Zero the Wolf

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Age17-early 20s
  • Red Razer/Razor
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Political Alignment and Abilities
Super FormsLunar Zero
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Original CreatorKagimizu (Based off of existing character)

Zero the Wolf is a primarily red and black Mobian wolf and swordsman. He is a Mobian version of Zero.


Zero is a largely black wolf. However, he has a helmet of matching color with striking red sleeked back "horns", which reach from his brow to the upper back of his head. On his forehead is a triangular light of deep blue color. His black ears are on the outside of the "horns" on his helmet. Zero wears red, sleeveless armor that looks like a vest, with two diagonal yellow rectangular markings. He also wears sleek red armor on his forearms, which are connected by golden bands to black gloves with white fingers. On the outside of each thigh he wears white "slots", which each hold a weapon. Matching his arm-guards, he wears armor on his lower legs, which ends at golden bands around the ankles, and red boots with thick black soles. He has a long, thick black tail, and long, golden-blonde hair at the back of his head, a few inches above his neck. This hair is tied at the base, and left free from the base down. Zero has a furry white muzzle, a black nose, and turquoise eyes.


Zero can come off as cold and uncaring, but underneath is the heart of a true and valiant warrior. Unlike his friend Rock, Zero has absolutely no qualms with fighting any enemy, regardless of species, status, or age; this is described by his statement "if there is an enemy in front of me, I will destroy them with all my might, whoever they may be". Despite his rough demeanor, even to his friends, Zero does have a soft-spot for those he considers friends, and gladly puts his life on the line for said friends.

Abilities & Weaponry

Zero wields a large arsenal of weaponry, which he accesses via hammerspace functions in each of his gloves, wielding each with excellent expertise and the skills of a master, making him deadly at all ranges. Zero's weaponry includes:

  • Z-Saber: Zero's signature and primary weapon, a laser blade he uses with great expertise and deadliness, allowing him to cleave through numerous enemies with diverse techniques. Its energy based function and handle are used as the basis for most of Zero's other weapons.
  • Buster Shot Gun: A handgun that uses his Z-Saber as a battery, it is a long-range weapon able to fire off four shots in rapid succession, and is also capable of charging for much more powerful blasts.
  • Triple Rod: Zero's Z-Saber with the handle extended to the length of a staff; the staff can be extended three more times for longer-reaching attacks.
  • Chain Rod: The Triple Rod segmented into a chain-like whip. The Chain Rod can be whipped around to strike multiple enemies quickly.
  • Shield Boomerang: The Z-Saber spun quickly, forming a circular shield of energy. The shield can block attacks, but also be thrown as a long-range weapon, just as the name implies.
  • Recoil Rods: A pair of energy tonfas formed from the Z-Saber handle, which can be used for powerful jabs; when charged, they release incredibly destructive blows, which can send large objects flying.
  • Z-Knuckle: A chip installed in the palm of each of Zero's gloves, these chips allow Zero to forcefully steal an enemy's weapon, and use it against them.
  • D Glaive: Known as Durga Glaive, this weapon is an extremely long glaive with a one-sided orange energy blade. This weapon can be used for especially long-range slash attacks, and also to deflect enemy attacks by spinning it; it acts very similar to the Triple Rod.
  • V-Hanger: A twin set of daggers that can be used for a large number of rapid attacks, including quick slashes and stabs.
  • B Fan: Known as Bashou Fan, the B Fan is a pair of energy fans that have high offensive and defensive capabilities, able to deflect enemy shots and attacks, as well as used for slashing or blunt attacks, depending on how the fan is swung.
  • T Breaker: The Titan Breaker is a heavy, super-powerful hammer that can break through barriers with powerful blows.
  • Pile Bunker: With the Z-Saber handle as the grip, a brass-knuckle-type weapon forms over Zero's fingers and knuckles, with four glowing lights on each finger. The gold details on his wrist also open, causing a green ring to form around his wrist. The Pile Bunker allows Zero to strike in hand-to-hand combat with vicious blows; fully charged, the Pile Bunker has impact power rivaling the Recoil Rod.

In addition to his immense cache of weapons, Zero knows numerous attacks and techniques, derived from past enemies defeated.


Note: * means original techniques created by Kagimizu


  • Tenretsujin: One of Zero's best moves, he performs an upward rising slash. This is a powerful elementless attack on its own, but it truly shines as an even more powerful fire-elemental attack.
  • Reppuugeki: Zero performs a forward dash and thrusts his blade forward, impaling the enemy. This attack can be imbued with electric or nature elemental power.
  • Rakusaiga: Zero performs a falling downward thrust, slamming the tip of the blade down into the enemy with his full weight. This attack can be imbued with electric, ice, or fire energy, and typically causes debris to erupt.
  • Kougenjin: Zero slashes with his Z-Saber to launch an energy shockwave as a long-range projectile, which can bust through shields and defenses.

Buster Shot

  • Burst Shot: A powerful fire-elemental attack, which releases a sizable explosion upon impact or at a certain distance.
  • Reflect Laser: A laser round that blasts right through enemies and reflects off surfaces.
  • Time Stopper: An attack that upon hitting, temporarily creates a temporal field that paralyzes enemies.
  • Tractor Shot:' While charging a green orb appears in front of the barrel, which redirects enemy projectiles to the orb and absorbs them. The attack becomes stronger the more projectiles it absorbs.

Triple Rod

  • Mountain Rise*: Zero slams the staff-end into the ground, and the blade extends fully instantly, in an eruption of energy. Can be imbued with fire energy.
  • Gale Drill*: Zero thrusts the Triple Rod foward while spinning it, and it releases a drill of gale-force winds. Can be imbued with ice energy to make the gale into a blizzard that freezes enemies.
  • Funnel Raze*: Zero spins his Triple Rod rapidly, releasing several rings of energy. It can be imbued with electric energy, which makes the rings larger and allows them to absorb energy.
  • Plant Plow*: Zero stabs the Triple Rod into the ground, causing sharp vines to erupt beneath enemies. Up to three vines can spike from the ground at a time.

Chain Rod

  • Energy Chain: The Chain Rod is stabbed into the enemy, and absorbs their energy, healing Zero.
  • Avalanche Crush*: Zero extends the Chain Rod and slams the blade downwards. Imbued with ice energy, the blade becomes solid ice, making the attack more powerful.
  • Viper Charge*: Zero performs a quick motion, sending the Chain Rod flying straight forward at high-speeds, stabbing through multiple enemies. Imbuing the Chain Rod with electric energy sends a powerful electric charge through the weapon.
  • Volcanic Fall*: Zero charges the Chain Rod, and sends it flying up. At its apex, it releases several balls of energy into the sky, which then fall back down to the ground. Imbuing it with fire makes the energy balls seem like volcanic debris.

Shield Boomerang

  • Shield Sweep: Sends his Shield Boomerang rolling along the ground, before it comes back to Zero.
  • Orbit Shield: The shield spins around Zero' protecting him.
  • Rebound Shield*: The shield absorbs energy shots, growing larger as it does. Once it gets big enough, Zero sends it flying like usual, but much larger and more powerful.
  • Phantom Shield*: The shield flies at the enemy with an apparent trail of after-images following it. However, the Shield Boomerang is actually hidden among the after-images, striking the opponent after they either dodge or try and block.

Recoil Rods

  • 1000 Slash: Zero releases a rapid combo attack with his Recoil Rods, skewering enemies.
  • Soul Launcher: Zero thrusts his Recoil Rod upwards, causing it to split into several pieces, which come crashing down to cause damage. Imbuing it with fire causes the pieces to burn for a time.
  • Iceberg Spear*: Zero slams his Recoil Rods into the ground, causing several pillars of energy to erupt from the ground around him. Imbuing the attack with ice energy causes the pillars to be made of ice.
  • Spear Bolt*: Zero charges his Recoil Rod, and thrusts it forward, causing it to extend much farther. Using electric-element energy causes it to extend even farther like a bolt of lightning.

D Glaive

  • Suiretsusen: A water-elemental attack, which is just a powerful forward thrust.
  • Renyōdan: Zero performs a series of rapid thrusts, the blade tinted green due to Nature-element energy.
  • Earth Rumble*: Zero performs an overhead slash that causes a large quake, sending fissures out foward.
  • Roaring Breeze*: Zero spins around while holding the D Glaive out at full length, slashing at enemies and sending out several 360 degree waves of slicing wind.


  • Sōenbu: Zero swings one of the daggers, and sends out a boomerang of wind.
  • Combo Flare*: Zero swings both blades, sending a high-speed blast of fire from the point of intersection.
  • Flash Bang*: Zero throws one of the V Hangers, which upon impact with a target lets loose a powerful and blinding explosion.
  • Sickle Dart*: One of Zero's V-Hangers becomes covered in ice, and he swings it, releasing the ice as a projectile.

B Fan

  • Zekkyoudan: Zero can reflect enemy projectiles back at opponents with his B Fans.
  • Volcanic Wave*: Zero stabs a B Fan into the ground, then swings it upward, sending a wave of lava towards the target.
  • Wind Crusher*: Zero holds both arms back, then swings the B Fans in a manner similar to a clap, which sends a large hemispherical blast of wind.
  • Tsunami Pillar*: Zero waves both B Fans upward at the same time, causing a powerful wave of water to blast up from the ground with great power.

T Breaker

  • Crashing Thor*: The hammerhead becomes charged with energy, and Zero swings the T Breaker, sending a powerful compact blast of energy flying. Using the electric element makes the blast stronger and faster.
  • Concussion Mine*: Zero swings the T Breaker down onto the ground. Upon doing so, a powerful blast of concussive force erupts from below at a certain distance ahead of Zero. Using the fire element causes a fireball to explode at the same time as the concussive eruption.
  • Flying Swing*: After charging the T Breaker with energy, Zero swings the hammer upwards, causing the energy to split into a barrage of low-ground energy balls that fly at the enemy. Using ice energy causes the energy balls to freeze whatever they end up hitting.
  • Rising Spin*: Zero spins the T Breaker rapidly, generating a gust of wind that pushes Zero up into the air. Using it on sand causes a sandstorm, and using it in water causes a small typhoon.

Pile Bunker

  • Lava Cut*: Zero performs a low-ground uppercut that causes his fists to drag through the ground, sending a fissure that erupts into a geyser of lava when it hits an enemy.
  • Shadow Box*: Zero performs several quick jabs that have a time-delay effect. After a certain amount of time, the energy is sent flying in the direction Zero punched, completely invisible to the naked eye.
  • Bullet Jab*: Performing a fully-charged jab, Zero releases a projectile of raw energy. Physically striking an enemy causes the projectile to blast right through them. Can be infused with multiple different elements.
  • Gigant Cross*: Zero performs a fully-charged cross, with his forearm covered in a large mass of solid energy forms like a forearm and fist. The attack can be infused with fire or lightning energy.
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