying.
  • Rakuretsuzan:- A powerful attack, can only be used when falling, Zero holds the blade's point below him and put as massive amount of power behind it while falling.
  • Kougenjin:- A vertical energy crescent sent from the Z-Sabre and can pierce armor and shields, this attack that can cause great fear among the undisciplined.
  • Sengatotsu:- Used in conjunction with the Zero Dash, Zero simply holds his Z-Sabre point out-in-front, and runs his enemies through.
  • Shingetsurin:- In this attack, Zero launches two blue, ring like projectiles, that home in on their targets, they cause a medium amount of damage if they both strike their target.
  • Ittou Ryoudan: Genmurei:- In this attack, Zero will launch two giant crescent waves from his saber repeatedly, which cover the entire area in front of him and can kill instantly, if he puts in enough energy. Zero is invulnerable during this attack. However, for this power come great consequences, for it drains his energy like no other, but it is one of his most powerful attacks and he will only use it if he has to.
  • Genmurei Kai:- A weaker version of the above, where Zero releases one giant crescent wave from his saber, with varying speed. Zero can release two or more waves during the attack, one at a time. This seems to be a weaker version that is "revisied" for more consistent usage.
  • Shin Messenkou:- A powerful attack where Zero punches the ground and a series of projectiles shoot from the floor up.
  • Denharei:- Zero sends a small spinning crescent wave slash from his saber that homes on his target. This technique has a slight amount of power.
  • Rekkoha:- There are two forms of this attack. Form 1 is where Zero punches the ground and summons beams of light from above, that causes destruction to the near by land-scape and the enemies. This attack is on par or even higher than the Ittou Ryoudan: Genmurei. The second form is when Zero punches the ground, the beams of light provide immunity from all attacks, but only for 5 seconds. That is enough however to catch his enemy off-guard, and land quite a few blows

He has two super forms:-

Awakened Zero:- While this form doesn't change his physcial appearance, it creates a reddish/ purpleish aura that surrounds him. His strength, speed, attack and defence are boosted 10-fold on top of his already exponential stats, and he gains the ability of flight. No artifact can give him access to this form, he can only access this form when he is in dire need, but with his currant power, it is very unlikely that he will need to use this form. This form has two seperate power levels, one consisting with the hyper form and another consisting with a ultimate form.

Nightmare Zero:- This can be classed as his 'dark form' And gives him untold power, all of his equipment is changed from a translucent green, to a translucent purple. The red parts of his armour turn jet black, and his dark blue/ black body glove goes dark purple. The gem on his forehead turns cyan. The aura he gains is a black aura with a green outline.


Ask on talkpage if you want to be his friend...


Dr Ciel Sky:-

A talented, young, echinda doctor, who studies different types of energy. She is the sole person who helps Zero get on his feet in the new world. She feels that the world is grinding to halt, and that Zero, might be a factor in helping the world. Zero would give his life to protect her from anything, and if anything did happen to her, Zero would not be able to forgive himself.




thumb|left|100px|Zero's first waking moment's theme.

thumb|100px|right|Zero's last living moment's theme.

thumb|100px|right|Zero's epic battle theme


  • Zero can speak romaji fluently.
  • He is talented singer, and can played any type of guitar.
  • In some continuities, he's organic.
  • He has no fear.
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