She has light beige fur, long cyan hair, & blue at the tips of her tails. More coming soon!


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Yukimi was born while it was snowing & was named "Beautiful Snow" as a result. Like her older sister, Inari, Yukimi was born with 3 tails. She would become the 2nd Permanent Kyubi at age 20. At age 23 Yukimi marries a samurai named Hayate. She gives birth to her first daughter Suzuna at the age of 24. At the age of 27 she gives birth to both Haruka & Yukimaru. Yukimi would give birth to her son Hakuro when she was 29. At the age of 32 she would have her 5th born child, a girl she would name Yui. When her younger sister Mizumi dies in childbirth she adopts her daughters Sora & Reiko.


  • Telekinesis
  • Cryokinesis
  • Hydrokinesis (4th Tail)
  • Kazekinesis (6th Tail)
  • Geokinesis (7th Tail)
  • Hallucikinesis (8th Tail)
  • Photokinesis (9th Tail)


  • Fire & Poison are her main physical weaknesses.
  • All of her children except Hakuro eventually achieve sustained Kyubi forms.
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