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"Let me put your worries to Rest..."

Personal stats

Z is a thirteen year old female hedgehog. She lives in an apartment in Station Square by herself, and is currently single. She isn't really in a hurry to date, but it doesn't mean she'll be single forever!

She is on the good/hero side and has "Sleep powers".


  • As stated, she has the element of Sleep. She also has a sleepy staff weapon.
  • Z shower: Cute little gold Z's rain down on the target.
  • Alarm Clock Surprise: A big clock appears and flies/runs around for a minute, then upon reaching 12, it explodes.
  • Sleepy powder: Puts the target to sleep.


  • She can be pretty lazy or sluggish.
  • Because of her abilities, she requires a lot more sleep then an average person would. So she can become angry and testy if she doesn't get enough.


File:Z from the front.png
Z is a milk blue hedgehog with tan muzzle, arms, hands, and inside of her ears. She has bright pink eyes and wheat colored hair/quills that are very short, with not brushed messy bangs and two, very long curls going towards the center of her face. When her hat is taken off, it's revealed that each tail of her hat has a long, sonic-esque quill in it.

Z wears a dark blue tanktop and skirt with lilac and purple striped lining. Long aqua colored gloves starting after her shoulders, ending at her fingers. With sandles the same colors. Her hat she wears is light blue with two big flap like pieces with tiny bells at the tip, resembling ears, and it is decorated with many dots, black z marks, and thick blue Z's.


A quiet hedgehog who is often sleeping or just hanging out to rest and relax for a while. She is slightly shy, and due to these tendencies that some just assume is her being lazy, not very much is known about her.


  • Soft things
  • Sleeping
  • Feathers
  • Naps
  • Fun clocks/alarms
  • Favorite foods: Pilaf, tomato juice, warm milk.


  • Hard surfaces
  • Cranky people
  • Work
  • People who cant sit still
  • Hated foods: Coffee, candy and other sweet foods.



  • Ironically, Z doesn't wear her sleeping/night cap to bed.


File:Z sleeping.png
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