Cquote1 Alright, kid. If you wanna die that badly, then I'll send your sorry ass straight home! Cquote2
Zagan to Raiden upon using Mythic Enchant for the first time in a long while, Clash of Mythics: Genesis

Mythic Enchant is a powerful ability utilized by Zagan the Gravebringer. When activated, Zagan unleashes a fraction of his latent power and temporarily becomes an even more dangerous force to be reckoned with for its entire duration.


While using Mythic Enchant, Zagan still retains his general appearance. However, he is now surrounded in a fiery-red aura around his person while tiny black ashes flow around that aura and his eyes also change from their usual shade of orange to a more-striking gold coloration.

In addition, his sword now sports a flashing red glow and a bright shade of orange can now be seen on the sword’s cracks, signifying the massive boost in power he receives upon activation of the transformation. Zagan also sports what seems to be a series of orange-and-black silhouettes that follow his actions very closely, though they do not seem to serve any purpose other than to further intimidate his foes.


Lightning Strikes

The first time he has been seen using the Mythic Enchant on-screen was during his fateful encounter with Raiden near the top of Hollow Mountain at the Grim Whisper Highlands. After finding that the young lion is not only more than capable of keeping up with him at his current state, but can also utilize the Mythic Enchant ability himself, he decides to level the playing field and use the ability for what he figures was the first time in ages.

Throughout the heated and violent duel between the two swordsmen, Zagan found himself actually having fun for once, giving Raiden his well-earned respect in the process - even if the white-garbed assassin was after his head. However, their duel is interrupted by a nearby explosion - no doubt caused by Burst, whom Zagan was after earlier - and forces the Gravebringer out of the transformation, as well as his brief trance, and continue his mission, with Raiden following close behind.


The most prominent ability the transformation provides is a massive boost in overall strength, making Zagan’s attacks all the more deadlier. Zagan’s life-draining ability is also greatly enhanced, allowing him to stay alive in a fight for much longer, as long as he can maintain the offensive. Speaking of maintaining the offensive, Zagan also becomes a little faster, allowing him to cover distance relatively more quickly and strike with greater force and at greater speed.

However, like such abilities of its nature, Zagan can only maintain the transformation for so long and may be forced out of the transformation if he begins to run low on energy. In addition, while can better shrug off powerful blows from enemies while in this state, he is still very far from being invincible and, should he get careless, will more than likely get wrecked by the opposition.


  • Naturally, since Zagan has traits similar to Ragna the Bloodedge, his Mythic Enchant bears similarities to and is based on the latter’s Azure Grimoire, its nickname being the name the BlazBlue series is named after, especially in regards to the enhanced lifesteal effect.
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