Zain is a 21 year old russian wolf, who is currently working as a treasure hunter. He used to be an G.U.N. argent and a Sparktion spy since he quitted after betraying one of his closet friends, Dark The Hedgehog to end up losing his friendship with him. He has a russian accent and is very adventurous.


He is a skinny and slightly muscular with him being at average height. His fur is primarily red-brown with a dark brown muzzle, a small triangular nose, big medium-sized pointy ears and a short curl up fluffy and straight tail. His eyes are blue and he has two scars, one on his back that is on the front of his left leg and the other is over his right eyes with it in the middle.

When he worked for Sparktion, he wore a black t-shirt with short sleeves, lilac leather jacket with mechanics and Sparktion's symbol on the back of it, black pants with swirl designs of lilac, black socks, black boots, and silver wrist blades on his wrists.

When he worked for G.U.N. undercover as a Sparktion's spy to get close to Dark and bring him to Sparktion to be used as a weapon and an ally, he wore a dark blue long sleeve shirt, a brown vest over it, a dark brown cowboy hat on his head, blue pants (ripped a bit), and dark brown cowboy boots.

Currently, Zain is a treasure hunter and, so he wears a black short sleeve shirt with a red jacket underneath it with it having tools and weapons in it and he also wears blue pants and black sneakers with a sword and grapping hook on his sides.


Zain is a very courageous, fun loving, serious when he wants to be, wild, loyal, secretive, honest, strong willed, reliable, clever, caring, rough around the edges, and confident, but he can very stubborn, clueless (at times), cocky, too emotional, impulsive, act before thinking, gullible (sometimes) and overconfident. He always do what have to be done, but he will regret it later on especially when he betrayed Dark with an ambush of Sparktion soldiers around them and he learned his lesson to not betray someone's trust with it coming back at him when Dark almost beat him up to the point of death and that day he learn that their friendship was over and destroyed.

He has a strong sense of justice and he can connect with others easily as he did with Dark even though it took almost a year to connect with him as well as let him know that he can trust him. He can very manipulative with his words and is a good liar with able to change his voice to pull it off and he likes to cause trouble as well as be mischievous.

When it comes to his enemies, he will be mocking or insulting them to get them triggered and not think straight to get caught in his traps. He usually be very stealthy, fast and quick in attacks and sneaky attacks, and he can provide heavily attacks when either using his sword or grapping hook depending on his plan of action, but when it comes to Dark, he holds back when fighting against him and feeling like his past with him is haunting him.

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