Zero Evol

Zero Evol (colored and redesigned)

Biographical Information
Age  16
  • Zero
  • Mr. Evol
  • Reaper
Relatives Dusk Evol
Romantic Interest(s)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Blue
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hair: Blue
  • Reaper
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Anti-hero
Weaponry Annihilation
  • Dark Harvest
  • Blood bath
  • Bloody Sunday
  • Crimson Edge
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Yuri Lowenthal
American V.A. Zeron 
Theme Song(s) Exogenesis
Original Creator


Zero Evol is a hedgehog who is the brother to Dusk Evol and a friend of Andrew the Hidden, his best friend and partner from the A.R.T.E organization. Zero was created by NeoExlucky.

He is also a main character of Tales of the Echo.


Zero has an athletic build to him. He has an average height and is fairly slim. He is well toned muscularly and normally lugs around a scythe with him, though it can be hidden using a seal. He has grey eyes, blue fur, and blue hair.

He wears a grey and red outfit, consisting of a custom made shirt and pants. His shoes match this color scheme by adding a little bit of white to them, and he wears a pair of white gloves.


Zero isn't that bad of a guy. Zero enjoys having a good time with people who aren't too terribly annoying. He likes to just be a normal teenager and hang out friends, but he has other enjoyments too. Zero loves to practice combat training, especially up close and personal. He likes to be active and won't be found sitting around for too long. He can be a little hyperactive at times but he is normally a good friend...sometimes...


Young Days

Zero was born to two loving parents in a small town just south of Reale City. This town however held many secrets and Zero was quickly wrapped into one of them. At a young age he was brought into studying some old techniques used for combat a long time ago, by a group known as the order of the scythe. Zero aided the police at a young age in capturing a criminal, which led him to be invited into the pheonix academy, a school made to offer students academic studies, and combat training. Zero accepted and was placed in the gifted students zone, where he would be paired up with a partner for the rest of his life.

The Reaper and the Hidden

Zero was paired up with Andrew, a seemingly human child with unique abilities in explosive power, invisibility and training with a knife. Andrew and Zero bonded quickly and became very close team mates. The two of them fought well throughout school and even graduated early. At this stage the two were hired by a shadowy organization known A.R.T.E and went on recon missions together. Zero and Andrew slowly started to drift apart however, as the power that Andrew was given within the organization started to make him big-headed and left Zero feeling jealous. The two of them are still partners to this day and have been given orders to followed Echo, a young girl with strange powers.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 5
Attack 8
Spcl. Atk 8
Defense 4
Spcl. Def 3
Speed 6
Reflexes 7
Spcl. Ref 4
Psyche 3
Intellect 5
Total 53/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Normal
Hearing Above Average



"Right, following orders..."

Zero and Andrew are technically friends. They were very close while growing upm but Andrew's placement in A.R.T.E has left Zero with a pang of jealousy. Zero is unsure of their relationship now, as Andrew seems to place himself above him, but he still holds onto the belief that they are friends.

Friends (Add if you want):

Andrew the Hidden

Neutral (Add if you want):

None so far...

Enemies (Add if you want):

None so far...



The power to control the shadows is a dark power that one needs to be careful of when using. Zero is able to bend the shadows to his will, making dark places brighter, letting the night tell him where his enemies are, or even being able to use dark energy as a weapon. Zero is skilled in this aspect but do to it's dark draw, it cannot be used to heal himself, nor can it be used to much as the shadows could cause Zero to lose control of himself.

Black Blood

The combination of darkness and water, the ancient art of the Order of the Scthe, Zero has accepted the power of black blood within himself, besides changing the color, black blood can be used in several forms of necromancy and torture. Zero chose to use it as a weapon more than a magic, and because of this he can use the vile liquid as a weapon. He cannot use any form of necromancy with it at this moment though, since that would have required a different kind of study.

Special Abilities

Bloody Sunday

Zero coats his scythe in his own blood and channels the power of darkness throughout the weapon, increasing it's power, while draining his own life force. The powers of darkness are tempting but are vile and foolish to those who are not careful. This attack can be easily countered with holy or light abilities.

Dark Harvest

Zero channels darkness over his body, giving himself the appearence of death himself. Besides changing his appearence this ability also gives him increased skill with the scythe, but as a cost, he cannot use black blood in this form.


Scythe combat training

Scythes are actually very clumsy weapons practically, only those with good enough training could ever wield a scythe as a deadly weapon. Zero is one of those people in the 'in-between' who isn't that bad with a scythe, but he is far from the greatest.



Light and holy attacks are two things that destroy his dark attacks easily. Light and holy abilities can easily put a stop to any of Zero's black blood or umbrakinesis powers and can even stun him for a short time.

Skilled attacks

Skilled attacks are Zero's bane, being able to attack with so much knowledge can be a little displeasing, especially since those attacks can be used so intricately that Zero can't see them coming.

Meister Moveset

The power of the Meister is evil, pulsing in mystery and darkness. The Meister focuses on using Black Blood as their main tool of the trade, an element so old that is has been lost to the ages, and very few people know of it's existence. The Meister uses that to his advantage, often hiding it's true power so that when the times comes, he will be ready for it. Even people who think they know it, don't quite fully understand it's power, for Black Blood is not simply blood. It is a combination of shadow, hellfire, blood, and demonic powers that is focused solely on bringing hell to mobius. It's a power gained only through a bond with a demon. The Meister uses this gift for the sole destruction of his enemies, so he can lie, cheat, and steal his way to ending their life. There is a reason people call the Meister a reaper. He is the keeper of darkness and death.'

More coming soon...

Theme Song

Fox Stevenson - Sandblast

Fox Stevenson - Sandblast

Zero's theme


  • Zero's bloody Sunday ability is a nod to Twitch Plays Pokemon where an event called Bloody Sunday wiped out most of the player(s) pokemon.
  • Zero's last name, Evol, is Love splled backwards. This is an odd coinsidence since Zero last name was taken from the word Evolution, and has no meaning on the series or the character.
  • Zero's attacks with his scythe are inspired by Ruby Rose a character in the Rooster Teeth series RWBY.
  • Zero's favorite food is Roast. His favorite drink is Milk.
  • Zero is known to have grown up in the country side.
  • Oddly enough Zero is considered to be the second smartest character on Tales of the Echo, graduating High School early and already having a high paying job. The smartest character is Ages Tranquil.
  • Zero is the third character made by NeoExlucky and is considered the Deutagonist of Tales of the Echo, making him the second most important character, the most important is Neo Tranquil.
  • Zero is a very skilled Pianist.
  • Zero is one of four characters in Tales of the Echo to be ambidextorous. The others are Neo, Trinity and Era.
  • Zero sometimes binge watches online videos.
  • Zero's favorite type of music is dubstep.
  • Zero does not have a middle name.
  • Zero's scythe's name is Annihalation.
  • Zero has lots of combat training, in fact he has basic knowledge of how to use almost every weapon on the series that every other character uses, but he prefers to use his scythe.
  • Zero does not have a "Don't kill" policy, which is why he and Ages often get into fights when they are together, which is why Neo does not bring them together.
  • Zero's little sister is named Dusk. Dusk has never appeared on Tales of the Echo, though she is referenced several times. She is very prominent in the Forgotten Tales: The Aries Tournament, being the first party member that Zero gets in the game.
  • Zero was created in part by NeoExlucky's younger brother, who has given several ideas into the series. Including ideas for other characters, season arcs, and even villian ideas. His idea for Zero was "A good guy with shadowmancy who works for the enemy for a season."


"That didn't go as hoped." - E rank

"Lemme try again." - D rank

"Alright!" - C rank

"A.R.T.E sends their regards..." - B rank

"The power of a reaper is strong, no?" - A rank

"Tch, that was nothing." - S rank

"Darkness guide me through the night..." - Defeating a boss

"I see you wish to challenge me..." - Fighting in 2 player mode

"Target Assassinated, moving out." -Winning in 2 player mode

"I...need...backup..." -Losing in 2 player mode

"I'll level with you, kid. I was trained to fight. I learned secrets that never should have found their way to me, and now I have more power than even I want. It's a gift, and a curse. I work for these people because they help me. My darkness is quelled, my hunger is sated. They help me with my problems, and I will be their reaper." -Zero's monologue.


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