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This is an article about Zeno the Chimera, a character created by Memphis the light on 04/16/2015.


A well maintained individual whose 'fiery' electric crimson eyes pierces through a being. Being a Chimera means that he is a mish-mash of different species; his most notable features is his hedgehog like muzzle which is lined with tribal tattoos, his cat like pupils which accent his red eyes. Having a set of dragonic black horns and one dragonic black wing via his right shoulder.

Also having a metallic wyvern tail which he wraps around his waist as a make shift belt. While Zeno wears a simple pair of jeans and combat boots, his upper torso tends to be free of any article of clothing (Save for cold temperatures in which he puts on a clean cut jacket.) his exposed chest showing off more tribal marks on the right side of his body and shoulder blade.

His fur and scale coloring is a bit of a mismatch in terms of segway, as his primary fur color is amethyst but then his arms give way to an armor like scaling of dark grey. The same can be applied for his waist long, free flowing hair for the tips segway into sharp armored like scales. Zeno prefers to wear metallic gauntlets which have extendable amethyst nail like protrusions which he can extend and retract at will. However Zeno's most notable feature are the limiters placed on his body; One on his neck, one on both arms, one on both wrists and finally one on both ankles. Electric Crimson in coloration to accent his eyes. The inhibitors also have key symbols engraved towards the front of it with varying Greek symbols such as, Omega, Gamma and etc.


The young man is an enigma, one moment he can be cheery, the next he is dead pan serious. This could be attributed to his background as a trained test subject whose primary goal was to act as a foot soldier. However due to constant subjugation at the hands of his creator, Zeno has become somewhat of a sly smooth talker. Albeit he hates to flirt with women and tends to go out of his way to avoid them, deeming them "A waste of time and resources." This once again can be attributed to his creator who stigmatized the young man into being wary of the female gender. Yet he knows that if he needs to get something done and a woman is involved, there will be no other choice but to talk to them. This proved to be a slight insight to the young man, for some of them actually became good friends to him and trusted associates.

Personable as he may be, this fact is a mask that hides something a bit more malicious (To be explained in history). His true personality arises in combat, where if someone is standing in the way of his goal, he will have no objections in killing and removing said obstacle by any means necessary. He is violent, sadistic and cruel. Aiming for joints and bones to break and fracture for the mere purpose of hearing his opponents scream. When asked why he took such a slow and meticulous style of fighting, he merely replied "I enjoy hearing my enemies scream.." with the most deadpan face. 

A slight personality kink is that he tends to tug gently on the inhibitor that acts as a choker around his neck. When getting ready to kill someone he tends to recite, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, rest your weary bones, death shall grant you sweet release." 



Zeno was not naturally born, but an amalgamation of superior creatures pieced together and raised in a test environment. The creator, Medusa. Sola's, Vexx's and a majority of the other heroes most hated enemy. Zeno was created with the pure and simple task of acting as the woman's perfect body guard. Having been abused at a young age by her to bring a sense of twisted need and hatred that would act as a bonding agent for the majority of his young age. However a side affect of this mistreatment was a general mistrust in the female gender, but to Medusa this was just a fringe benefit. For it meant that the boy would not betray her for another woman.

Young age:

At the biological age of seven. Medusa would allow the young boy to venture out into the world to gain knowledge and information about it. Going so far as to tutoring him on which places would be best to gather information to hunt down targets and those that opposed her 'mother'. This of course led the boy to wander into seedy bars and locations that were not really sanitary for a boy of his age, but his dis-attached personality allowed him to pay no mind to his surroundings and continue on with his allotted tasks.

First kills:

It was not long before some rowdy bar goers would make a game to verbally abuse the young boy. Escalating it every time Zeno made an appearance at the bar. Going so far as throwing a mug of glass towards the boy, which to their joy Zeno just took and moved on. It would not even be a month before the man who was the leader of the abusers confronted the boy in front of the bar and dragged him to the back to begin beating on him. His friends laughing and cheering the man on. Zeno held his own, taking each blow as if they were nothing, his 'mother's' abuse was so much worse. But everyone has their limits and realizing that he would be late getting home, the young boy snapped back and all that would be heard is the scream and splat of those men.

The next day, the news would read "Three men killed by being literally embedded into the wall. Building near collapsing." This was also the day that Medusa gave Zeno his first inhibitors on his wrists, 'Gamma the Seal of Destruction.'

The situation of the three killed mean also seemed to resolve itself. It was most likely due to Medusa pulling some strings to make the matter disappear.

Making a name for himself:

As Zeno continued to grow up biologically and mature. He would be given assassination tasks by his 'mother' in which he happily complied with. Each kill done in the most destructive manner which was a bit irksome to the woman who had to constantly clean up his misdeeds. However, she knew that this was not his fault as his growing body also meant that his over exuding power would grow up with him. Nonetheless she would punish him and make an example of him. Before long the assassinations were being called 'The Derailed Train' killings. For every kill seemed to be as if a train had smashed into the location and exploded. Each following kill had a bigger explosive diameter and was only growing as he aged. So to stem the issue, Medusa put inhibitors on both his arms and legs. His arms being contained by 'Epsilon the Seal of Chaos' and his legs being contained by 'Alpha the Seal of Beginnings.' 

With the new inhibitors in place, his attacks became a lot more discrete and pinpoint. Thus 'The Derailed Train' killer faded away into memories.

Final Inhibitor:

Reaching the age of eighteen, his power once again had begun to sky rocket and was leaving messes once again. A disgruntled Medusa began the process of working on the next inhibitor. All the while Zeno began to advertise himself as a contract killer, this was a means to do work on the side and get back at his 'mother's' years of abuse. It would take some time before Medusa found out about her 'son's' misgivings, but ultimately she did not care. He was doing work, honing his skills and making money for the household. So what was there to complain about? 

It wouldn't be long before she was given a reason to. A women who was a regular contractor for Zeno managed to become close to the young man. The way he looked at her and the way she looked back at him was going to prove troublesome if she let things be. So coming down to the contractors location whilst Zeno was there. With a smile killed the woman right in front of him. Zeno did not even bat an eye, yet he felt a pain erupt in him. What was this pain? Before he could analyze this further he was taken by his 'mother' and was given the final inhibitor around his neck, 'Omega the Seal of the End'.

Medusa going so far as saying that 'This final seal is a testament to your ever growing power and reward for not caring about the woman. Remember my child, you are nothing more than a monster. No one deserves you and you deserve no one."


Those words echoed in the young man's mind. That and the site of seeing the woman die in front of his eyes. Every time he thought of that scene, he would feel a sharp pain in his chest. Just, what was going on? Why did he feel that pain in his chest? All he could do was go back to his location to grab more contracts and perform more killings. By this point he was a seasoned killer, he had control over what jobs he took and when he would do them. 

Right there is when it dawned on him, could it be that the reason he was feeling this way was due to the sudden lose of control? That had to be it, he always felt at his best when he was controlling the situation and was leading himself to do what he wanted. Tugging on his inhibitor around his neck which he now casually called his choker, he made up his mind and left Medusa. Doing so in the cruelest possible way; by revealing that she was behind all the killings and tipping off authorities as to where she was hiding out. As for him, he merely slinked away into the darkness, his mind set into a course of action that he would take to better his own situation.

Rise of a Kingpin:

Control and power, that is what the world needed. As he traveled around and took jobs to stave off hunger. He took notice of all the unorganized crime that was tearing up innocent lives. Honestly, he didn't care if they died or not in the crossfire. But needless casualties made wrapping up a job harder. Now more than ever since Zeno had no one to clean up his messes. At this point of his life is where it got weird, for he began to save innocents from being in the middle of firefights. But why would he do this?

The answer in his mind was simple, to garner good standings with the people and lower unneeded damage done by the unorganized crime. Following up on his plan, after doing some research on the city of Serumbra in which he now resided in; He found just who were the bosses of said groups of criminal activities were. Calling them all out into a meeting was simple, getting them to agree to his conditions was even easier. And his condition was..

"Join me, or die."

Of course they laughed and threatened to kill Zeno, after all, he was a new dog in town and no one knew his name or what he could do. But upon removing his right wrist's inhibitor and deftly exploding one of the bosses with a blast of pure volatile air which in turn left a massive crater where he once stood. The other's quickly sat back down and listened to his conditions in silence. Honestly, it wasn't a bad deal to go under his banner, and the cuts would be great. But he made it clear that if any innocent life was taken, or failure to uphold his cause was done. The person would face immediate termination.

As Kingpin he rules his group of affiliates and lackeys with an iron-fist. However, he is known to show great respect for those who do well for him and will even go out of his way to thank a subordinate for doing a good job. The complete opposite for those who undermine him. His stern rule, skills and smooth talking prowess has earned him the respect of those who work under him as well as fear to those who oppose him.

Furthermore, due to his good standings with the populace and their general unknowing of him being a crime lord. He is often waved to for his personable and cheery mask. From time to time he will even go out of his way to help heroes take down varying villains. Of course at the end of the day it would have to benefit him for him to even think of helping out in a good cause. This has led him to lead a sort of love hate relationship with the Timewalker Vexx. Both sharing a common disdain for Medusa, but on the opposite end of the alignment fence. They have had their share of clashes as well as team ups.

With all of these facts, so reigned the first Kingpin of Serumbra, and strangely an era of 'peace' was brought upon it.


Inhibited Combat:

One may find this weird as a power, but Zeno thrives on the premise that his opponents underestimate his strength due to his inhibitors. Knowing full well that as his enemies go all out, he himself will be saving his true battle prowess and ultimately coming out on top in strength (In his mindset anyways. A folly of his cockiness.). Inhibited Combat is a two-fold system which bolsters the Chimera's stats and gradually awakens new powers. (To be explained in Move set.)

Dragonic Flames:

Since the Chimera has Dragonic DNA embedded in his being, he is able to call on the flames of one. These flames are directly linked to his inhibitors; as such the Inhibited Combat System pertains to this power and focuses primarily on enhancing Zeno's move-set and weapon with the inclusion of the elemental flames in a form of a discharge of said element. All these effects will be described in the coming section.

Instant Transmission -After Image effect- (Only available after three sets of inhibitors are off.):

The premise behind this is simple. As constantly mentioned, Zeno garners more and more of his true fighting potential as he removes his inhibitors. That being said, after three sets of inhibitors are removed from his being, the once medium paced fighter can begin showing off his true speed. Gaining the ability to seemingly quickly blink from one area to another, leaving behind a small after image of himself.

IEB (Inhibited Elemental Bullets):

Zeno's pistol Jiéshù makes use of blank cartridges that rests on the Chimera's tail on his sides. The cartridges are actually protrusions from the tail that is constantly generated. That being said, as more inhibitors are released, more elements are added to the cartridge via the tail. Adding a slew of effects to the bullets as elements are added onto the pre-existing one.

Inhibited Combat System (ICS)

History of the system:

As the young Chimera was growing, it was clear as day that his power was growing alongside him. Especially after his 'minor' accident behind the bar with the group of men. So to stem the power, Medusa created constructs that when placed on Zeno, would reduce his powers to tolerable levels. However as the boy continued to grow, Medusa found that his power levels were reaching catastrophic levels once more. Yet it was not the device that failed her, it was the pure and simple fact that the boy's power had merely grown to the point where the inhibitor was reducing a power far greater than before.

With this in mind Medusa worked tirelessly to create more inhibitors to stem the ever growing power, having created four sets of inhibitors in total. Each of these seals had the primary purpose of sealing and downgrading the boy's power to manageable levels. But with the inclusion of the final inhibitor, a second feature was brought forth. 'Omega the Seal of the End' was to link with the other inhibitors and grant key specific elemental injections into the body of the Chimera as he removed the inhibitors one by one. Thus a fluid and evolving creature of combat was created by the mad scientist.


The best thing to do to fully comprehend the IC System is to break down Zeno's phases via a table and analyze it from there.

Base Gamma Epsilon Alpha Omega
Speed Slow Slow- Medium Medium Fast Godly
Strength Weak-Medium Medium Medium-Strong Strong Godly
Toughness Weak Weak-Medium Medium Medium-Strong Godly
Element Darkness Darkness, Lightning Darkness, Lightning, Ice Darkness, Lightning, Ice, Fire Darkness, Lightning, Ice, Fire, Light


Base Zeno:

In this state, Zeno can be regarded to that as a normal mobian in terms of strength. In layman's terms, he is less than your typical heroic/villain Mobian and is usually regarded to as a civilian in this form. His speed is that of a normal pace, His strength is what you would expect of a crime lord, his toughness is sub-par. All in all, he has the perfect guise of a being a citizen in a world full of heroes and villains. His element in this form would be his base Darkness, so his Dragonic flame would merely contain said element.

Gamma Zeno:

Basic combat mode for the Chimera, if there is a fight that needs to be taken care of this is the mode he will flip to. Removing the inhibitors on his wrists unlocks his secondary element of lightning. The primary boosts are to his strength and toughness as he retains the same amount of movement speed from his base form. The form extends his punching range via high pressured wind force from his enhanced strength and the ability to deflect basic attacks with medium damage via his armored arms.

Epsilon Zeno:

For those opponents who need a little more 'umph' to deal with. The removal of the Epsilon Inhibitors give him the third element of ice as well as providing a nice boost to his speed, strength and toughness. At this point in time is where his explosive punches can be seen, due to the added gravity added behind him via the higher speed of impact given to him with his speed boost. The high pressure wind force from his punches are further enhanced with a wider hit-box and has the ability to now discharge elements through the punch. His armored arms are further enhanced and allow him to tank heavy hits with medium damage to himself, and basic hits with minor damage to himself.

Alpha Zeno:

"In all honesty, I hate using this form.." -Zeno from "Immoral Beast"- As stated by Zeno from a direct quote of a story I am writing for him, he hates using this form for the soul reason that at this point things would start getting easy for him. The release of this inhibitor provides the fire element and provides his biggest boost to his speed while his toughness and strength is once again boosted by a good amount. His high speeds allow him to seemingly blink from location to location and provides a massive boost to his punch radius via impact or wind pressure.

Omega Zeno: (Will NOT be using in Rp's, this IS godmod. I will only use in my stories or if plot relevant.)

The final element of light is added to his arsenal. This mode is rarely if not ever used by the Chimera. Speed, Strength and Toughness are all godly levels at this point. The massive boost to the extreme is due to the Omega inhibitor being linked directly to the other inhibitors. Making it one of the strongest ones on him (The Inhibitor is to keep him weak to the point that he would not outgrow it till his late 50's). Once removed all his power comes flowing out like a sick aura and he has leveled a field to be a barren area due to his extreme presence. What is more terrifying is the fact that the power is still continually growing as he ages. This fact means he knows that he will have to leave, if not off himself one day due to the threat of hurting the people of Serumbra.

Rules behind using the system:

Like any system, there are rules behind using said system. The rules are simple and precise, but make sure that Zeno cannot abuse his power.

  • The first inhibitor can be removed at any time.
  • The second inhibitor cannot be removed until ten minutes has passed from the removal  of the first set. (20 posts in a Rp)
  • The Third inhibitor cannot be removed until fifteen minutes has passed from the removal of the second set. (30 posts in a Rp.)
  • Under no circumstances is the final inhibitor to be removed near civilians or bystanders.


Via the inhibitor Combat System, Zeno's abilities and move-set grows and diversifies as he releases his inhibitors. So this section will spread his abilities based on the mode he is in. If there is an enhancement made to a prior move, the move shall be touched upon but not re-explained.

Base Zeno:

IEB Jiéshù (Darkness): Is the only real thing that stands out while Zeno is in this mode. Imbuing his shots with his natural darkness element. The Chimera is able to fire shots that can pierce through walls and inanimate objects. However the shot will stop in the first person it hits. It's forward movement having met an organic animate object. (A hilarious glaring weakness and running gag is that his shots are stopped by various fruits and vegetables.)

Gamma Zeno:

IEB Jiéshù (+Lightning): With the prior element effect active, Adding the Lightning element allows the bullets to jump to organic beings in close proximity up to a max of five times. The shot will prioritize someone it has not jumped to and will leave an electrical charge in it's prior victim to prioritize if they should be jumped back to or ignored.

Dragon's Roar: The official name Zeno has dubbed his high velocity punch. It generates a strong wind pressure which on normal individuals can either blast them back, or blast a hole through their being. The extended range and utility of the attack is what makes it one of Zeno's go to offensive move. And with the later ability to imbue the attack with element as well as the growing range and hit-box; It is a move to be feared. However, while in a public area which contains civilians, he will refrain from using this ability and differ to using his gun to minimize damage.

Scales of a Dragon: A defensive move that can make elemental attackers cry. While it provides a nice defense against physical attackers. It's true ability shines in the move's ability to negate a good amount of elemental damage based on which elements are unlocked in Zeno at the time. In this case Zeno is able to mitigate Darkness and Lightning attacks by 50%.  However close range physical attackers will have an easier time with him, for his arms can only block basic hits, and even then he will sustain a good amount of damage from a frontal assault.

Epsilon Zeno:

IEB Jiéshù (+Ice): With the inclusion of the ice element, the bullet now gains the ability of a buckshot. However the usage of the splitting bullet requires precise timing and skills. The shot can only spread out if it has passed through an inanimate object and then hits its intended organic target. If the shot hits the organic target first, the shot will lose its ice enhancement and merely use the prior two elements for its attack. This move is great while teamed up with a being who can generate barriers and on the flip side punishes those who create barriers. The bullet can only split up once into 5 seperate bullets.

Dragon's Roar (Element enhanced): Increased hit box, increased power, and now the true colors of the ability. The inclusion of elements makes Dragon's Roar as utility based as his IEB. To make things faster, I will list off the elemental buffs. Also a key thing to keep in mind is the fact that only ONE element can be used per roar unlike the IEB which accumulates elements.

  • Darkness: A fast piercing wind pressure that leaves inorganic matter intact and organic matter in shreds. 
  • Lightning: While not as fast as Darkness, The blast seems to have a mind of its own as it jumps from one being to another. Like the lightning IEB, it can only jump up to five times and follows the same prioritization.
  • Ice: A slow spreading move, while it does not have the killing power of the other version's. It makes up for it with its utility of slowing opponents approach via slowly freezing any fur/skin that comes to contact with the slow wind wall. 

Scales of a Dragon: Inclusion of Ice resistance and a minor ten percent buff in resistance to elements included in Zeno at the moment. Making him 60% resistant to Darkness, Lightning and Ice. A minor increase to his physical defenses is included, allowing him to tank harder physical hits. However he will still sustain a good amount of damage from it.

Alpha Zeno:

IEB Jiéshù (+Fire): With the inclusion of the fire element, the bullet will now leave a burning feeling in opponents. While the burning 'de-buff' will not hurt the opponent. It will allow for for team mates to inflict burning damage with all attacks from their end. Turning a simple punch into an incendiary punch, a cut into a burning slash and a bullet into an incendiary round. However Zeno cannot take advantage of this de-buff himself, so this element is mainly for team utility.

Dragon's Roar (Element enhanced): Hit-box is further increased, as is the power.

  • Fire: A moderate moving wind force that blazes like a burning inferno. While the attack in general hurts, its true power lays in the trail of flames it leaves behind. Causing AoE damage to those standing on it, be they friends or foe.

Scales of a Dragon: Inclusion of fire resistance and a minor ten percent buff in resistance to elements included in Zeno at the moment. Making him 70% resistant to Darkness, Lightning, Ice and Fire. A minor increase to his physical defenses is included, allowing him to further tank harder physical hits. However he will still sustain a good amount of damage from it.

Omega Zeno:

IEB Jiéshù (+Light): With the inclusion of the light element, the bullet will now have the ability to pierce through organic beings as well as inorganic objects. Allowing for all the effects stated previously to kick in, namely the ice element which will now treat organic matter as a splitting point.

Brilliant Dragon's Roar (Element enhanced): Hit-box is massively increased, as is the power. The prior rule of only using one element is out the window while in Omega form. Meaning that like the IEB, all accumulated effects stack and will activate on use. However their is now the inclusion of the light element.

  • Light: Allows the usage of all elements in roars. Additionally creates explosions of light as the wind tunnel travels. Damaging all organic material caught in its wake.

Brilliant Scales of a Dragon: Inclusion of Light resistance and a major twenty percent buff in resistance to elements included in Zeno at the moment. Making him 90% resistant to Darkness, Lightning, Ice, Fire and Light. His armor is now thicker and mitigates a good amount of damage. Allowing him to take and shrug off physical attacks that would have once done him in.



The young man has learned how to be sly with his words. Knowing how to pit people against each other or on the opposite end garner support from people that were once his enemies. However he has a much grittier way of manipulation, and that is by putting the people he beat down under his thumb via the guise of letting them live.

Silver tongue: 

While this may fall under the same category as 'manipulative', Zeno's silver tongue is used more to curry favor with the general public and those who work under him. If he can avoid a fight with the use of his verbal wits all the better for him. He is also known for stopping fights mid way to verbally tick at his opponent; All as a ruse to buy himself time to move onto unlocking the next inhibitor.

Gun expert (Jiéshù):

A weapon he went out of his way to order from a foreign land, Jiéshù has been a loyal and sturdy side arm to the man who needed a more 'finer' touch in killing his opponents. Through his year of using the gun and learning inside out which elements do what. The King Pin has become feared for his closed window drive-by shootings and opposing gang massacres. The gun has a maximum of five shots before having to be reloaded. Reloading takes one post in a roleplay. 

Trained Fist Fighter:

Through his years of being trained as a soldier of death, the young man has gained quite the insight on where to hit to inflict the most painful of damage. Aiming for joints and any weak section of the body that will deter or incapacitate his opponent (If he is in the public that is.) If going full force and not in public eyes, he will be more quick to shift modes. While in combat, Zeno will defer to his more boxing like combat style. For his fast punches and the ability to keep his shielded scaled arms up in a defensive posture proves beneficial to him. However as previously stated, If Zeno is out of the public eyes. The young man may shift his combat pose into a more proud claws out poise. Making full use of his extendable claws and aiming to rip the heart out of his enemies.


Since Zeno's Inhibited Combat System is so long winded to get running. Zeno has trained his 'civilian' and Gamma body to take punishment. However he is not perfect and has a limit like any other being. Yet when it comes to a contest of trading blows and extending a match, Zeno prides himself as king of that area.


Slow start up engine: 

One of Zeno's biggest and most oppressive of issues is his inability to go all out right off the bat. Having to follow the rules implemented on him,

Physical Attackers:

opponents who focus on quick physical attacks to end the battle will find that it is highly effective against Zeno. Epsilon mode remedies this issue a bit, but the damage already done to him in the prior forms will most likely hinder, if not end him in a fight.

Wary of hurting Civilians:

Zeno is always looking out to keep his image clean of any blemish. That being said, people who force him out into a fight in public will most likely find a Zeno who runs away. The last thing Zeno needs is to accidentally kill civilians and workers alike, for his moves do deal friendly fire.


A weakness that has been exploited time and time again by the hero Vexx. Zeno, while normally a collected individual; He is prone to bouts of overconfidence in his abilities. These moments leave the man underestimating his opponents in crucial times, and ends in most cases in his defeat.

Opposite element:

Due to a bevy of elements that the scales resist and the natural elements Zeno gains as he releases his inhibitors. The man finds himself victim to opposite elements, especially in his Epsilon form. To make this easier to understand I will simply list off his states elemental weaknesses. A key thing to understand is that his Alpha and his Omega form both remedy an elemental weakness. Making him a bit more resistant in those forms, however the cost is a 90% weakness to earth elements.

  • Base Zeno: Light Weakness boosted %40
  • Gamma Zeno: Light, Earth weaknesses boosted %50
  • Epsilon Zeno: Light, Earth, Fire Weaknesses boosted %60
  • Alpha Zeno: Light, Earth Weaknesses boosted %70
  • Omega Zeno: Earth Weakness boosted %90
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