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ZeroCore is a terrorist organization known for a long history of bizarre experimentation and conspiracy.

Known Members

John Lindon (De Facto Leader)

Marshall Jones (Founder) (Deceased)

Eyes of Unity (Inner Council)

Transford the Hedgehog (Formerly)

Theo the Tasamanian Tiger (Formerly)



Current Leader - John Lindon

John Lindon is the current "leader" of ZeroCore. Having been apointed to the Eyes of Unity at a young age, he has been an integrel part in the organization's shift toward global terrorism. The full extent of his plans are a mystery, but are believed to include world domination.


With ZeroCore's shift from a cult to a criminal empire, one of the few things that remains of its rather unassuming origins is the basic structure of the organization.

Eyes Of Unity - The Eyes of Unity is a small council consisting of anywhere between 5 to 13 individuals who preside over all ZeroCore operations. Although officially all members hold equal power within the group, John Lindon is often considered, either out of respect or fear, to be the real leader of the group. Each member has a plan for ZeroCore and it is not uncommon that they will secretly fight (and often kill) each other to pursue their own agendas.

Knights/Rioters - Knights and Rioters are the basic grunts of the organization. Knights are used to enforce ZeroCore's will within openly occupied territory. Rioters, initially part of the Knights but split apart after the power shift, are equipped for taking over area.

Sleepers - Although ZeroCore will attempt to gain control of smaller, scarecly populated/scarcely armed area through violent takeover, they primarily gain ground through a slow, subtle infiltration. Sleepers are sent in with the objective of gathering information about the area and to arange safe housing for other members. In some cases, they are sent in to infiltrate local government and public services to keep them from acting on other ZeroCore operations.


Uniforms restrictions are varied, depending on an individual's status within ZeroCore. Sleepers have almost complete control over their outfit, with the only requirement being that it must include some kind of identifying mark (a badge, a pin, an armband, or even a tatoo) that can easily be concealed. Both Rioters and Knights are required to wear a trenchcoat and to have body armor over top while on active duty, the only difference being Knights also bear the ZeroCore insignia on an Armband and on their helmets. Members of the Eyes of Unity Council usually wear a plain grey tuxedo with a ZeroCore pin.

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