This is an article about Zero The Hedgehog, a character created by WindsAwakening98 on 01/13/2013.

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Zero, as he appears in the dollmaker.


Zero is an orange hedgehog with crimson eyes, and white and blue hair. He has diagonal quills running up, straight, and down on each side of his head. Also, he has two quills going down to the side of his chest. Zero has spiked bracelets, striped gloves, black jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a white buttoned jacket. He also utilizes a headset, for contacting his colleague Aris. 


Zero is a really happy guy. He's always ready for action, and never backs down. His addiction to peanut butter makes him always humorous, but has a very serious side. Knowing if you are interferring with his mission of protecting the world in the name of peanut butter, he WILL mop the floor with you.


Zero, Aris, and Shinjo were in a special ops group called Vindication. They were tasked to defeat Dr. Ivo Robotnik, but at the same time, excavate a Chaos Emerald from Central City, a place where Robotnik striked. So Vindication split up into various zones, Zero being transported to Central City. Zero found it by use of his emerald radar, a standard issue tool for special ops. Then when he turned around, Shinjo was there. He demanded to have the artifact, and Zero refused. It seems that Shinjo was brainwashed by Eggman! A great duel ensues between the two, resulting in the destruction of the city. However, Shinjo fled after the battle, leaving the emerald with Zero. Then, he heard a faint, "Hey! Drop that emerald, Eggminion!" from a voice that's all too familiar.....Sonic The Hedgehog. The blue blur he's been hearing so much about since 1999, telling him to forfiet his mission? When Zero tried to compromise, Sonic attacked, and Zero countered, saying, "Look here buddy! All I was sent for was to defeat Robotnik! You look like you have the same goal in mind, plus you and your team are valuable allies to have." Sonic agreed to side with Zero to save Shinjo and crack that egg, Super Sonic Style!


Wind Blast: A piercing wind blast that slices enemies to pieces.

Wind Slash: Zero imbues the power of wind into his hands as a makeshift blade cutter.

Giga Attack: Only in dire situations, Zero blasts energy blasts all around him, damaging enemies all around.


He's all around, but excels in speed. He can keep up with Sonic and Shadow, but only 0.15 seconds behind.


Zero is weak to ice, and scared for a time where he locks himself into a cryogenic sleep chamber.

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