Biographical Information

Subject 616

Romantic InterestsNone
Physical Description
  • 3 ft. 11 in
  • 90 Ibs.
  • Eyes: Crimson
  • Scales: Light Grey
  • Full Head Visor
  • Dark metal Armguards
  • Dark metal Shinguards
  • Utility Belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Tail
  • Tail spikes
  • Claws
  • Cloaking
  • Energy Shield
  • Spike Shooting
  • Wall Crawling
  • Prehensile Tail
  • Extendable Tail
  • Enhanced Condition
  • Technical Aptitude
Super FormsNone
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator



Zaahir is an extraterrestrial bounty hunter who crash landed on mobius due to his ship being sabotaged.



Zaahir is, for the most part, less than talkative, he would much prefer to keep to himself and keep his head down rather than strike up a conversation, this is mostly due to his profession as a bounty hunter in which he tends to make alot of enemies and very few allies.  Unlike most people who fight, Zaahir rarely ever speaks during combat, he prefers to focus on the fight and end it quickly rather than trash talk and intimidate his opponent, he has captured countless targets who thought it would be a good idea to use their "you can never defeat me" speech during or even before a fight.

Since coming to Mobius, Zaahir has become fond of chocolate and icecream saying they "Taste just so damn good".


Zaahir is a reptilian alien from the deep reaches of space, he has a lean muscular body covered in light grey scales, his stomach, and what would be his muzzle, are white, his tail, tail spike and boney protrusions are all dark grey.

Zaahir lacks a nose and ears and instead has thin nostrals where a nose would be and boney horns which act as his ears, his eyes have slitted pupils and are crimson, unusually, Zaahir's tail starts at the base of his neck instead of the lower back.  Zaahir's legs are Digitigrade and have four bone covered toes, his finger tips also have a bone covering.  Along Zaahir's back are special plates which act as solar panel which charge his Sach's Organ.

To make the most of his natural agility and dexterity, Zaahir only wears a pair of dark metal armguard and shinguards and a visor which covers most of his upper head except his horns.  He also wears a belt with some gadgets attached


Zaahir uses his species natural abilities, the most notable is the ability to make himself invisible by using an energy shield naturally generated from his body.  He creates the energy to do this with a special internal organ similer to an electric eels Sach's Organ, this organ uses light energy collected from organic solar panals along Zaahir's back to charge itself.  The energy shield also absorbs damage protecting Zaahir from harm, although too much damage will leave the shield depleted and prevent Zaahir from cloaking properly, electrical attacks in perticular are quite damaging to the shield.

Zaahir is able to shoot spikes from his tail which have high penetration power, capable of piercing cleanily through thick reinforced steel, this, coupled with its quick rate of fire, makes the spikes very dangerous.  The tail itself is prehensile and extendable making it just as an effective weapon in melee as it is at range.

Zaahir also has an extremely powerful healing factor, small wounds will heal in minutes, large ones within hours and whole limbs can be regenerated within days, he can't however regenerate his head or certain important organs.

Zaahir seems to be skilled with mechanics and engineering as he is confident that, if he cannot find and repair his craft, he will simply rebuild another.  He has access to an extremely advanced piece of technology which is able to store items inside it as data and later restore them if needed.  It is unknown how much data this device can hold.







Zaahir is based, loosely, on the Stalkers from borderlands 2

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