Zeline is a fictional character who appears in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. She is a 17 year old, anthropomorphic, fairy-like creature that serves as a key character in the game's plot. She is also a playable, unlockable character.

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Appears in (games)
English Voice Actors
Shelley Longworth (2010-present)
pressumably Gravitus
Villain turned Hero
17 (Deceased)
Sonic and co, peace, her family, nature
Immarius, chaos, destruction, somberness
Magic powers, Energy projecting spear, flying, Healing powers
Pendent of Hope


The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Zeline appears as an unlockable, Fly-Type playable character in the game. She is the first character to be unlocked. She has great agility and mobility, her attacks have very long range and can fly. On the downside, her health can be depleted quickly.

In the game's story, Zeline arrives at Sonic's world via a comet which crash lands near the Central Park. She then reappears in Doom City. She helps Sonic get on his feet and tells him that they should go to the Master Emerald, sensing the invasion of the Angel Island. From there on, she is constantly seen on the side of Sonic and his team. She accompanies them throughout their adventure until the middle of the story where she gets abducted by Immarius in attempt to lure them to another dimension and banish them there. When rescued, she is again seperated by them after the Blue Typhoon gets blasted by the Eclipse Cannon.

In the Final Story, Zeline's true identity is revealed. Zeline had been working with Immarius before the events of the game. Immarius and Zeline had made a deal. Zeline would help him collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds and he in return would set free her family from captivity. Zeline used Sonic and his friends on collecting the emeralds and tricked them into believing she's against Immarius. However, in the end, Zeline has now grown accustomed to Sonic and wishes to help him instead of Immarius. When Immarius reveals Zeline that her family is no longer alive and that he has lied to her, Zeline denies handing over the Chaos Emeralds. This action results to her death when Immarius stabs her in the chest. When Zeline comes back to life, she and Sonic battle against Dark Legion. In the end of the game, Zeline sacrifices herself in order to save Sonic's world by sealing Dark Legion and herself to another dimension for eternity in order to prevent Dark Legion from ever being a threat to Earth again. After Dark Legion and Immarius have been vanquished, the Pendent of Hope is all that's left from Zeline. Sonic keeps it in memory of their adventure.

Background Information

Zeline comes from Elvenstar, the same planet as Immarius.. She and her family lived peacfully there until Immarius and his army attacked them and exterminated almost everyone of her kind. At some point before the events in the game, Zeline agreed to serve as Immarius' means of getting the Chaos Emeralds from Earth to revive Dark Legion. In return, Immarius would free the remaining people, including her family and never hurt them again.


Zeline wields a spear which she uses for most of her attacks. She also has the ability to cure anyone she touches. For example, when Sonic got stung by the bee, Zeline used some of her powers to cure him. She has fragile wings on her back which enable her to fly short distances. Zeline is also shown to be very fast and flexible. While she does not possess any superhuman, physical strength, her agility provides her with the ability to easily slip off the enemy's hands.

This character's fourstat code is 2423


By nature, Zeline is not very strong physically, so she mostly relies on her power of flight. Nevertheless, her wings are quite fragile and can easily be pierced by pointy objects. Since she is not a character who uses force, her sole weapon is a spear, meaning that without it, she can barely, if not, at all engage in battle. Her small size is also a drawback.

Physical Appearance

While never made explicit in the game, Zeline is pressumed to be a Gravitus, the same species as Immarius. She has the appearance of an anthropomorphic fairy, about the same aize as Sonic and his friends. She has long, brown hair and light blue skin. Her skin is covered in numerous weird-looking hieroglyphic markings and patterns that are distributed assymetrically throughout parts of her body. These markings seem to move and always emit some kind of light. When she is stabbed by Immarius during the final story, the light is no longer emited, so it is assumed that this light is an index of life. She has short, antennae-like appendages on her forhead and a pair of wings on her back that enable her to fly. When Zeline first appears, she wears a black cloak to hide her identity, but is later discarded. Throughout the game, Zeline wears a pendent, the Pendent of Hope, which she finds in Mount BlueChaos.


Zeline's character can be compared to that of Tikal's, Maria's and Elise's. Yet, she agrees to sign a treaty with her arch enemy, Immarius in order to accomplish her own goals. She reluctantly finds and befriends Sonic and the rest, fooling them from the start that she is against Immarius and continuing to feign her alignment until her goals are achieved. Unfortunately for her, during the entire adventure, she becomes accustomed to them, making her change her beliefs and reconsider the consequences of her actions. In the end, she is willing to sacrifice herself to save the Earth. 

Voice Acting


  • It is unknown weather Zeline actually died when sealing herself in the dimension with Dark Legion.
  • Zeline's original name was Eris, but was dropped off in the final version of the game.
  • Zeline has a cameo appearance in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future as part of one of Sonic's flashbacks.
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