Clash of Mythics


"That damn night again... that's the third time this month."
—upon waking up from his ominous dream
"Finally, something that actually sounds like fun! ...guess it's time I got myself a new harvest."
—finding himself excited upon hearing the announcement regarding Burst's bounty
"On the plus side, having all of these poor bastards go after me only means more souls for me to consume ...and more souls means the chances of me going on a rampage are heavily lessened, if only for a while..."
—commenting on how convenient being attacked is for himself
"Don't go thinking I'm starting to soften up after all this time or that I'm doing this world a favor. I still hate it as much as I did back then... just happens that the world getting wrecked means that my business gets wrecked. That's all."
—Zagan clarifying that he is only making sure Burst is dealt purely for himself

Regular Matches

"Hmph. It's go time."
—when selected
"Move or you won't live to regret it."
—before starting a match
"(...) If you've got a death wish, then you've come to the right place."
—before starting a match against Raiden
"Outta my way, Wylde. I've got bigger shit to worry about. (...)"
—before starting a match against Dustin
"Hmph. Too easy."
—winning a match
"Not bad. Guess I'll let you live a bit longer."
—winning a match against Raiden
"You never shut up, do you?"
—winning a match against Dustin
"Damn, I got careless..."
—losing a match


"Not even worth wasting my time on."
—getting an S-Rank
"Were you even trying, buddy?"
—getting an A-Rank
"Heh. Just like that."
—getting a B-Rank
"Tch. Guess this'll do."
—getting a C-Rank
"The hell!? Ugh..."
—getting a D-Rank
—getting an E-Rank

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