Yurgen is an orange fox with red eyes and sharpened fangs. He has a black died emo bang over his scarred right eye. We wears a chain-mail top and bottom with a couple studded belts on his torso. He wears matching black knight gauntlets and boots.


Yurgen has narcisistic personality dissorder, this basically means he is completely self absorbed. He is obbsessed with “beauty” and is attracted to people he finds “beautiful”. Yurgen seems to care about himself more than human life, but he actualy does still care for people deep down.  Yurgen, despite  loving praise, is a bit of a loner. Yurgen loves to talk like a stereotypical vampire, but that makes him hard to understand sometimes.


Yurgen was born into a wealthy family that controlled a small town in 15th century Germany. His father died when he was 15 and his mother died 5 years later, leaving Yurgen control of the throne at a young age. His subjects considered Yurgen to be the most beautiful and young ruler they had ever had. This inflated Yurgen's ego and he became vain and narcissistic. He loved himself so much that he feared the day he would grow old and lose his beauty. One day he called a witch to his castle and payed her to give him the secret to eternal youth. The witch claimed that drinking blood was the secret, and that Yurgen should not eat or drink anything else. Yurgen tried this, and it seemed to work. Yurgen converted the prison underneath his castle into his secret dungeon where he would kidnap raiders from other towns and suck them dry of their blood. Eventually word of this somehow managed to leak out into Yurgen's town, which disgusted the people so much that Yurgen was locked into a coffin and buried alive. One day at the very start of the 21st century, Yurgen was accidentally released from his prison by a group of archaeologists.


Life Drain: Yurgen can bite someone and drain them of some of their HP and add it to his own.

Wing Manifest: Yurgen can sprout large black bat wings and use them to fly around.

Bat Swarm: Yurgen can disperse into a swam of bats.

Dark Camouflage: Yurgen can cover himself in black mist.

Sexual Energy Manipulation: Yurgen can make someone aroused, usualy by kissing them.


Being born into a royal family, Yurgen is well educated.   He also has experience running a small town. Yurgen joined an old theatre guild when he was young, so he has a lot acting experience.


Yurgen falls victim to all the traditional vampire trappings, holy magic, wooden weapons, garlic. Any weapon’s effectiveness against Yurgen can be aproved by blessing it or coating it in crushed garlic. Make sure to wear a cross or holy talasman when dealing with him. Sunlight will not kill Yurgen but it will weaken him A LOT, but be wary that artificial light like lightbulbs do not have much of a effect, even if he acts like it does to trick you. Sunlight also disables Yurgen’s Dark Camophlage power. The only way to kill Yurgen is decapitating him.

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