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"The way you present yourself, is a way you show the media what they should think of you, Which is why I'm so awesome."
—Zarex The Hyenhog
Zarex The Hyenhog
Zarex The Hyenhog.png
Marital Status
Dominant Hand
May 1st
House in station square
53 pounds
Fighting, Videogames, P.E , Running, Making Trouble
Academics, Flying, Asparagus, Fire
Hyenhog(Hyena + Hedgehog)

Zarex is a 15 year old Hyenfox from westopolis, he was brought up in a environment with lots of death and destruction.


Zarex is a hero, But not in the traditional sense, Hes an anti-hero, Hes outgoing and has a great sense of humour he is popular, has lots of friends and seems to be very calm, He is very arrogant, Thinking highly of himself, and having little to no respect to everyone else, he enjoys playing shooters and fighting games, Hes also very agressive, attacking anyone who is somewhat mean or against him, He seems to like to pick on people he considers "Weak" for example Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox he picks on him a lot.

Defining traits:










Calm (When not being aggrivated)


Zarex is tall and slim, He prides himself on his looks, And thus looks down on a lot of people who he considers "Less Attractive" Than he is, He has good posture, And is very strong, He seems to pride himself on fashion, He wears fingerless gloves, Black/white shoes, A waist-length sleeveless jacket, they all seem to be the same colour, He has stylish hair, and spots over his skins that are the same colour,



Unknown Father

Juliet the Hyena - Mother (Deseased)

Zora The Hyenhog - Brother


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Burizu "Breez" The Cyrox

Occulus Rayz


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Blood the PyroFox


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Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox

Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine

Terra The Tiger


Zarex was born in westopolis, He was brought up in a broken home, With his brother and single mother who died when he was young, He was always very agressive, Often getting into fights and bullying people, He was very popular having lots of friends, When he was 7 his mother died of an unknown cause, He was so angry, he blamed it on his father he never knew, and blamed him for leaving his mother, he took this anger out of other people, and beat people up for no reason, when he was 9 he and his brother decided to get jobs so they could sustain himself, at the time Zora was 15, and was often looking after Zarex, Zora was very arrogant, but deep down was a hero, he taught Zarex how to fight and protect himself, And Zora alone is the reason Zarex is a hero. In present times Zarex is living with his brother in a house in station square, desiding to move to start afresh, he's still the same person, Picking on the weak and being arrogant, But he has more morals, He wouldn't betray friends and is very loyal, He also sticks to what he thinks is right and always follows his instincts.

Strengths + Powers:

Zarex is very fast, outrunning many things and moving almost sound speed.

Zarex is also strong, Being very efficient in hand to hand combat.

Zarex has good aim with a gun, He even uses his gun as a physical weapon.

Zarex can also do various acrobatic skills to help himself in combat and running, For example he can airdash and double jump, Carwheel to dodge, and flip over the head of enemies.

He hasn't got many powers, He can run fast, and is able to control air flow and shoot gust of winds at people.


Zarex is very impulsive, Never really thinking about what he does.

Zarex is scared of fire, Which seems to be the only thing that can easily defeat him.

He is incredibly arrogant and aggressive, getting into lots of fights.

His popularity can get to him, making him do something stupid

He is also not very smart, Not liking academics this is obvious why.

Also he gets in trouble a lot, By pulling pranks or hurting people.


"What's cooking!" - When Greeting someone

"You can't beat me, So I won't make you try!" - When trying to avoid fighting

"Hmph So you want to be hospitalised?!" - When getting into a fight

"Here comes a trick-shot!" - When fighting

"Does it matter that i don't know?" - When he doesn't know the answer

"Maybe I should just go randomly attack someone." - When talking to himself

"It's all dad's fault..." When talking to himself about his mother's death

"Yeah! You know it's not a good idea to fight me!" - When agreeing not to fight

"I'm a physical specimen! you can't catch up with me" - When someone is chasing him

"Hey I'm going to go bully some nerds, See ya!" - When saying goodbye

"Hey, 'Sup man?" - When Greeting someone

"I'm gonna run circles around ya!" -While fighting

"Get ready to hurt, You nerd!" -Wile fighting

"I'm the poster-boy for awesomeness!" - When he wins a fight

"Ugh, I hurt my hand shoving that guy in a locker" - While talking to self

"Zora better teach me a new move today!" - When talking to self

"You aren't half as good as me!" - When watching a fight

"Never leave a man behind!" - When joining a fight

"Escaping is ...errrm word....FUTILE, IM THE FASTEST!" - When someone runs away from him

"Guess what time it is, Nerd, Yup Time for a beatdown!" - When getting into a fight

"I'll...get my revenge on you...Moron" - When defeated


Zarex is ALMOST the Polar oposite to myself, I find it fun to roleplay as him as he does things I wouldn't

Zarex's full name is: Zarex Zxias Zealos (An acronym of Zzz, Often used to represent Sleep)

Zarex is a Taurus

Zarex, despite being an angry person is one of the kindest and most generous people.


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