Cquote1I'll be waiting for you, you stupid, pathetic, spiny daffodil.Cquote2 - Zappy challenging Sparky

Zappy The Hedgehog
Zappy Concept
November 14
97 cm./70 lbs.
Evil Mercenary
Hate, Destruction, Seeing people in pain, Making Enemies
Happiness, Parties, People who don't think he's powerful
Ability Type
Speed, Electricity/Thunder
Theme Song
"Electrify", by Fear Blind
Voice Actor
Haley Joel Osment
Voice exactly like...
Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)

Zappy the Hedgehog is the Moebian version of Sparky the Hedgehog, and is the exact opposite of him.


Zappy's colors are reversed compared to Sparky. His fur is blue and his streaks are yellow. Zappy has short spines like Sparky, but he has fangs as his teeth.


Zappy is dark, relentless, and can be entirely out of control. His love for destruction has made him crave more, and can never get enough violence.

Zappy hates having friends, unless he can use them to his advantage.

Strengths and Powers

He has Sparky's electric powers, and uses them for pure malice. Zappy knows the Super-Peel-Out as well.

General Info/Story

Zappy loved destruction, and as soon as he was raised by a mad scientist, his craving for violence led him to jump off the Massive Planet (Anti-Little Planet) and go to Moebius. He caused several casualties, obliterated towns, and wanted more to destroy. He escaped Zone Cops and went to the Prime Zone, hoping to bring his Prime counterpart to his knees.

He eventually found out that a group called the The Cat Squad was with Dr. Eggman, so he set out to find them. Zappy, along with the rest of the Cat Squad, was captured by Sparky and his new friends. He's currently in the damaged Zone Jail...



---New Year Madness (Free to join)



Other Appearances


Relationships with Other Characters

Characters by the same creator


--- Doctor Squakz

Doctor Squakz is the Moebian version of Sparky's adopted father: Professor Hootle. He was a mad scientist and made an experiment that caused Zappy to have his powers. He died when Zappy grew a lust for destruction.





---Sparky The Hedghog

Due to being Sparky's opposite, Zappy despises everything about him. He considers Sparky's kindness "weak".

---Zparky the Zone Cop

Zparky is a Zone Cop who cased after Zappy into the Prime Zone. Zparky captured Zappy, and thus Zappy wants vengance.

Canon Sonic Characters


Arai The Fox



---Sonic The Hedgehog

---Miles "Tails" Prower

---Knuckles the Echidna

Characters from other creators

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---Nerin the Cat

When Zappy came to Mobius he sought out Nerin because of what he heard about her. Nerin was impressed with his skills and let him on the team. Zappy seems to be very dedicated to Nerin which is something she likes.

---Slish the Cat

Slish first met Zappy when he came to her looking for Nerin. Slish thinks that Zappy is fun but too serious sometimes.

---X-Nad the Robian

Although he hasn't had that much interaction with him, X-Nad respects Zappy as a teammate.


---Slash the Cat

Slash does not like Zappy at all. On top of the fact that he works with her mortal enemies, he also had a bounty on his head and Slash was determined to turn him in. Zappy also mocked Slash which didn't help her opinion of him.



~"NO! I WON'T GIVE IN TO THIS KIDDY PEICE OF JUNK!!!"- (New Year Madness, when he was tortured by being forced to watch Winnie the Pooh)

Fun Facts

  • Zappy's birthday is the same as the release date of Sonic 06.
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