" Damn you! You, the virus who infects this world, and for what purpose?! Whether your intentions are heroic or evil, I don't care! Anyone who seriously attacks my friends, no, my FAMILY, does not deserve forgiveness!" -Bean to Vemerl, after Vemerl had killed Silverbolt.  Zene the Gizoid (ぜね座ぎゾイド Gizoido no Zene de) is a purple male gizoid that has been active for 21 years, yet was made 13,501 years ago in the Twilight Cage. He fights alongside his friends to protect Mobius, but his sense of justice makes him do non-heroic things like killing enemies. Zene is the "Bolt Of Insanity" and "Swordsman of Thunder", as he uses electric powers, is a master swordsman and can become insane when aggravated. He is the main swordsman of the pirate crew Insane Pirates, as well as one of the first members, right behind the Captain of the crew.


  • Zimu the Gizoid
  • Zene the Gizoid, before the "3 Year Timeskip"
  • Zene, after his 3-year training.
  • Zene is a four-foot tall purple gizoid with two gizoid horns on his head. He
  •  has an invisible mouth that he uses to eat when he wants to taste normal food. 
  • He was built 3,501 years ago and was brought from 10,000 years in the future, making him chronologically 13, 501. After the timeskip, he was 13,504 years old.

  • When Zene first arrived on Mobius, he wore a brown cape (lost the picture.) and had green eyes. He was also mentally and had been active for 17 years. 
  • Zene changed over to a black coat right after he left the Metallix. This coat had a Nocturne symbol on it when Zene joined them.
  • Before the Solar Tournament, Zene had blue eyes and was 18.
  • After the time skip, Zene's only main change was that he now had yellow lightning bolts in one eye, wears an eyepatch and hides most of his body in a grey cloak.  However, without the cloak, he's a purple gizoid with two spikes/horns on his head. Zene also can remove his head and retracts his hands and feet. Also, due to three years in training, he became 21 years old.


Zene is very intelligent and friendly, but tends to only tell his true feelings to only the people he trusts the most. He is incredibly laid back most of the time and often jokes around, even when he is near death. Despite this, he often makes oblivious remarks, which can cause some people to get angry at him or blush, which confuses him considering he has no idea of the second meaning of what he said. However, Zene has a clouding sense of justice, mercilessly attacking anyone who has done something that dangers the world or his family without even hearing why. He is the kind of person who wouldn't die to protect someone, he'd live his life protecting them, as he does with his family and friends (who he treats as family.) However, no matter who it is, Zene doesn't do favors without being paid in someway. Most of the time Zene is training. but he can also be seen hanging out with his friends or fighting. 


Pre- Insane Pirates

Creation Arc

Zene has a long history. At first, his body was occupied by the first Zene, one of the four clones of Emerl. The first Zene never failed a mission, even when he witnessed two of the clones, Axis and Yenn, die by the hand of the strongest clone that became corrupted by a bug, Vemerl. Zene the First died completing his mission to kill the rogue gizoid. However, Vemerl became a virus that infected Zene's body. After containing Zene, project Zimu was made, a robot soul that was literally a copy of Vemerl, making them brothers. Zimu was made to be injected into the old Zene's body, become the main soul of the body and keep Vemerl in check. Zimu was soon able to roam in the Twilight Cage, where he met Shade the Echidna and grew a strong friendship with her (Shade soon forgot this friendship after Zimu was shutdown). However, Zimu was shut down as request by the Prefects to keep the cage safe. After the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Zimu awoke and was sent to Mobius.

Metallix Arc

Soon after being sent to Mobius, Zimu found Metal Sonic and his army, which were taking over the world. Zimu, having nowhere else to go, joined Metal Sonic's army. During his time, he managed to chase off Sonic from a country they had controlled, but was defeated by Sonic nonetheless. Zimu was still working with Metal Sonic when he met Crystal the Hedgehog, who soon became his best friend. Days later, Zimu made Noc the Gizoid, his son and personal assistant, and the duo made an abandoned factory their home.  At Christmas, Zimu quit the Metallix army after having a change of heart. During this, Zimu found a broken Eggbot, repaired him, and the two challenged Eggman together, temporarily destroying the Death Egg II.

Vemerl's Attack Arc

Zimu's brother, Vemerl, had been gaining energy during Zimu's exploits, and finally took control of Zimu's body. However, he was suppressed by Crystal, Noc, and Zene's will. Eventually, having a longing to finish his programming, Zimu and Crystal came up with a successful plan to kill Vemerl. However, being a virus, he left Zimu's body and disappeared. 

Nocturnus Arc

Shortly after, Zimu's creators returned to Mobius and captured Noc. Zimu, along with his friends Sync , Silverbolt, Crystal and Sigmund, raided the Nocturnus base and defeated the Nocturnus. Later, however, Zimu joined the Nocturnus under the impression he would be fighting for his race. Zimu, the prefects, and Emerl (Who Zimu was designed from) all fought Devil Doom on his ship. Because of a third party attacking, they suceeded. After Zene once again left the Nocturnus, Vemerl had made many traps for Zimu. One trap forced Noc and Crystal to fetch Zimu from 10,000 years in the future, making him 13,501 years old instead of 3,501. Finally, after many battles, Zimu captured Vemerl and forced him to no longer be an evil virus, but instead a true brother. Zimu met and fell in love with Ruby the Robot. She disappeared many times though, and only reappeared when Zimu had second thoughts about dating her. One day, however, Zimu made Ruby promise she wouldn't leave him or they would be through.

Axenn Arc

After many months the Nocturnus (who were hiding after their defeat) had combined Axis and Yenn, who were believed to be killed by Vemerl himself, into a super gizoid that looked like a normal gizoid. However, the gizoid fusion, known as Axenn, escaped and hunted his traitorous brothers (Vemerl for killing them, Zimu (they knew him as Zene) for still being acquainted with Vemerl.) As soon as he found Vemerl, he tried to kill him. Surprisingly, he suceeded, since even though Vemerl was strong, Axenn was two gizoids combined. When they got to Zimu, they nearly killed him. However, Zimu, being the strategist he was, managed to fake his death. In the process, however, Ruby broke their promise and left him for someone else, leaving Zimu. Zimu got a black hoodie and called himself "Zene the Hooded" and managed to convince Sync to ressurect Vemerl. After Vemerl was brought back, the two fused into ZiMERL (now called ZeNerl), which looked exactly like Gemerl the Gizoid but with green eyes and a purple aura. With the help of Crystal, they managed to kill Axenn once and for all.

Solar Arc

After Axenn was defeated Zimu was angry at how weak he was. He renamed himself after his old form, the gizoid who never lost a mission, Zene, so he could become determined to never fail himself. Zene met Steve and Stelar the Hedgehog, Stelar quickly becoming Zene's new best friend since Crystal became distant from Zene. Zene and Stelar soon made a team fighting tournament called the Solar Tournament. Zene and Sync made an agreement to fight in the final rounds. However, after months, the tournament was cancelled.

Grenjo Arc

Zene heard an assassin hunter named Grenjo the Coyote (now Grenjo Kirigaya) nearly killed Vemerl, and Vemerl was only saved by his son, Phineas D. Hedgehog, who was passing by. Zene was distressed by the information, but decided Grenjo didn't have truly evil intentions, since he was an assassin hunter. Zene even thought Grenjo was just misguided, thinking killing assassins was justice. Zene was one of the few who became extremely worried when Stelar dcided to fight Grenjo. However, he did nothing to help, claiming" Stelar needed to learn he can't beat them all." During Stelar's battle, Zene got into a relationship with Stacy the Hedgebot, and the two became a very happy couple. Stelar and Zene started a pirate crew called the Insane Pirates, since both were insane. Stelar was the captain and Zene the main swordsman. Zene and Stelar also used Zene's Assist Mode to battle Grenjo, where they lost. However, realizing Zene fought Grenjo to make him realize his errors, Grenjo asked to join their pirate crew. Since Grenjo was an archaeologist, Stelar let him in the crew. The current other members are Maxine the Hedgehog as the navigator, Steve as the sniper, Sync as the chef, Dan the Hedgehog (Maxine's sister) as the medic, Anthony the Wildcard as the shipwright, and Shard the Robot as the musician!

Christmas Battles Arc

Shortly after the crew was formed, Sync and Zene had a dispute over who was worthy of the title "Main Swordsman". The two decided to settle it in a prom Crystal was having by fighting. After a looooong fight, the two asked Stelar who was the main swordsman. Of course, Stelar said Zene, which only brought both Zene and Sync into deep thoughts (Sync, not being strong enough for the title, and Zene for only gaining the title via Stelar's opinion). The two decided to train for a few years. Before he trained, Zene ate the Goro Goro no Mi (which he ate the whole, disgusting fruit when he only needed to take one bite). Zene did a shortcut in his training by merely going back in time and training for three years, then returning to his time the second after he went back in time. Zene, having met the Lightning Dragon in the past and learning from him, gained Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, a lost, powerful electric magic. In addition, he gained a HUGE power boost in his training, as well as getting a Lightning Dragon lacrima, making him a third generation Dragon Slayer. This lacrima also gave him Lightning God Slayer Magic, an even stronger version of Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. After his return, he showed Anthony the Insane Pirates' ship, which Anthony took for repairs. Zene had a short but all out battle with Grenjo later where Zene, surprisingly, won. Afterwards, however, he had a similar battle with Vemerl, yet lost.

Setting Sail Arc

FINALLY, after months, the Insane Pirates were ready to set sail. Zene, however, had other plans. He trained his friend Dark in sword fighting for the All Star Tournament, a tournament set up by Dark that Vemerl was entering in too. However, when he finished training, Zene met a girl named Jazmyn. While neither fell in love, the two, after showcasing their powers to each other, made a fortress out of ice (Jazmyn used her hydrokinesis, Zene froze it with the winds formed by his speed.). Knowing it would soon melt, Zene used his powers to move the fortress to the mountain he lived on, where Jazmyn promised she would visit often. Eventually, all the crew members made it to the ship and set sail, except for one. They forgot Shard! But it was too late. And besides, they had two new members anyways. Stacy, Zene's girfriend, and Lanna, Steve's ex, snuck on board the ship. While Zene was laid back and was actually happy she was on the ship, Steve flipped out. Nevertheless, the two stayed. Zene soon found a note from his brother Vemerl addressed to both him and Stelar. The two gained confidence and had a new reason to protect their nakama. Zene also found a necklace, which gives his electric powers a boost and holds back Zene's insane form. This necklace had part of the soul of Vemerl in it, too. And soon, the adventures of the Insane Pirates had finally begun! 

Insane Pirates Stories

Operation: Saving Grace Arc

When the Insane Pirates finally set sail, Sync told the crew about a theory called the "Midnight Channel", which was if you stare at a turned off TV on a rainy midnight, you will see your soulmate. However, when this occured, Sync saw something that forced him into the TV world. Zene was not particularly worried, and he knew there was no way in. However, the panic struck when Anthony had a vision of Maxine being executed! Grenjo, having started rushing on Maxine (and kissing her one romantic night), went into his dark form known as his "Screaming Shadows Form". After he fought Stelar and Anthony, Grenjo left the ship after seeing Maxine and becoming worried of what she might think of him. Very soon, Sync returned and told the crew that a being in the TV world was planning on destroying Mobius. Of course, more disaster struck, as Stelar went insane himself and left the crew. A group made up of Dan, Zene, Anthony and Sync went to apprehend Stelar. However, everyone but Zene left after Stelar went crazy. Zene took off his necklace, went insane and almost fought Stelar, but after Stelar form changed Zene went normal and followed him to the ship. After a fight between Steve (powered by Zene) and Stelar, the captain fled once again. However, this time, Zene teleported onto Stelar's back, and, managing to calm him down, returned to the ship with him. After they returned, Sync stayed up all night for Operation:Saving Grace. He made two teams: Team A was to go to the Midnight Channel. This team was Stelar, Zene, Sync and Steve. Team B was to recieve Grenjo. This team was Maxine, Daniella, Lanna and Stacy. Anthony was to guard the ship during this operation. Stelar, Steve and Sync all went off to train. Zene, being the strongest one while they were gone, told Team B to go recieve Grenjo. After the three returned, much stronger, Zene told them he sent the girls to get Grenjo. They came back with news: Grenjo was back to normal, but he left the crew! This was a shock, but everyone knew they had to keep going. One idiot (Stelar), in fact, went to the next island before the others: A marine base. When Stelar and the crew (besides Zene, Dan, Lanna and Stacy) were fighting Marines, the warlord Thantos appeared. He kidnapped Maxine and left. As soon as they regrouped, Zene, Stelar and Sync went into the Midnight Channel due to a time limit. There were twelve floors, and Sync cleared each one. Zene, being as lazy as he was, followed Sync and let him do all the work. Soon, the three made it to Shadow Sync. Shadow Sync immediately took out Sync, and while Stelar was serious, Zene started to mess with the evil Sync. After a while, Stelar and Zene realized they need to work together. So, after using their strongest attacks on him, Shadow Sync only needed one more powerful attack. Zene came up with a strategy, and told Stelar to hold Shadow Sync in place. Zene then reveaaled his strongest Yontoryu Technique: Four Thousand Worlds. He used this on Shadow Sync, but it missed. After a long battle, Zene tired out and fell to the ground. Shadow Sync was finally finished by Stelar, and then "accepted" by Sync. Afterwards, Zene got up and the three returned to the real world. Even still, there were still more things to worry about. What would happen to Maxine? What about Grenjo? These questions would soon be answered, in a rather depressing way.

The Nightmare's Truth Arc

After his return from the TV world, Zene soon fell into a 2 year coma because he never actually rested after his 3-year training. However, he met with his past self, the original Zene, in a dream, where it was revealed that Zene's "insane form" was actually the original Zene, corrupted by a bit of Vemerl's virus. Also, it was proven that the original Zene was an illusion user, who "made" Zene's powers using illusions. Zene also learned that his devil fruit was actually the Zapei Zapei no Mi. After this discovery, the two Zene's engaged in a short battle, where Zene managed to win by revealing his "Shocker Bullet" technique. After winning, the length of Zene's coma was shortened to two months.

Marineford Arc

When Zene returned, Maxine was still kidnapped, and it was time to rescue her. The second to reach the island, Zene immediately engaged his son, Noc. Suprisingly, due to his abilities weakened, he lost, but was only KOed for a few seconds. After getting up, Zene noticed a fight between the shibikai Thantos against Feet Admiral Sengoku and Stelar's grandfather, Magnum. The fight, howeer, was separated by Vemerl, now a giant robot and a yonko, and Corvus, Stelar's role model. After seeing his older brother, Zene quickly left for the ship, knowing Vemerl would take care of the rest. However, the fight was not finished, as Vemerl's ship started trailing the Insane Pirate's ship.  Vemerl arrived on the ship, claiming he wanted to join the crew, but wanted one of the crew members to fight him. Zene immediately accepted, as his dream is to become the strongest robot pirate by defeating Vemerl. The two fought, and Vemerl easily won. When Zene asked for death, Vemerl declined, and gave Zene a speech. Before he left, Zene asked Vemerl why he wanted to join the crew, where Vemerl replied "Stelar has the most dangerous ability on the sea, the ability to make allies with anyone he meets." With that, Vemerl left, leaving Zene to prepare to fight him again one day.


  • Zene's main ability is his devil fruit. While Zene left for 3 years to train while freezing time, he ate the   Zapei Zapei no Mi devil fruit, which allowed him to use static electricity. This fruit also gains power the longer a battle takes, and is mostly a close range devil fruit. 
  • Zene can also use different colors of electricity, Green, which acts as extra limbs, Blue, which allows him to move fast, and Yellow, which he uses as his main method of attack.
  • Also during the 3 year training, Zene replaced his left eye with a weapon called "Shocker Bullet". Zene raises his eyepatch and a small cannon is seen, electricity starts generating it creating a small electric ball. The cannon locks onto a target and fires the ball, which bounces off ANYTHING that isn't the target, including other people, and redirects at the target. When the ball makes contact with the target, it expands into an electric explosion so powerful even rubber could be damaged from it, and the attack is lethal enough to kill a giant monster! Due to it's sheer power, Zene can only use it once per battle.
  • Zene is an amazing swordsman, stronger than his captain and his brother combined in that aspect. He uses Yontoryu (Four swords style) with his arms and legs, Nitoryu (Two Swords Style), two-handed long sword style, and the sword and shield style. All four of his swords are yellow energy katanas, which are all strengthened with electrokinesis and can fuse to become a powerful lightning-bolt shaped sword he calls Bolt. Zene can even slice metal like a hot knife through butter.  
  •  Zene can also read minds, teleport, fly, and has robotic strength. He typically moves at the speed of lightning, which is a bit more than Mach 294. Like most gizoids, Zene can copy abilities, but he rarely uses this. He used to be able to absorb water and electricity and convert it to electricity, but was only water- repelent after he ate his Devil Fruit.
  • Zene has a built in mass arsenal of weapons and armor: A minigun in his right arm, an energy cannon in his left, and a small scope with an even smaller laser gun that acts as a sniper rifle. His metal is made of titanium, the currently strongest metal possible without any interferring powers. 
  • Zene has two forms of haki; Observation and Armament. Observation allows him to predict an opponents move and dodge before hand. Armament allows him to turn his body into reinforced titanium, a metal stronger that titanium. Also, Conqueror Haki has no effect on him.
  • He is a master strategist and weapon maker, all his weapons being of his own design. He also has made many battle plans before and during battle, such as tricking his opponent to push him into a lake using reverse psychology and making a plan on how to raid the Nocturnus base. 

Illusions from the Original Zene

  • Zene also had a power called Cancellation. This allows him to cancel MOST moves that do not involve physically attacking (Magic, etc.). However, Zene can use this magic to split evil souls from a body, and as well can use it to delete someone's soul, but the amount of energy this uses makes him die immediately with his opponent.
  • He also met a fake Lightning Dragon, which taught him Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. and also infused a lacrima into him that gave him Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, which turned Zene into a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, and also gave him Lightning God Slayer Magic, a stronger version of Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic.
  • Zene also had four arms at one point.


Zene has few solo transformations as well as a couple fusion transformations. Note that none of these transformations have a time limit, but wear off after a battle, win or lose.

Solo Transformations:

  • Insane Form: Zene's eyes turn red and he starts sparking. He loses complete control of his sanity, so this transformation only happens when Zene takes off his necklace, and even so he transforms at will unless he becomes aggravated. This transformation gives a small power boost, a relentless drive for defeating an opponent, and the fact that Haki can not be used against him, since his attacks are so savage and unpredictable.
  • Headless Lightning Form: Zene takes off his head and throws it far into space. The kinetic energy from this action gives Zene a power boost, which, thanks to his devil fruit, sticks with him until he gets his head back.
  • Heroic Form: Zene uses the powers of the chaos emeralds, sparks and gains a white aura. This is his version of a super form, but it's really half of a super form, the other half, Villinous form, belongs to his brother Vemerl. This form can be intensified with the Super Emeralds. Due to the power boost, haki yet again cannot be used against him.

Fusion Transformations:

  • Assist Mode: Zene's body breaks apart and attaches to an ally like armor, and all of Zene's powers go to the ally until Zene turns normal again.
  • Fusion Mode: Currently can only be done with his brother and Gemerl, the two will teleport to a specific destination and combine. 

-This form has a super form with the Super Emeralds, but it has not yet been used.


Zene may seem too strong, almost so strong it's impossible. However, he has a weakness, which he can destroy before it comes into contact with him. His weakness is terrakinesis (not including magma.) Basically earthbending, it's an obvious weakness since both electricity and metal are weakened against ground. However, Zene covers for this by flying against an earth user, so unless the user uses attacks other than earthquakes the weakness is useless. Zene used to be weak to glitter, but over his three year training he managed to make it so glitter is no longer shuts him down.

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