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Zarex is a 14 years old fox that likes adventures and always helps people when they need it. 


Zarex is a 14 year old anthropomorphic fox . He has light blue fur. He wears green and white shoes. He has orange eyes. He can also be seen using sunglasses (he uses them most in parties).

He also often uses white shoes with a yellow strip.


Very little is known about Zarex past. When he was four his parents had an unknown accident and they died. He then was adopted by a rabbit family. Zarex did go to school after the accident, however he left it soon and started to train to become a hero and avenge his parents. In that time, he temporaly lived in the abandoned house from his grandma, that wanted to sell the house.


Zarex likes to go into problems and adventures. He is ready to defeat any villain that comes in his way. Sometimes he is timid and doesnt likes to fight. But if neccesary he can become very angry.

He likes to help people when they need it and will protect his friend even with his own life.


  • Agility & Stamina: One of the things that distinguish Zarex is his agility. He can dodge attacks easily and has a lot of stamina. However, he tends to use his stamina fast and get tired in not appropiate situations. He compenses his speed with this, being able to do parkour easily.
  • Repairing and Building: Zarex likes to repair and build things and is good at it. Its unknown how he learned this. Probably Tails teached him.
  • Ice Powers: He has the power of Cryokinesis. He can "shoot" ice from his hand being able to freeze enemies or objects. Or just simply slow down any object. He can be seen often practicing it.
  • Healing Powers: Zarex can heal wounds. With the use of the Life Ring, he can use his healing powers to the max, being more effective.

Items in Possession


  • Ultrabreakers: Two swords made of resistant ice that Zarex always carries with him. He made them when he was just 10 years old and since then he uses it most than any other weapon.
  • Nunchakus: They are "nunchakus" made of ice that Zarex has but doesnt uses them too often. A hit in the neck may be very lethal. Its unknown how Zarex got them.


  • Elemental Rings : Zarex bought some before the creators closed down. He has the Life Ring and Ice Ring to boost his powers. He also experiments with the Dark Ring and the Light Ring to access new forms or make better equipment.


  • Kid Form: Zarex can access to this form without any object. He looks like any normal kid when using it. He still has his powers and runs more fast, but when he flies he cant carry anything heavy. He doesnt uses this transformation very much due that he may just use it as a "disguise".

(I dont plan to make a Super transformation for now, i will wait a few RPs first)


(Hand-drawed drawings coming soon!)

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