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This is an article about Zagan the Gravebringer, a character created by CrimsonFlame2K on 03/14/2015
Cquote1.png I'll kill you if you don't back off in the next two seconds, kid. I've got shit to do. Cquote2.png
Zagan during his first encounter with Raiden, Clash of Mythics: Genesis

Killing's his business, and business for Zagan the Gravebringer couldn't be better. He is the main protagonist of the Clash of Mythics series. In his debut appearance, Clash of Mythics: Genesis, he initially sets off to hunt down a woman named Burst, an escaped test subject from a mysterious group known as the Genesis Corporation. However, circumstances would soon prove that he'd get more than he expected...


Zagan assumes the appearance of a Mobian wolf standing at five feet, eight inches and sports an impressively-muscular build. Much of his body is covered in bright red fur while his muzzle, chest, and inner ears have greyish-white fur. His ears also take on an outward curved shape, making it seem suspiciously similar to tiny demon horns, and the irises on his eyes bear a striking shade of gold that glow brighter when feeling particularly extreme emotions.

He also sports a hairdo that is quite messy, black in coloration with a slight tint of red, and is held up by a crimson headband that covers his forehead. In addition, he dons a ponytail that goes down to his legs at the back of his head, indicating that his hair is incredibly long, and a black long nose as well as four small tufts of greyish-white fur can be respectively seen at center and each side of his muzzle.

Zagan's outfit consists of a grey skin-tight tank top with the upper half covered by a black open long-sleeved jacket with crimson cuffs, inner linings, and trim as well as a black cloth sporting the same red trim that reaches his knees and a pair of grey straight-cut jeans, the latter two of which are held up by a brown belt with a silver horned skull as its buckle with his sword hanging on its back in a seemingly-lazy manner. He also sports a pair of black fingerless gloves with two strips covered in metallic studs on their backs and red shoes with black accents and light grey outsoles. 


Simply put, Zagan is not what you would call a friendly or heroic individual. For starters, he isn't known for being a sociable person and is quite blunt and aggressive, in addition to being incredibly vulgar with his language much of the time. This is accompanied with an ironically-cold and cynical demeanor for much of his debut appearance in the series, as he also initially appears to be quite selfish and uncaring of others, merely focusing on getting any job that pays well and having enough money to pay the bills.

This is evident in how he decided to hunt down Burst, the recently-escaped test subject from one of the facilities owned by the Genesis Corporation, with initially little to no concern about the circumstances involved. However, his eventual team up with Streak, another operative from the Genesis Corporation, does show that - even if he doesn't necessarily enjoy it - he isn't quite above letting others lend a hand, primarily when the situation calls for it.

Meanwhile, Zagan is also rather impatient and is quick to confrontation if whatever or whoever is before him happens to be in his way and/or annoy him, regardless of whether they happen to be an ally, or an enemy, or some random bystander. He's also not fond of being faced with needless interruption, especially when on a mission or hunt of his own, as evidenced by his demeanor towards Dustin - the closest person he has to a friend early in the series - when they crossed paths during the events of Genesis.

Despite all of this, in the event that he recognizes when a situation has become quite dangerous or - at the very least - is about to, he will stop at nearly nothing to put a stop to it before it can get any worse. However, this is likely only because letting it be would most likely interfere with his mercenary business, which he prioritizes above all else. Ergo, he doesn't care if his actions end up saving the world in the process or actually helping more sinister parties further their agenda if his business remains unaffected.

History and Appearances

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Fan Games


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Powers and Abilities

Zagan possesses the power to generate and take control of the destructive power of fire, which he makes good use of in terms of raw offense. His primary and most-preferred method of using this power is through unleashing a variety of devastating strikes on the enemy, most of which involve wild punches and a bunch of seemingly-unpolished sword swings.

Some of his techniques include - but are not limited to - the Havoc Blaze, a lunging attack where he swings his sword at the opponent before following it up with a fiery uppercut, the Nightmare Razor, a powerful rising slash that may or may not be coated in fire, and the Vulcan Fury, an attack where he leaps into the air with an overhead sword swing and can follow it up with a second fire-coated strike. Meanwhile, he does possess a projectile move, the Savage Roar, though it is notably slower than most projectiles and has a fairly short range, making it usually unreliable as an actual tool for fighting from a distance.

Meanwhile, being a member of the Vampyrus species of Mythics grants him most of the strengths that actual vampires of legend are said to possess, while retaining only some of their supposed weaknesses. These include an overall-superhuman physical condition, night vision, decelerated aging, and the ability to transform into common creatures, including his default Mobian wolf form. That said, it should be noted that how much of his full power Zagan can actually use is lessened during daytime, and as such is a more dangerous foe to encounter at night.

A notable technique of Zagan's, known as the Reaper's Edge, is a sword strike that makes use of a unique property that flames generated by a Vampyrus are known to possess - that property being the ability to absorb the life force of almost anything it touches. By striking a foe with an attack using his life-draining flames, whether it be the aforementioned technique or not, Zagan can recover his own vitality by a small amount, allowing him to stay in the fight for just a little longer. While Zagan is plenty capable of using life-force absorption normally, he prefers to do it this way since it is more practical in the middle of a battle.

In addition, while it appears rather rough and unpolished, Zagan's proficiency with the sword is not to be trifled with and, while having a preference for larger swords, is perfectly comfortable with almost any weapon that most people could consider to be simple enough to wield - spears, axes, hammers, etc. Combined with his already-powerful pyrokinesis and vampiric powers, Zagan makes for a powerful force of nature in the battlefield that only becomes an even larger threat if he damn well pleases.


  • Tooth of Greed - Zagan's weapon of choice, which was supposedly forged from the tooth of an actual creature he himself had fought and taken down a long time ago. While it may be a weapon that's rough around the edges, both figuratively and literally, it seems to serve Zagan well in his battles.


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  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 9 - Zagan can deal powerful blows on whoever he is fighting against, whether it be his signature blade or his own two fists and feet. Needless to say, you don't want to be on the receiving end of his strikes.

Defense: 7 - Zagan's physical durability is certainly impressive, as he is able to take blows that would knock lesser men down with only some difficulty. Being an offense-oriented fighter, however, means that he can be taken down in the event he gets careless.

Speed: 7 - Zagan is no slouch when it comes to covering distance, and a good number of his attacks come out fairly quickly too.

Magic: 8 - Zagan knows how to make good use of his pyrokinesis and other vampiric powers, both in and out of battle.

Evasion: 6 - Zagan is also capable of dodging some blows, but his reliance on aggression can make him rather careless and get himself hurt.

Intelligence: 6 - Don't let his rough exterior fool you, Zagan possesses a decent intellect that he is more than capable of making good use of in many of his mercenary jobs and can easily recall any piece of information he's actively tried to absorb. That said, when it comes to a one-on-one fight, he vastly prefers keeping things simple and straightforward.

Skills: 8 - Being a formidable fighter means that Zagan is definitely skilled in using his blade and powers in battle. Not to mention, Zagan also seems to be quite adept at his job as a mercenary. Then again, he has been noted to be quite half-assed in his fighting most of the time.

Accuracy: 7 - While wild and rough, most of Zagan's attacks usually seem to make their mark.

Stamina: 8 - Zagan's biology as a Mythic means he has more stamina and endurance than others, and his life-steal ability can allow him to fight for a slightly longer time.

Tolerance: 8 - Thanks to his durability, Zagan has heightened tolerance for pain despite his over-reliance on offense. Perhaps that's why he tends to be reckless.

Overall: 74%


Being primarily a close-ranged fighter, projectiles and ranged attacks in general can sometimes prove to be a problem for him, especially if he can't block or dodge them. His direct approach can sometimes lead him to some very dire situations, though he manages to get out of most of them. In addition, his over-reliance on raw offense means that he is actually not too tough to beat once what little he has for defenses are broken, in spite of his incredible durability.

Meanwhile, from an objective standpoint, having to fight during the daytime can be a slight disadvantage for Zagan, as a great deal of his full power is locked away during that period of day. However, Zagan wouldn't have it any other way, given his dislike for having to go all out during his fights, so he himself isn't entirely bothered by it.

Aside from all that, it should be noted that for how powerful he is, Zagan is actually rather lazy in majority of his fighting to the point that he actively half-asses his strikes. However, this is only because he needed the most sure-fire way to keep his more-volatile instincts - which in themselves are another problem Zagan has - at bay. Regardless, his half-assed manner of fighting has led him to be rather careless and has caused him to lose to some opponents he wouldn't have lost to had he actually tried.


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Theme Songs

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  • Uses a weapon with a blunt edge? Wields fire? Fights with a rough and unpolished fighting style? Tell me Zagan isn't Sol Badguy turned into a Mobian and I will fry you.
    • On that note, Zagan has traits similar to Ragna the Bloodedge from the BlazBlue series, even sharing his voice actor, Patrick Seitz.
      • And then I realized that Patrick Seitz also voice Scorpion, a fellow fire manipulator, from Mortal Kombat.
      • More recently, Seitz also provided the English voice of Endeavor, a Pro Hero with the power to generate and control fire from My Hero Academia.
    • In addition, Zagan's outfit is primarily based on Sol's in most of his appearances in the Guilty Gear series, particularly his appearance in the story mode of Xrd -SIGN-, with some elements of his getup as a member of the Holy Order - primarily the cloth worn around his waist - thrown in.
      • The general color scheme, however, is based on the outfit worn by Dante in DmC: Devil May Cry.
  • Meanwhile, it should be noted that the visual design of Zagan's weapon is primarily based on the Junkyard Dog MK.I, the weapon that Sol used for most of the Crusades (no, not the actual Crusades that happened in real life), a key event in the Guilty Gear series that took place long before the first game of said series.
    • The wraps of cloth seen wrapped around the sword were taken from the ever-iconic Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII, particularly its appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series.
    • Also worth noting is that the name of the weapon is taken straight from a particular in-game item that once bore the same name but has long since been redesigned and renamed from the mobile MOBA game, Mobile Legends.
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