This is an article about Yume Paradisia the Kitsune Rabbit, a character created by WaterKirby1994 on 11/23/2015.


She has fairly long bunny ears, a fox tail, golden eyes, & rabbit feet. Her hair is mostly extremely light blue in color, while her skin is beige. She likes to wear nice clothes & usually has a schoolgirl appearance. Not counting ears her height is 2ft10 at age 8, 3ft2 at age 12, and 3ft10 at age 17. Her rate of aging is drastically reduced after she is given Angel Blood in the year 2039.

Yume's arms & legs are hairless, while her ears are forward facing & about 10 inches in length. Yume usually has her hair shoulder length & relatively straight. She often wears rectangular glasses early on, although she doesn't really need them after she is given angel blood.

Her Superform has her light blue hair color turn bright pink & the beige become gold in color, her eyes turn pink, & she is surrounded by both a golden aura & pink electricity.

From ages 14-17 Yume usually wears a blue blazer & blue pleated skirt with different ties, although she may just wear a blouse, skirt, & tie. After reaching the age of 18, Yume still usually wears similar clothing, although she may wear a pink, blue, or yellow Sweatervest which she wears over her blouse & tie instead of a blazer.

Yume has a sapphire bracelet that she always wears that once belonged to her grandmother. It has a 3,000 year history with the Lunar Rabbits & was once part of the Grand Moon Sapphire.

Yume usually wears leggings over her leggings on cold days, while on warmer days she will wear leggings only about 40% of the time. These leggings are usually either pink or black, however Yume's leggings are usually just pink in the summer. Yume never wears jeans because she doesn't like how restrictive they feel, she prefers the freedom that skirts provide.

Yume likes to wear cute kimonos to festivals & she also will occasionally wear a pink dress much like Paula's from Earthbound or a cyan version of the dress. She also will wear a dress similar to Roxanne's from Pokemon on formal occasions.

As an adult fighting Dark Program, Yume wears a white blouse & a black skirt.


Originally she is fairly shy & focuses on her studies, although she also enjoyed both hiding & hunting easter eggs as a child. Yume has a fear of Earthquakes resulting from the severe tremors she has lived through. She becomes more confident as she further develops her powers. As a teenager she loves cuteness & will often hug her friends. Yume's personality & cute appearance make people want to be her friend.

Because she has lived both in Britain & Japan, Yume is bilingual. She tends to use certain Japanese words when speaking English & refers to Japanese peaches as being Momos. Occasionally when she's excited Yume will refer to herself in English Sentences with Watashi, and she may shout "Kaze!" when sudden strong gusts of wind lift her skirt. Yume believes that English is easier to learn than Japanese because it only has 1 alphabet to memorize & she still gets kanji mixed up.

In the 2nd half of her teenage years Yume gained some perverse aspects to her personality. Such as enjoying feeling her female friends during hugs, reading manga that has ecchi scenes, desire to spy on lovers to see what they do & even trying to use her dream influence to satisfy her own desire to see people kiss in their sleep.


  • Cerah May: (BFF & Teammate they fuse into Cerume)
  • Ramiel: (Friend & Teammate)
  • Ayami Paradisia: (Mother) Yume is quite fond of her mother.
  • William Paradisia: (Father) Left to keep them safe from the Faeries.
  • Nekutai: (Friend & Immediate younger cousin)
  • Mia Brilliare: (Friend)
  • Akimika Minami: (Friend) ironic because of how she feels about her other self.
  • Tess Bellamy: (Friend)
  • Varia: (Friend)
  • Zuriel: Originally a powerful opponent, she befriends him after he is reborn as a girl.
  • Mercury: (Friend & comrade)
  • Kana: (Friend) Kitsune Rabbit that Yume & Dream Mask bring back to life.


  • Moon Faeries: The evil race that slaughtered & enslaved her father's tribe.
  • Raphael: The angel who tried to make her his queen by controlling her mind after saving her.
  • Leliel: (defeated enemy) Yume was often frozen in fear during her team's fight against Leliel.
  • Dark Programmer: The Mastermind Yume finds herself needing to fight against. It goes by several other names than Yume's name for it including Ixis.


Her Father, William Paradisia was decended from a tribe of Rabbits who lived on the Moon, however he spent his entire life on Earth, living for many years in Britain, only to fall in love with a Kitsune named Ayami, when doing business in Japan. After she was born on September 16, 2021 her parents tried to give her the best education possible. Yume would spend much of her life in Japan with her mother, while her father worked.

At age 7 Yume would be caught in an 8.0 Earthquake with 3 large aftershocks 6.8, 6.7, & 6.4 on the Richter Scale that would leave her terrified of Tremors. Yume would befriend a Kitsune Wolf named Cerah May while honing her Kitsune Powers when she was 14. At the age of 17 Yume would gain angel blood. Following Zuriel's defeat on The Moon, Yume would learn the fate of the Lunar Rabbits.

Avenging the Moon

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Upon their arrival on the Moon, the members of Team Yume would be greeted by the enemy army's bombardment.

Team Yume enters the Sapphire City Zone & fight their way through the ruins of the capital city that was ravaged 70 years earlier. Upon reaching the palace that once held the Grand Moon Sapphire & Rabbit Royalty, Yume entered with her teammates hoping to save her father. When they enter the palace the Ruling Faeries would immediately deliver an ultimatum & force Yume to give up the Sanctuary Key to save her father's life.

The 2 Warring Futures

A Device called the Quantum Timeline Crusher was sent back to her time to annihilate the Sapphire Water Timeline while Yume was removing the Genesis Chasm Cannon from existence by throwing it into Null Space. Upon learning that this new weapon from the future would end either the Earth from her timeline or another timeline's Earth depending on whether or not it was diverted, the members of Team Yume were shocked. With only 24 hours left before the dimension destroyer class weapon detonated the situation seemed hopeless. Ramiel & Cerah tried to comfort Yume, who was upset that she failed & an Earth's Solar System was destined to be destroyed regardless of what she did. Then an idea came to her that had a slim chance of preventing any timelines from being ended.

Death While Fighting Entropy

During the Final Hour, Yume executed the plan she & her teammates came up with to prevent the Sapphire Water Timeline's dimensional collapse. By dreamporting everything in danger of being deleted into a dream dimension, Yume manages to save her timeline. The intense strain from doing this, however, results in Yume dying, which leads her friends to try bringing her back from the most heavily fortified dream dimension of all, Heaven itself. While in heaven she has her memory altered to prevent her from leaving & is brainwashed into becoming the bride of Zuriel's replacement, Raphael.

During their wedding Ramiel fights Raphael in the attempt to free Yume from his mind control. While they fight in the sky, Mia & Cerah are able to make her remember them inside the cathedral. Yume then agrees to leave with her friends, however asks that Cerah carry her, since she doesn't want to run in her wedding dress. Yume explains that Raphael has her normal clothing as they escape, & reveals that she no longer has the ability of dreamportation. After making it outside they are noticed by Raphael who swoops down in front of them & starts carrying her off to his palace. Upon arrival at Raphael's Palace, Yume is left locked inside a room with a balcony giving her a clear view of the fight about to start. Inside the room Raphael provides Yume with a way to view Mia & Cerah May fighting against Mars. She then is given an ultimatum just before Raphael confronts the now arriving Ramiel. While watching both of the unwinnable fights, Yume yells for Ramiel & Raphael to stop fighting. She continues to tell Ramiel to assist her other friends & not to return for her.

Yume is brainwashed again, to prevent her from interfering with Ramiel's execution. When she is taken to the Divine Temple in an unconscious state by Raphael, Mercury takes her from his arms in the attempt to return Yume to her friends. After most of her brainwashing is undone, Yume awakens & asks what has happened. With her physical strength back she hugs her friends individually & lastly hugs Mercury to the angel's surprise. Not yet knowing Mercury's name she calls her "Kawaii Tenshi!", then asks what happened to Ramiel, who wasn't there. After learning that Ramiel was fighting Raphael several hours earlier, Yume says they need to go help him.

They find Ramiel defeated, upon arrival. While they heal him, Ramiel reveals that he wasn't nearly strong enough to stop his opponent, who Mercury reveals was once known by the Greeks & Romans as Apollo. Mercury then guides them to the core dimension, however when they reach Raphael, they hear a strange voice. Yume asks the voice, "Are you Kami-Sama?", to which the formless entity merely states that it is an ancient being that is older than most universes originating from that which it protects.

Return Home

After returning home Yume's mind isn't fully back to normal. Cerah May would help Yume return to normal, although it would take 7 weeks before she finally started to regain her powers to nearly what they were before. Yume would then use her powers to earn money as a Magician until she gained enough confidence in her abilities.

After becoming more efficient at using her powers by training in her dreams, Yume would find herself capable of using her powers beyond her limits prior to preserving her timeline. She would finally get Ramiel to go on a date with her after 4 weeks of trying, in her desire to date an angel. During the date it becomes clear that Yume is still influenced by Raphael's brainwashing, when she mixes up their names twice during the date. Ramiel is able to cure her brainwashing after the date by refusing her in a process that leaves the schoolgirl severely depressed. As a result of this Yume seeks out lesbian relationships with various friends of hers.

The New Threat

In the year 2041, a mysterious masked twin tailed Kitsune Rabbit attacks Yume within a dream dimension. After fighting him for 5 minutes he vanishes, Yume would encounter him again while hanging out with Cerah May in her inner world. The 2 of them would manage to more than fend off their attacker, learning his intention to collect negative energy from despair. The next day Yume would meet a male Kitsune Rabbit while shopping. He would give her a blue rose in honor of their first meeting, even though it wasn't really their first meeting. The next night Yume would try to find her masked adversary, who would ask Yume if anyone close to her has ever died, however she wouldn't yet realize the meaning of his words. He then tells Yume that it would be in everyone's best interests if she didn't interfere with his work, before leaving through a mouth-like gateway he created.

Yume would then use Dreamportation to follow the masked Kitsune Rabbit, however he slashes at her when sensing her arrival. He then tells the girl he would rather not have her as an enemy, and restores her to how she was prior to being cut by his sword. Yume then asks him what he meant earlier, to which he remains silent. She then asks his name, & why he attacked her then suddenly stopped. He responds by saying "You can call me Dream Mask, and my purpose is to build a bridge between Heaven & Earth." Yume then leaves questioning if what he's doing is any different from things that she has done.

The next morning while meditating, she would again encounter the Kitsune Rabbit who had given her the rose the day before. He would ask her to date him that evening, which Yume accepts & enjoys. After Cerah May falls into a coma while fighting Dream Mask, Yume finds herself determined to improve her abilities so that she can stand a chance against of defeating him.

After Dream Mask's identity is revealed, he uses the collected darkness energy to transform his Blade & gloves, making them black with an aura of dark purple flames coating the sword. 2 weeks later, he infuses the 7 emeralds with darkness energy from several universes to move universes closer to eachother. Before Yume's team can stop the darkness energy, her world collides with the Darkest Dream Dimension, Tartarus.


Black Hawks suddenly swoop in & take the chaos emeralds, as they fight thousands of Black Arms that invade the Sapphire Water Timeline. More coming soon!

New Worlds, New Experiences

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The Ultimate Enemy

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World War IV

Knowing the true reasons for the war, Yume decided to take action & enlisted her friends in her quest to stop the war. More Coming Soon!

End Game

Yume & Cerah fuse into Cerume & start to overpower the incarnation of Dark Program they are fighting. Dark Program then transfers all its power into fighting Cerume & starts to overpower the fusion. Cerume's Ultra Divine mode is able to defeat Dark Program & they unfuse. Yume then transforms 3 of her tails into pillars designed to seal dark program for many years.


Control over the dreams of those around her is an ability gained from her being a Moon Rabbit/Kitsune hybrid & enhanced through practice. She also has superspeed common among mobians, strong radar like hearing from her rabbit ears, & Super Luck from her rabbit feet. Examples of her luck manifesting include both her & her clothing avoiding all serious damage, as well as increased probability that favorable things will occur for her.

Yume's luck barrier is extremely weak on the nights of the New Moon, resulting in her avoiding fights at all costs on those nights. Yume's ears occasionally leave the barrier's protection, which combined with her sound based weaknesses result in her being most likely to bleed from them. Additionally the barrier has no effect on wind, water, or telekinesis (on objects inside it), meaning Yume can have her skirt lifted by them (which happens fairly often) and can become soaked.

She would eventually gain the ability of Dreamportation, allowing her to quickly travel through dreams to physically reach those she is linked to on Earth. After starting to master this ability at age 14 she would be able to reach friends on the other side of the world.


  • "They aren't just Peaches! They're Momos!"
  • "I can't leave now, I just got to the best part"
  • "For too long you've fed on the suffering of others! My friends & I will stop you! We'll protect our world & the entire multiverse from you!" -at the start of the final battle against her Ultimate Enemy.
  • "I won't let you escape so you can inflict pain throughout other worlds & regain your strength! I'm sealing you with 1/3rd of all the power I will ever have! This may not be enough to keep you trapped forever, although I will make sure you remain sealed here Dark Programmer!" -After the final battle


  • She exhausts easily when using her powers
  • 3 days surrounding the night of the New Moon, during which she is vulnerable
  • Loud Noises & certain sound frequencies
  • Yume is susceptible to hypnosis, and is easily deceived.
  • She loses most of her abilities in "Protected Universes"
  • The strength of Yume's abilities varies heavily from universe to universe.
  • Other entities with powers like hers such as Yamiyume and Dream Mask.


  • Her name means Dream of Paradise, although it can also refer to Heaven.
  • Yume's clothing is partially based on the appearance of Reisen from Touhou.
  • Her father living in Britain was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland".
  • She is her creator's favorite creation because of how cute & lovable she is.
  • Yume's tendency to exhaust herself is based on how her creator is often exhausted.
  • Her role during the Yume Retrieval Arc, has similarities to Orihime Inoue from Bleach.
  • Her theme is Neverending Dream "Owarinai Yume"
  • Her mother is descended from the Legendary Kitsune, Yukimi Kamiya
  • She is also descended from Suzuna Shiroyuki.
  • Her Father's Family is descended from Lunar Nobility.
  • Yume's Powers share similarities to powers granted by the Phantom Ruby.
  • Tropes applying to Yume include "Gotta be Cute", "Awesome Adorable", & "Bilingual Bonus"
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