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Character and Art credit to: Chrismh
Zambi attacking

Inside that bone is a surprise~


Zambi is a hedgehog who raised by wolves. As such, she picked up many wolfish qualities. She is now a teenager, born on June 9th. And lives in the Mystic Ruins forest. Zambi is currently single and doesn't even think of relationships, nor has attraction to either gender. So most likely she is Asexual. She is also on neither side, so it most likely neutral.

Abilities and Attacks

  • She knows to fight with her hands and feet
  • Can make weapons, usually out of bone and material she finds
  • She has a strong bite
  • Dual Bone: Opening the bone she fights with, reveals two small daggers or a sword like object.
  • Bone Storm: Small bones rain down on the target
  • Back-up: Summons small creatures to assist her. Most likely the chao garden animals.


As mentioned above, Zambi is often crafting weapons or material. She requires small payments of only silver or gold pieces, or even just some cheap metal she can work with. As she was raised by the wolves, she grew up learning how to hunt and gather items or objects.


  • Easily throws a tantrum
  • Does not get technology
  • Defensive
  • Trust barely anyone.



Compare how I colored this one, to the one at the top...

A sassy, attitude filled girl. She's pretty wild and wont take No for a answer. If something she loves is at risk, Zambi will go and do what she must, no matter the consequences. However, this has led her to trusting a few bad people who only tried to harm the things she loved. Much like Knuckles trusting Robotnik. She puts her faith and valuables above all else and may often make mistakes because of it. She doesn't seem to be exactly brilliant... but she is great with item or weapon craft. She also talks in a childish manner. As in, a third person view. However, she can form full sentences and what not. Unlike most cave or wild people.


  • Exploring
  • Swinging on vines
  • swimming
  • hunting
  • biting things
  • Favorite foods: Meat, fruit juice


  • enviroment harm
  • plant eaters
  • wimpy people
  • technology in general
  • Hated foods: bitter things, certain forms of meat, water


Zambi is a metalic magenta colored hedgehog with slightly tanned, brown skin. Her right eye is bright yellow while the left is almost a neon orange color. Zambi's right ear is rather chewed up and she wears bone/tooth earrings. As well as a single hoop earing. She has very long hair, worn in a messy ponytail and held up with a small bone. Zambi is a single fang that often sticks out and her mouth is usually open. She wears a tied in the back tanktop and skirt, both dark purple with black markings on them. Dark purple armbands, seafoam and blue bead bracelets, a gold choker with a pearl, and anklets with a flower piece on them. Under her eyes are two small blue diamond tattoo's.


A hedgehog born in the forest in a tribe of hedgehogs and wolfs. Her mother was a white hedgehog named Bell, her father was a dark red wolf named Blaine. Because of this she is both species. But she happens to look more like a hedgehog then wolf. She was seperated from her parents sometime back, but has located them since with the help of Sonic and them.

She met Sonic and the group when they came to her village trying to locate something. Thinking they came to hurt her village she stopped them, but once she learned who Sonic was, she immediatly apologized for her mistake, soon becoming interested in helping. She tends to go visit everyone when they come to the mystic Ruins. But frightened of Tails' workshop there, she avoids it.


  • Apparently she makes her own outfits. She will often make random people some too.


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