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Zap The Hedgehog
Zap Star The Hedgehog
Teen Zap
Current - 17

Season 1 - 6-10

Season 2 - 10-11

Season 3 - 11-12

Season 4 - 12-Current
July 14th
Writing, Sailing, sports, exploring, trying to cook, Chao.
Crowded areas, chickens, squids.
Favorite Food
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Zap is a 16 year old hedgehog living in Green Flower City with his three brothers, Thunder, Lightning, and Electric. They have their own ship which they use to sail all across the world, and write a book about their adventures. They conveniently live right next to the docks for this reason. Out of the four, Zap is the youngest by far. He still attends to school in the city. He's a very quiet and meek person, and almost never used to talk to anyone unless he knew and trusted them well. Sometimes even then it was hard for him to bring himself to talk to them. Because of this, he has had few friends, growing up. He has been slowly growing out of this though, thanks to his close friend Crystal.

He's quite normal when it comes to talking to his brothers though.

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Zap Sprite

Zap is a small golden colored hedgehog with very short and nubby quills which have not yet fully grown. He has blue eyes, wears yellow gloves and red & cyan running shoes. His outfit varies, and sometimes he wears none at all. But he always wears the same shoes and gloves. One of his outfits is a formal black shirt and shorts with long red socks, which match his running shoes.

By Season 4 of the series, Zap has grown into a considerably new look. In addition to growing taller and having sharper quills, he also has a head full of hair. His golden hair is long enough to nearly cover his right eye, but brushed to the side so to not hinder his sight. He is usually seen wearing a sky-blue hoodie over a red t-shirt and green shorts, white gloves in contrast to his older yellow ones, a pair of Thunder Elemental Rings to enhance his inferior electrokinesis, and cyan running shoes with black straps and gold buckles over black socks.


Zap is a curious and rather intelligent young boy. He can be a softy, and is quite the daydreamer. However, all of this is greatly overshadowed by his shyness. Shy, meek and timid, he rarely opens up to anybody. Unless it's one of his very close friends or one of his brothers, he most likely will not talk to them. Even if he does know them and trust them, it's hard for him to bring himself to say anything. Thus is why he has a hard time making friends. His kindness however is stronger than his shyness, as he'll show hospitality to those who need it or one's he trusts. He also sometimes tries to run off and do something heroic on his own, but often comes to realize how little he can do by himself.

Usually when he goes to help somebody with a small problem--such as giving someone a blanket when they're cold, he'll run off almost as soon as the deed is done.

By Season 4, Zap has mosty grown out of his social awkwardness. While he's still shy, meek, and a bit timid, it's not so great that he can't even talk to people anymore. He still feels uncomfortable talking with strangers, but he can (almost) regularly converse with people he knows.

Strengths and Powers

Zap's main good points are his writing and his cleverness. He is in charge of keeping track of the events that happen on the sailing trips he goes with his brothers-Even if it is a fishing trip, and he occasionally comes up with strange but clever ideas. He tries to keep his mind set to think of things that will come in handy.

Out of his brothers, Zap is the weakest, both physically and with lightning powers. However, With his clever thinking, he invented a few unique techniques with his powers other than the basic raw power attacks that his brothers generally use. He can shoot small balls of electricity at foes (He can also just create one and not throw it), electrify himself so that anyone who touches him will be harmed, create a shield made of electricity to protect himself, and absorb the electricity away from a machine to use it for himself.

In battle, Zap has to be a strategic fighter if he is ever to win a fight alone. He would need to try to outsmart the enemy and keep a safe distance away from them until he strikes. Otherwise, he will find himself in a bad situation. He can serve to be a great supporter though when fighting alongside someone else. Zap later obtained and equipped a couple of Elemental Rings in order to boost his power. He's still behind his brothers in that regard, but he's become more formiddable now.

General Info

Zap The Hedgehog4

Zap as a kid, drawn by SuperLightning (I think)

Zap currently lives by the docks in Green Flower City. When it's not summer, he usually goes sailing on the weekends or with special requests so that he doesn't have to worry about school. While sailing, he's in charge of keeping track of the events that take place, which encourages him to keep a notebook and pencil with him. He's taken the habbit of noting events that happen outside of his trips as well. And it's also gotten him to create his own diary. Aside from his interest in writing, He's also trying to learn how to cook. He's learned how to prepare a few breakfast dishes, such as hot cereals and omelettes.

Zap is one of the members in the club "Team Garnet". However, he lives the farthest away from the club's founder, Jessie, than anyone. Electric takes him to Crystal's house to play rather often, so he has a chance then to go with her to see Jessie.

Zap generally rides his bicycle to school. Not many people get in contact with him there unless they're all in the same room--most likely during class. It's because he usually does what he needs to do and then disappears somewhere to be out of the crowd. He'll usually hang out with Crystal during recess, if he's not alone doing something else.

Zap adopted a chao from the chao garden. A two toned shiny blue neutral swim chao, named Aqua. He's currently training the chao in writing, so that he can have a helper to keep notes.

Zap is allergic to chicken feathers. He can eat chicken, but only if it has been cleaned thoroughly before cooked.


Zap was probably the most original out of the four. He was the youngest, and so he was much smaller than everyone else. He was the only one who had a personality, and was used the most back in the day. Over the years, he changed very little. Only development and features to make him a bit more likeable. But the main problem was the fact that he got too much shine over his brothers, so the problem that needed fixing there was equalizing the amount they all get used.

Around the first year he was made, he was involved in an RP, and in it he had fallen in love with a little girl around his age. The relationship only really lasted that one RP and the start of another, but soon afterwards the person who owned the fancharacter disappeared, and then the forum where it all happened got a remake in which several people disappeared. There was no chance that they would return, and thus Zap became single again. There have been few attempts to get him into a relationship again, one even by bringing back the original girl but controlled by a different person. However, they didn't quite work out, and Zap still remains single.

There is a chance that he might pair up with Crystal, as it would be more likely that he'd fall for her than any other girl around. This has yet to be decided.

Back Story

Zap never found out what happened to his parents. He asked Electric before, but he just shook his head at him, wanting to wait for another time. Zap's parents had passed away in a house fire. Their house had burned down in a mysterious incident codenamed by the police: The F-12 incident. Zap and his brothers were the only survivors because their father took them out the house, then went back to get their mother-when the house collapsed on top of them. They then had to be taken in by the Black Rose Orphanage. They stayed there until Electric managed to get them into a house which an old man had just moved out of.

Later, Thunder had entered a sweepstakes game and won second prize. He got a lot of money, and ended up buying a ship. It was rather plain until they all pitched in to design it. Since his early days, Thunder had always wanted to be a sailor. With that money, he lived up to his dream.

Zap then got enrolled in middle school, and there he met his best friend, Crystal. He was later introduced to her best friend, Jessie, and then joined the club "Team Garnet".



Look Here for the Roleplay Series.

= RP has been completed.

? = RP has stopped for any number of reasons. Or has never began.

'☆'The Voyages of Thunder The Hedgehog: Zap was a main character of the story, as were the rest of his brothers. He was the one who pointed out Estrella's dilemma in the beginning.

Splice The Hedgehog (RP of the Fangame): Zap was to appear in the game, and therfor, will appear in the RP.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters


Thunder The Hedgehog

Thunder looks after Zap well. Not as closely as Electric does though. He takes care of him as he is the youngest by pretty far. Zap opens up to him-and is actually pretty talkative towards him.

Lightning The Hedgehog

Lightning is often the one to tease him about various things, and because of that Zap tries not to tell him anything personal. But other than that, they get along okay.

Electric The Hedgehog

Zap looks up to Electric not only as a big brother, but almost like a father. He's the one person he can tell anything to.


(FC's made by the same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Zap knows him, but rarely ever talks to him. He's seen his actions and trusts him, but he's still too shy to say much to him.

Pearl The Echidna 

She had teamed up with him in Camp Crystal, where they actually got to know eachother a bit more. It was still kind of odd, but they see eachother as okay friends.

Kyle The Hedgehog

Kyle is one of the few people Zap will open up to. Once he got to know him, Zap was actually rather talkative. The two are good friends.

Violet The Hedgehog

Zap has seen her around while visiting Crystal occasionally. He's too shy to approach her, though. He's even seen her sailing with them, and still never said anything.

Crystal The Fox

Crystal was his first and best friend. It took some time for him to open up to her, but after several times of showing kindness towards him, they became good friends. Because of her, he's found it easier to open up to other people, and generally feels a lot more confident in anything. She always tries to keep his confidence up with some encouraging words. He feels that he owes a lot to her, but doesn't know how to repay her, which leads to him trying to be protective of her in dangerous situations--whether he's competent or not.
He often goes to her house to play.

Jessie Garnet The Fox

She's one of the few people Zap opens up to. It took a while, but Crystal convinced him that she was a good person. He's one of the few members in her club, Team Garnet.

James Hunter The Fox

Being a part of Team Garnet, they consider eachother friends and comrades, though they don't interact much alone.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Zap doesn't know him well, and keeps his distance.

Shada The Hedgehog

Zap has had a few embarrassing run ins with her in the past. Now he's too shy to even show his face around her.

Lily The Hedgehog Zap's curiosity almost overpowers his shyness. He really wonders about what really goes on inside her head. But then again, he'd much rather not know.

Hyper The Hedgehog

Zap has seen him while he was on their ship once or twice. He can't help but feel that they have some things in common.

Estrella Marina The Hedgehog

Zap is still shy around her, but he's known her long enough to get some words out to her. He was actually the one who first tried to save her when they first met her, when she was about to be kidnapped. He doesn't show it much, but he really cares a lot about her.

Tab The Cat

Zap never said a word to her, and she doesn't pay much attention to him either.

Shade The Dark Chao

Zap likes chao, but he's very unsure how he feels about this one. He keeps his distance.


A scientific organization that was shut down after their experiments caused a world wide catastrophe, but are still active behind the scenes. Although Zap doesn't really show it, he really, REALLY wants to put a stop to them. So much that he'd be willing to do it himself if he could.

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