Zagan's moveset is primarily geared towards a powerful offense with moves that are fairly quick and can deal a significant amount of damage. Meanwhile, he is fairly well-rounded and has a decent neutral game as well since he does sport most of the basic tools needed in a fight, with a lack of range being his primary weakness. Naturally, Zagan is a simple character to pick up and play, albeit one who can prove to be one of the most dangerous fighters in the roster when played right, especially given the nature of his Style Action basically being a lifesteal ability.

Despite his incredible power, the Gravebringer does have some blatant weaknesses that smart opponents can utterly break through with ease. For one, Zagan's defenses are fairly lacking, having what few defensive options he does have be rather unsafe, especially on whiff. He also sports below-average max health, making him slightly more frail than one would expect of a well-rounded fighter - even with his Style Action's otherwise-useful effect, and is quite reliant on his Action Gauge to let out his most dangerous setups.

Damage Defense Mobility Footsies Rushdown Zoning Difficulty


Reaper's Edge - Exchange button

  • Zagan's Style Action. He unleashes a sword strike imbued in flame. If it hits, whether blocked or not, the flames give a small amount of his health back.

Havoc Blaze - AS QCF + Attack light > Attack button

  • Zagan dashes forward and strikes with a swift sword swing and can follow up with an uppercut that launches forth a wave of fire, stealing some of his opponent's vitality should it hit.

Vulcan FuryArcade Modifier (Air) AS QCF + Attack medium > Attack button

  • Zagan launches himself forward with a hard-hitting knee strike and can follow up with a forward flip kick coated in flame, healing a small amount of his vitality if it lands.

Dreadnaught - AS QCF + Attack h

  • An EX Move where Zagan rushes forward and performs a fire-coated strike with his fist, knocking the opponent away and regaining a sliver of his vitality.

Savage Roar - AS QCF + Exchange button

  • Zagan fires off a crawling wave of fire that covers a small distance by swinging his sword upwards.

Nightmare Razor - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS S + Attack light / Attack medium

  • Attack light Version - Zagan performs a rising slash, lifting himself and the opponent into the air.
  • Attack medium Version - Zagan launches himself and his opponent high into the air with fiery rising slash, recovering some health if it hits.

Nightmare Devour - AS S + Attack h

  • An EX Move where Zagan slides forward while wreathed in fire before finishing it with a rising slash, recovering a sliver of health with every hit. The hit count can be increased by rapidly mashing the button.

Riot Buster - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS QCB + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Zagan leaps forward with his foot out, stomping on the opponent’s head before leaping back. In midair, Zagan performs a hard-hitting divekick.
  • Attack medium Version - Zagan leaps forward, landing multiple blows with a fire-coated foot, regaining health per hit. In midair, Zagan fires off a flaming divekick that leaves behind a wave of fire that covers a small distance and steals a small amount of health on hit.
  • Attack h Version - Zagan zips forward with a horizontal flying kick covered in flame, emitting a powerful explosion that knocks the opponent away and steals a good amount of health upon impact. In midair, Zagan performs a divekick that fires off a knockback-inducing explosion, also stealing health on impact.

"Who said I'm done!?" - [enemy down] Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Zagan stomps on his knocked-down opponent with great force.
  • Attack medium Version - Zagan lifts the opponent back up before striking them in their gut with a forward kick, knocking them back a short distance.
  • Attack h Version - Zagan stomps on his downed opponent a few times before lifting them up and kicking them away.

Armageddon - AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Zagan starts off by uppercutting the opponent with a flame-coated fist and, with a powerful swing with his sword, fires off a massive wave of hellfire, blasts his foe back a good distance while dealing heavy damage and regaining health on the final hit.

Hand of Punishment - AS QCB + Attack hExchange button

  • A Decisive Action where Zagan wreaths his hand in hellfire before grabbing the opponent. Should he land the grab, he lifts them up into air and proceeds to manually devour their life force, refilling his own vitality all the while. He then finishes by closing his hand, creating a burst of flame as the opponent falls into the ground.

Reaper's Baptism - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Zagan temporarily grants himself a boost in speed and power, on top of having the lifesteal effect of his Style Action enhanced.

Gravebringer's Harvest - AS QCF + Attack hExchange button

  • Zagan's Decisive Climax, where he rushes in and chops the opponent with his sword. Should he land it, he then follows up by coating the blade with fire and unleashing a second sword strike shrouded in flames, dealing massive damage and regaining a fairly large amount of health.

Hellfire Oblivion - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack hExchange button

  • Zagan's Shutdown finisher. He starts up by performing a fire-coated punch on the opponent. Should that connect, he then unleashes a savage onslaught of attacks, both with his own limbs and his sword, before ending it with a brutal strike with his sword that incinerates his opponent.

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