Zac the hedgehog

Biographical Information


Romantic Interestsjane the hedgehog
Physical Description
  • Fur: green with some stange glowing blue runic markings
  • Eyes: yellow
  • Hair: same as hair
  • blue jeans made from denim
  • shoes replicates of sonics made from carbo-polyester
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • scout for freedom figters
  • bounty hunter
  • flaming whip
  • Throwing Knives
  • mega-burn xr bio-force arm-mounted cannon
  • super strengh (from stength enhancers)
  • Skill with throwing knives
  • space jump
  • shoking screw
  • shock-spin
  • Near-photographic memory
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)the weekend whip (the fold)

the animal i have become (3 days grace)

Appearances zac: the hidden power
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Zac the hegdehog is a hedgehog scout class warrior from the planet tarinius, sister planet to mobius


he is known for having the same shoes as the blue blur, but are made from diffirent materials, he has his hair in spike, to make himself look less like sonic, he also wears a pair of trousers


like sonic, he has a short attention span, but he is more calmer than sonic, but will be very angry when he is annoyed (usually by sonic himself).

Strengths and Powers

unlike sonic, he is slower, only being faster than silver in a race, but makes up or it in power, he has control ovr many diffirent abilities, aiding him in his quest, he knows pyrokiniesis, but only little, but has arcane power, bestowed on him from his parents, also, he can create a elemental tornado, but, due to being born via arcane, he can only die by natrual causes

General Info

when he isn't fighting eggman, he usually falls asleep or starts tinkering with some items, he is a very smart mechanic and has created many expansions to some of tails's inventions, or made his own inventions, for example, liz, a self thinking program core that mimic's amy rose's image, but with diffirent colors and hair

Items Currently In Possession

liz( current version: 3.0)

time rift scaner : a device capable of researching the time rifts of moebius/mobius


his father was raised in the way of the arcane, before zac was born, when he was born, he beared the marks of the arcane, notifying that he was the chosen one, the saviour of the arcane, at the age of 5, he knew all of his fathers abilities, at that time, tarinius was at war with another planet, sr388, before sr388 could destroy tarinius, zac's farther contacted the actient chozo beings, sending zac to the planet mobius before tarinius was destroyed, he was then raised by a family of echidnas, before, again, his new parents were killed by a new threat, a being known as chaos killed his parents when he was 8, but, in an effort, he tried to fight back, he curled into a ball and bounced, suddenly, sparks appeared surronding him, chaos left the young zac alone, from that day one, zac still seeks revenge on sr388 and it's inhabitent's, the metroids, he evuentally found a new home, an abandoned dojo, but it wasn't so abandoned, an actient master of ninjitzu and spinjitzu, sensei jang, he taught zac every single fighting technique, when zac learned every, he left the dojo for knothole forest, were he found the freedom fighters .

Other Appearances

he appeares in a number of spoofs and videos, these include:

zac vs the metroids

zac: wrath of the x

zac: power of sprit

arcane: rise of freedom

rise of freedom*

rise of freedom legends

metroid: power of 2

  • coming soon

Relationships with Other Characters

amy rose (girlfreind for 5 days)

janet the hedgeog (wife)


katholis the chozo-hog (father)*

reenia the hedgehog (mother)*

carlos the echidna( adopted father)*

jane the ehcidna (adopted mother)*

sensei jang (second adopted father/teacher)


sonic the hedgehog (allie)

"tails" prower miles "tails" prower (student)

aran samus aran (sister in arms)

the echidna knuckles the echidna (freind/cousin)

the hedgehog shadow the hedgehog (partners)

nazo the hedgehog (chozo warriors)

the hedgehog shadvic the hedgehog


dr. eggman

metal sonic

meta sonic

meta zac

zarcus (anti-zac)

ridley (enemie then brief allie)


gyro the hedgehog (rival)

shadvic the hedgehog (enemie made allie)

Fun Facts

even though being allies, samus hates working with him

in 2 comics, he actually shows his chozo form

even though being created by him, liz says that zac is "incopitant lifeform" when he fails



they see me posing, there hatin

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