This is The "Dreadful" Zak-Ryder from the Pursuit of Colona series, originally created by .:.TellZeal.:. on 4 Apr 2016, and adopted by XophPsycho on 20 Mar 2017.

Cquote1 Where did everything go, father? To an outside place that I can't even travel, or to the place that's right in front of me? With me, you have limited my capabilities to the greatest extent--to a point where I'm limitless. Cquote2
Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog to his father, Tytharo

The "Dreadful" Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog that has the ambition to control many lands, including his own. He currently has Rypheris, Naishias, Ana, and "small-country" Jaben. For a long time, Zak-Ryder has been gaining his respect from other countries around him through ultimate submission and the skills of executing efficient terrorism. Although he puts his best effort to prevent any physical harm and quarrels, he would do what he must to have his ambition fulfilled.

Concept and Creation

After the now departed genius huffed and puffed about what should be done to create an antagonist for Princess Penelope the Puppy, they got to work. At their educational institution, they failed to listen to their instructor of confusing history, and decided to draw a hedgehog contributed to the Sonic Fanon Wikia.

The strokes were so perfect; they moved with the natural rhythm of the hand as it led it to the stable marks of evil.

"Look at this masterpiece," the creator giggled in excitement. "His name's going to be Zack--no--Zak. And he's a hedgehog, one that's NOT Sonic or some simple recolor. I like Rider. Ryder. Zak-Ryder. Yes, indeed, this is the perfect name: 'Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog'."

After all, Zak-Ryder is all his first name, and does not have a surname. Congrats, creator--you just created another character that everyone else had.

But, the creator intended something else from Zak-Ryder, and that was originality. After all, he did look too similar to Sonic--but it's not a recolor or anything. So, the creator had to think deep...real deep down into the devotion of their dear time to anything. And then they were brain dead with a small coma of Detriment of Creativity (DOC, for short).

After a whole wearisome week of work, the creator had a great idea. Perhaps, Zak-Ryder was some sort of dictator that would try to take over the world, and does it slightly successfully, in exception to Colona? Or, maybe he would become some spoiled brat fed with money by his father, and then he--nope. The creator went with the first choice, a dictator that would never seem to achieve his full perfections because of Princess Penelope the Puppy.

Besides, it was indeed stirring to the creator that they would be able to mend the pieces of the other characters on the Wiki that they made.

Zak-Ryder's Sketch

A Sketch of 'Em



In the irony that Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog abhors the Colonaian government, he was yet born to his father Tytharo the Hedgehog and Verna the Hedgehog in Vob, a town on the outskirts of Colona. Born prematurely, Tytharo decided that Zak-Ryder, at the time, would be born with the name Yobane the Hedgehog. To him, the name meaning "wish" in the Colonaian language determined that his son would receive the best of wishes throughout his life.


Recognized as Yobane at the time, Zak-Ryder was raised to be of most obedient children in Vob. At quite a young age to walk around and communicate with city dwellers, Zak-Ryder did most by assisting with duties as a loyal servant. Amidst all of this, he was remunerated for his honorable deeds--those rewards being at the time of childhood toys and clothes.

One of the first toys that was given to him for assisting Yesr, an older female canine. It was a city original, and the people called it the "Poius", which meant "eerie" in the Colonaian language at the time. It was a small ball that was mostly clear, but had a stained glass texture and changed colors according to perspective. It was like a diamond jewel of the sort, but because it was made of cheap material, it was not embraced as valuable. It was deemed as a toy because it was able to bounce at high heights and impregnable, and it also distorted surroundings when looked into. The "Poius" to Zak-Ryder was the most valuable, because it was the first of rewards ever given to him. Beyond that, he held on to this precious gift for years to come--even to the present.

Being a young child of trustworthiness, an organization for the Colonaian society called "The Male Body of Vigor" recommended him as the "Secretary of Accommodation" for all of his work in Vob. Zak-Ryder, in the struggle of his parents mistrusting the Colonaian government and rejecting his entrance, decided to proceed with the entry. However, when he was accepted, he was not aware of the discrimination he would receive. The reason of his strange, unacceptable tolerance of eye structure and color, Zak-Ryder was persecuted in high places. His short height had all of the other males in the group deride his character at the time. Such a cliché.

His suffering in the position of "Secretary of Accommodation" allowed him to travel far places and assist those that were not a part of the Colonaian government. He learned of what the Colonaian government did at the time to people that did not adhere to laws, such as execution, as well as the forced labor that were put upon them. He, being a young Colonaian, was served superior to his befriended non-Colonaian counterparts.

As he had gained much friends doing his task, he also met with "love at first sight". This is when he first meets the beautiful Aira Ryder the Fox, a refugee from Naishias. Her luscious pink skin drove him to fight for her in sympathy that the Colonaians were attempting to destroy Naishias for the control of her clan: the Pweras.

Zak-Ryder, first ignorant to the world and persecution, became unbearable to face other people with respect due to continuous distrust, therefore cultivating his hate for the Colonaian government. After a good while, he looked into resigning from his honorable "Secretary of Accommodation" position in order to become a king over the other countries so that he could rescue them from the Colonaian hand.


The issues of society being exposed to Zak-Ryder's young mind had him considering circumstances to overthrow the Colonaian government. Propaganda from Wistlow concerning becoming a unifying army against Devoyva caused Zak-Ryder to obsess over annexation and other concerns with territorial politics. When Zak-Ryder was nearly fifteen of age, he decided to become independent--especially from his parents being concerned of his anti-Colonaian mindset. In deep affection for Aira the Fox, he marries her so that she would permanently flee her kingdom. His parents attempted to have Zak-Ryder surrounded by Colonaian peers, but such did not work out. To begin, Yobane for a name was no longer in his mindset. He wanted to be called "Zak", as it meant "power" in the Wistlow language. Then, he would travel around and destroy residences in Vob, and other cities around it. Not only this sparked revolution in other minds of youth in the city and outside, but it also induced national attention from the Colonaian Revolutionist Group, having more assistance to partake in the actions.

His parents, very concerned of the matter, tried to have Zak-Ryder to cease his actions at once. Tytharo threatened that if he did not stop, then he would have him killed by the government. Verna did nothing but cry to authorities about the actions that Zak-Ryder committed, placing more trouble on herself and her husband. At once, the Colonaian government determined by law that if a child were to commit a serious violation, then the parents would receive the punishment in that child's stead until they own for themselves (called Donbaiyschzer's Law). However, if the parents were deceased, then the child would be responsible for him or herself. Aware of this suffering that Zak-Ryder was placing on his parents, he had no other choice but to rid it.

So, for this, he deliberately planned to destroy the house that they lived in to express his underlying message--in thought his parents were in support of the Colonaians. Everything was set up to have all of such executed for his parents. However, before the plan could be done, the new Colonaian Council had his parents executed with similar destructive tactics to Zak-Ryder, on account of their deem involvement with "Exterior Influence".

Now, more than ever, Zak-Ryder felt that he lost control of his environment since this action--his parents being stolen from him. Already in contention of the Colonaian Council, this execution put his distrust at the greatest degree--with a growing abhorrence for his ethnicity and their actions. With this came the desire to flee the land, which he did, and started his own country with ex-Colonaian Revolutionists by annexing the country of Rypheris. This brought him to wife Queen Gullius the Snake. With combination factors of weak government and disorder to control, Zak-Ryder effectively carried out his plan of conquering two more countries: Smivilia (eventually lost to Devoyva the Conqueror) and Naishias.

At this point, Zak-Ryder was practically unstoppable.

Present (Adulthood)

In the present time, Zak-Ryder made it his mission to control and destroy any country that obstructs his purpose of overthrowing the Colonaian government--without aware of the Flock Council as well. Amidst this, he also annexes Ana and "small-country" Jaben. Ana was a struggle for him to retrieve, however it was done with enough resistance. As for "small-country" Jaben, his recent annexation, Zak-Ryder gained another female in his life: Unison the Bear as his third wife. So, the three wives in his home were "rescued" from Colona: Aira Ryder the Fox, Queen Gullius the Snake, and Queen Unision the Bear. In thought of all that Zak-Ryder acheived in his lifetime, he also continues the life struggle to annex the Colonaian government, firstly under King Defecit's ruling, then King Uwa Iwa, and now Princess Penelope the Puppy. Amidst his struggles is the communications with the Flock Council along with his wives fighting over him.

Such a pity.


Zak's Smile

Zak's Smile

Although Zak-Ryder's personalities in comparison to his childhood and his current state are dissimilar in much reasoning, there is correlation to what takes place in his mind. Zak-Ryder, resisting humility to higher authority in any place, still maintains his dignity through virtues of nobility and a controlled state of mind. Many people refer to him as the "Dreadful" because of his dread of methods to annex the country: bloodshed and terrorism. However, he does focus on his life values of perseverance when challenged, and grief when ailed--therefore repealing lunacy as a personality dysfunction. For the most part, he desires considerable reason to anyone that does anything associated with him, and him only. In this way also, he does not have the means to be misused by others, since the no-tolerance action was done to him a majority of his life already.

Zak-Ryder could be described as a professional "escape artist" in his actions, due to his risky chances to foresee the outcome. If the outcome is decent enough for his will, then he would proceed with it. If not, he would accomplish his intention elsewhere by escaping the dangerous fate. "By any means necessary" is his way, even if that meant the annihilation of an entire clan. With that being said, he can be called "merciless" and "unbearing" when it comes doen to having control other countries.

When challenged with affection, Zak-Ryder fails to express true physical intimacy with people, especially with his wives. However, the very instinct may come to him when recognized, and pushes a reason to rely upon for the action. Zak-Ryder recognizes other manners to communicate his affections: poems, stories, music, or promises. The latter manner is is best suit to his wives, since that they ask for much in his kingdom. Therefore, his promise to lend them what they ask is a form of affection and considerable motive to him.

Pressure from the environment is Zak-Ryder's enemy, and therefore expresses his emotions in response comes out strange most times. When opposed by his own people for certain actions, Zak-Ryder immediately becomes tense. When he is tense, he does not spare any choices and does what he deems right at the moment--sometimes realizing later that it was not a good choice. He does not use his full thought into action when angry, but does not express it physically. Most know that Zak-Ryder is angry when he makes a poor decision, especially against Princess Penelope.

Overall, Zak-Ryder has a stable personality as a ruler, although his merciless ways are not spared to the least or most of people, due to their involvement with their circumstances.

Powers and Abilities

For the most part, Zak-Ryder's ability is strong enough to pull many nations into their place, with the rare ability called "Turn Down" abilities, which controls people and their free will, turning them the opposite of what they truly believe. This "Turn Down" ability that Zak-Ryder uses is called "Turn Submission Down", which causes his targets to become weak to what they believe in, and cannot explain their self. This would result in total submission, which denies their own belief and accepts the one who offered the alternate answer.

Other than that, Zak-Ryder focuses on a Kung-fu type fighting, which relies more on kicking more than punching. He often puts his hands in his pockets when he is wearing pants, and fights with his feet only. At some times, he stands there and allows the persecution to harm him, so that he can simply hold it against the attacker later. For the most part, Zak-Ryder makes his move on those that assume a fighting role, with their hands in the air, or when there is a high measure of anger that fills the atmosphere to where he feels that the other person is about to attack. In simpler words, Zak-Ryder takes the ironic approach to avoid initiating fights, and then enters when he deems necessary.

In some cases, Zak-Ryder would be carrying the "Poius" that was given to him during childhood, yet the "Poius" would be engineered to perform greater functions. As it can absorb energies, Zak-Ryder would occasionally light it up in fire as a fire ball and throw it to his enemies, or he would also combine his "Turn Down" abilities with it. When he does, he would cause his opponents to believe the eerie illusion that manifested in the ball based on his "Turn Down" ability, and then deny reality for what it is. Therefore, this would put them in a weaker state to attack.



Tytharo the Hedgehog (Father) (deceased)

At the younger years in Zak-Ryder's life, there was peace between the hedgehog and his father. People determined the two similar in looks and actions to his father, after all--from the quills to their being. However, over time their motives in life failed to harmonize. Tytharo naming Zak-Ryder as "Yobane" at birth in order to convey best wishes for Zak-Ryder in his lifetime did not suit with the hedgehog. Yobane, after his successes in the "Secretary of Accommodation" position, wanted to further be called Zak. This made Tytharo very upset with him, noticing Zak's changing beliefs. Until Zak-Ryder motivated the Colonaian government to execute his parents, Tytharo did not show much disposition to Zak-Ryder. They remained decent to one another, sharing one another's criticism when applicable, especially when it came down to working with the local district. Zak-Ryder had enough of his father when Tytharo began to place limitations on him following attacks he induced in Vob. When his father was killed, Zak-Ryder grieved over him more than his mother because of the leading that he gave him when he was within his own mindset. Zak-Ryder often retorts Princess Penelope about the viles of the Colonaian Council on the basis of what they did to his parent--specifically his father.

Verna the Hedgehog (Mother) (deceased)

Verna the Hedgehog, a very honorable mother to Zak-Ryder, respected her by any means possible. At the beginning with his childhood tasks of assisting community members, his mother would be the one to travel around with him and give points on how to achieve his goals. Even though Zak-Ryder later denied the innocence of the Colonaian government, he still remained respectful to his mother. Verna, after all, was the parent that would hold him close when he would be harmed, and taught him independence when Zak-Ryder did not understand a concept. Zak-Ryder did grow tired of his mother, because she had her soft criticisms on how he looked compared to the other males in "The Male Body of Vigor". His mother had Zak-Ryder deem her as a traitor for reporting the revolutionary actions from him to the Colonaian Council. In spite of that, Zak-Ryder remained respectful with his mother, although sustained true honesty, all the way to her death.

Aira Ryder the Fox (first wife)

Aira Ryder, a refugee from the Colonaian force which took place in Naishias, met Zak-Ryder in Vob. When he first saw her lovely pink skin, he had no hesitation to confront her. After all, her beauty motivated him to fight for her in sympathy that the Colonaians were attempting to destroy Naishias for the control of her clan: the Pweras. He fell in love with her at first sight, and was determined to fight for her by any means necessary. Once they got married, Zak decided to hyphenate his name from Zak to Zak-Ryder, on the basis of Aira's clan name "Ryder". The relationship that they hold is rather ironic, however. As Zak-Ryder is now absent with a mother, Aira is somewhat his replacement to nurture him. Often, she would scold Zak-Ryder for committing actions that don't seem right as long as they decide. Zak-Ryder even asked of her to critisize his efforts to control Colona, as a self-inflicting harm of self-esteem to keep him humble. Aira would be the wife that could be called the loyal, and would do much to satisfy Zak-Ryder. In turn, Zak-Ryder would reward Aira for much of what she asks, most times it being a personal gift rather than mindset of materialistic greed.

Gullius the Snake "Lady" (second wife)

Once becoming the conqueror of Rypheris, the first land that Zak-Ryder annexed, Zak-Ryder ended up meeting Queen Gullius and marrying her. Previously married to King Erupth, Queen Gullius was experiencing pain from her country overthrowing them to be influenced under the Zak-Ryder Council. However, the sudden death of her husband lent her no choice but to marry the conqueror--Zak-Ryder--to relieve her dignity from being overthrown by the people (for she could not rule the country herself). To Zak-Ryder, "Lady" Gullius is the most beautiful of wives outside of Aira the Fox, because of her scaly nature and complacent voice. Gullius the "greedy" clings to Zak-Ryder as much as possible and asks of him the most strangest things--some of which is having heirs for their kingdom. Although Zak-Ryder rejects the latter from Lady Gullius, as any of his wives ask, he would do that action for them. As she is the greedy of the wives, she is also the most angry that Zak-Ryder shows more favor for Aira and thus starts quarrels between the three. In all situations, Lady Gullius does her deeds to serve her people alongside Zak-Ryder to achieve her means of gaining full control of her people.

Unison the Bear (third wife)

Coming from "Small Country" Jaben, Unison the Bear was married to Zak-Ryder as soon as Zak-Ryder and his Council overthrew her oligarchic government with destruction. Unison the Bear, possibly the heaviest in voice as well as the most heavyset among the three wives, had no means to marry Zak-Ryder out of love, but out of "dignity, honor, and courage"--whatever that meant to her. Possibly, she falsely married Zak-Ryder only to obtain the help of Colonaians later on. However, as she does not desire the Colonaian Council to overtake her throne, she does want to leave Zak-Ryder's influence of the people. Unison, to Zak-Ryder, seems as she is there for a purpose to be desired among the three wives as an actor. Then, to him, she would run from the kingdom of Zak-Ryder and flee the country. Although Zak-Ryder admires her strong voice and hard heart, he does not accept her as much as the other wives. Therefore, Unison gives him a hard time to accommodate all of them.


Wertony Craigents

Besides Zak-Ryder's wives being in his mansion located in Rypheris, Wertony Craigents is possibly Zak-Ryder's favorite person, because Craigents gets any assignment done in so little time. When Zak-Ryder first met him after Wertony married Princess Penelope's mother, Fellis, he immediately accepted him and granted his first assignment: spy on the Colonaian Council. Wertony was able to give as much information to Zak-Ryder as much as he asked, and Zak-Ryder was pleased with his completion. As they have mandatory duties to share, Zak-Ryder and Wertony also have their personal moments where they share their lives together and use it as a reason to achieve their means. They are considered to be decent friends, as well as partners in the way of revolution.

Royce Assiew

Next in line to Zak-Ryder's favorite of servants besides Wertony Craigents would be the handsome Royce Assiew. As Zak-Ryder recognizes that Royce Assiew is married to Penelope's sister, Solony, he also recognizes that the only way to control Colona is through a spy that resides as Colonaian princess' relatives. Most times, Zak-Ryder would have decent conversations with Royce as it pertains to the end goal of pursuing Colona. At some times, but not always, Zak-Ryder could be found arguing with Royce because of his occasional diplomatic offers to Princess Penelope that does not advocate his cause. However, overall, they are decent comrades to achieve their means.

Waya Tuwark

At first being a Flock Council advocate against the Colonaian Revolutionist Group, Waya Tuwark (Princess Penelope's oldest sister) was immediately drafted into the hands of Zak-Ryder for the reasoning of her strong duty of overthrowing the government. Often, Zak-Ryder connects to Waya of their stories of travel, and why the Colonaian Council should be annexed. To the both of them, the Colonaian Council is power-hungry, easy to destroy, and merciless against the smaller kingdoms and clans. However, when Waya is quarreling against the Ryder Council, it is mostly because of some imperfect actions that they partake with. Destruction is never Waya's intention of annexing countries, while Zak-Ryder differs.

Solony Assiew

Once Royce Assiew married to Solony Assiew, Zak-Ryder took an advantageous hold to their relationship to promote the annexation of the Colonaian Council. Compared to all of the servants that Zak-Ryder accomplices with, Solony is the one that he dislikes. Solony is an advocate for the Colonaian Council and her sister, Princess Penelope. The only times that she denies the Colonaian Council is under Zak-Ryder's threats of having her arrested for treason under his ruling. Zak-Ryder does secretly admire her beauty in his kingdom, and pleads to her to remain with him for long conversations to look into her sight much more. However, even this beauty does convince Zak-Ryder that Solony could be his secret enemy to betray him and his kingdoms later on in time.

Burdose Iince

Initially, the Flock Council was Zak-Ryder's reason of overtaking the Colonaian country. However, when Zak-Ryder met Burdose Iince, that very reason changed. To Zak-Ryder, Burdose Iince is only out for one purpose--to destroy Princess Penelope and her only. Zak-Ryder believes in reaching at the root of issues, which is, to him, the Colonaian government itself--not just Princess Penelope. However, as a spy for Zak-Ryder, Burdose Iince abuses his position as the Flock Council Leader and spy by making diplomatic accommodations with Princess Penelope without Zak-Ryder's consent. Therefore, there are new offers against Zak-Ryder and his kingdoms. The very reason why Zak-Ryder did not dismiss Iince from his spy mission is because the rest of the Flock Council is in favor with Zak-Ryder, and therefore does not want to ruin his chance of ultimate control.


Princess Penelope the Puppy

Meeting Princess Penelope for Zak-Ryder the first time was enough for him. As she rebelled against her main government in support of the Flock Council with no choice, Zak-Ryder watched her actions closely and found that if not taken into consideration, Penelope's power would ravel out of control. So, in that case, as soon as she was crowned, he made measure to annex her country. Many claim that Zak-Ryder recruited her as a spy for the Ryder Council so that she would transform the government according to Zak-Ryder's will. However, Zak-Ryder openly denies that a semi-controlled anarchy cannot be the way for government ruling. With this, they have many quarrels with each other, having to deal with one another and attempt to take over each other. Princess Penelope warns Zak-Ryder many times, as Zak-Ryder sends the Flock Council to Colona repetitively for destruction in order to have them surrender.

Prince Rova-Lawka

Prince Rova-Lawka is an advocate of the Colonaian Council, and thus is not favorable to Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog. Zak-Ryder has repetitively sent letters to Prince Rova-Lawka concerning the matter, and pursues to him that he is indeed the one that must not obstruct his will. Often, alongside Princess Penelope, Prince Rova-Lawka would find the means to physically confront Zak-Ryder and have him contained. On many occasions, Zak-Ryder and Prince Rova-Lawka would share insults to one another about the ruling of eachother's countries, and then end with an insightful stalemate. Over the matter, Zak-Ryder puts his best effort to rid all of the situations that Prince Rova-Lawka gets involved with, especially when it has to concern the Flock Council.

Devoyva the Conqueror

Devoyva the Conqueror has many ties attatched to the nation of Colona, meaning that Zak-Ryder is nowhere in the advocation of it all. However, in some occasions, Zak-Ryder assists Devoyva amidst controversy of the democracy that he offered on contrast to the monarchical anarchy that Penelope suggests. Zak-Ryder admires Devoyva for his strong attributes and fearless, doubtless mindset against other nations--including Colona. As Devoyva is the current king over Wistlow, the country that lulled Zak-Ryder to Colonaian resistance, Zak-Ryder commonly expresses his admiration to Devoyva's ruling and stature for his countries. However, the main event that put Devoyva and Zak-Ryder at odds was the war over Smivilia. Smivilia was once a part of Zak-Ryder's possessions, but with the help of the Colonaians, Devoyva snatched it from Zak-Ryder. Despite this, they are still on decent terms with the dark mark of Smivilia in his sight.

King Spair the Cat

Zak-Ryder distances himself from the influence of King Spair the Cat, who advocates the aristocratic system of the wealthy. Not only does King Spair associate himself to Princess Penelope, but he also supports the "Wealthy Plan of Tellyeis" that orders monetary circulation to be cut off from any other country besides Colona--hurting the economy of Zak-Ryder's countries. Therefore, Zak-Ryder does not have good pointers on King Spair the Cat, and desires to overthrow his empire of Tellyeis.

Other People

Opia Cilia the Colonaian Seedrian

When it comes down to asking of favors for Zak-Ryder to be complete, the seductive Opia Cilia would be the one on his side. Deep in thought, Opia has a way of luring her opponents such as Zak-Ryder to write propagandist stories to desolate the Colonaian kingdom. The Colonaian Royal Post is not just any newspaper line; it is the criticism of the country in advocacy to Discordian concepts against both Colona and lands under Zak-Ryder's influence. Zak-Ryder often uses Opia Cilia as the mouthpiece to overthrow the Colonaian government and pull the people into a belief of freedom and prosperity. However, the two remain on subtle terms of arrogance, for the both of them have a common enemy--Princess Penelope and the Colonaian Council.

Character Theme Song

"Fighting Darkness" (Done by some Dude uploaded on YouTube. Studio to create music is on Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS).)


  • Zak-Ryder the Hedgehog was originally going to be named "Zakky" because he is "zig-zaggy".


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