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Born into the Nihlic Clan, Zakina's whole life has been focused around helping her cohorts and assisting their goals. A cavalier and scout for the Nihlic Clan, Zakina is an expert at spy work, which has introduced her to and sometimes made her long for something outside her clan, the beliefs of which don't exactly match her own. Nonetheless, the Nihlic Clan is her family and she doesn't have reason to believe that they're completely evil, so she'll do her best to assist them in their ends, whether or not she'd agree with their outcome.


Zakina is a fairly traditional-looking young Doberman whose body is covered with black fur (matching that of her pegasus mount), though her muzzle, belly and forelimbs are a somewhat orangish-brown in color. Zakina lacks pronounced hair on her head, preferring to keep her fur short to avoid cramping her fur or making her clothes unnecessarily bulky when flying. Her eyes are a bright, vivid yellow, standing out from her otherwise muted appearance.

In terms of clothes, Zakina constantly wears battle garb just in case, taking cues from Pianura and Nulla (the clan's leader and second-in-command, respectively). However, since Zakina needs to be light for spy work (unlike those two), Zakina makes a particular point of wearing extremely light and flexible armor (a trait picked up from her mother, Tahira). As such, Zakina wears a layered outfit consisting of a GUN-type black bodysuit as the base, a blackened steel breastplate over that, long black leather riding boots, and a pair of light gloves, with a hooded cloak over the whole thing. This cloak is detailed in silvery mottling that vaguely resembles the void mists, designed to camouflage Zakina while also allowing her to hide her bright eyes and less-camouflaged clothing from view.


Zakina is generally fairly bright and bubbly, happy to help the others in her clan and assist in duties. More often than not, however, a wistful look will come into her eyes when she's left alone, as she muses over a life she could have had but likely never will. This longing for something outside her bubble and a desire not to hurt others often contribute to her becoming unhappy if it appears that other clans are to be harmed. (She'll usually pull her hood over her eyes to mask this last emotion, however, as she knows that this expression of sorrow is likely socially unacceptable.) Zakina's passion for riding is the main thing that manages to get her to assist the others in more violent plans; focusing on her strong bond with her winged pegasus mount, Black Hawk (who she calls Blacky for short), Zakina can sometimes almost outweigh the images of bloodshed that she could picture occurring if her plans were to succeed.

An aspect of Zakina's personality that conflicts with this pacifistic approach is her intense desire not to let down her family (or, in this case, the Nihlic Clan). As a result, Zakina often yearns to be more willing to fight, considering her reluctance to do so to be a lack of courage. However, Zakina can never get herself to deploy such violence; if worst comes to worst and there's a choice of either severely injuring someone or saving one of the Nihlic Clan members, Zakina will likely be frozen in place with indecision and anxiety, unable to do anything due to her inability to decide on a course of action. Thus, the wistful or sad expressions that others may see in Zakina are not always due to a desire to leave or a desire not to fight, but rather a desire not to face the hard facts that she knows she'll need to face. Ultimately, this inner conflict is what keeps Zakina tied to the Nihlic Clan; since she can't decide what to do, she simply stays with what she knows, burying her conflicts with her one full, genuine desire: helping her Clan's members in the more mundane and peaceful ways of life.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Zakina has no magical or elemental powers, which may come as a surprise to some given her strong affiliation with an Elemental Clan. However, her skills in espionage are excellent, and her fighting skills are decent should she be caught in the act of spying on another. While she will most likely attempt retreat as fast as possible, her usage of a lance and her rapport with Black Hawk will likely allow her to stave off melee attacks and avoid long-range ones for long enough to get away. The obvious drawbacks of all this are that, should Zakina want to fight (which she rarely does), she can't fight very much except if accompanied by a more powerful presence, limiting her combat capabilities to simply being an assistant to her clan's powerful leader figures.


This character's sixstat code is 226311

  • Health: 2 – Despite her minimal protection, Zakina just can't take a lot of hits.
  • Damage: 2 – Her lance may be dangerous, but swinging it is not Zakina's forte.
  • Speed: 6 – When mounted on Blacky, Zakina can get around very fast. Her unmounted speed is fairly good as well.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Zakina's reflexes are about average. Nothing super special, good or bad, here.
  • Intelligence: 1 – Zakina's reasonably smart, but her battle plans are extremely limited. On her own, she'd have to ad-lib something, which would probably come out awful.
  • Regen: 1 – Zakina has poor regeneration from attacks, which is one of the many reasons why battle is so unwanted for her.


  • Black Hawk: Zakina's relationship with Blacky is stellar. At times, they act almost like one entity, working together with an extremely high level of precision. Zakina even talks to Black Hawk at times, regardless of whether or not she can understand the pegasus's vocalizations.
  • Tahira Dosu: Zakina's relationship with her mother isn't the best. Tahira's mysticism, coldness, and violence put her at odds with Zakina, leading the girl to seek guidance from elsewhere.
  • Pianura: Whether or not Pianura knows of her existence, Zakina certainly looks up to the Nihlic Clan leader as an embodiment of what Zakina herself would want to be if only she could be more "courageous" and be a better defender of her Clan.
  • Nulla: Rather like Zakina's feelings about Pianura, Zakina looks up to Nulla as a role model, but one of what Zakina's future could be if Zakina continued on her more upbeat trajectory.

Fun Facts

  • Zakina used to have a backstory where she ran away from the Nihlic Clan, taking her pegasus with her, but this was ditched in favor of her current predicament, which is far closer to what Flashfire made her. (I did use this scrapped backstory for another universe, though.)
  • Zakina tends to draw back her hood and hide her cloak when near Nulla, exposing the awkward expression that appears on Zakina's face from the desire not to be seen as a copycat (as Zakina's cloak was inspired by Nulla's prominent one).
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