Sonic Lost World - Zavok

Zavok leader of the Zeti

Zavok is an evil Zeti and the leader of the Deadly Six and the primary Protagonist of the Sonic Series. he will stop at nothing until the world is under his power.


Zavok appears to look like a red guy Bowser with a non spiky shell with large bison antlers and a large tail and a Samurai Pony tail. he is red with Black Legs and light blue nails and spike bracelets.


he is ambitsous and ready for anything. he wants a perfect team to make the perfect life for his race when they are reborn. he hates following orders even from Eggman.


Zavok was once a young apprentice of Master Zik when he founded the Deadly six. they knew that their race was wiped out by the hedgehogs. then he was brainwashed by Eggman until he broke free.


He has muscular Powers.

Special Abilities

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