Yuki the Hedgehog is a fan character created by GalaxyWorld27 (Known as sonicgalaxy27 on YouTube) Yuki is a female protagonists in the Disco series.

Cquote1.png I will do everything i can to help my friends. Any foe i face will meet their fate and face justice. Cquote2.png
Yuki The Hedgehog


Yuki is a Hedgehog who has bangs on her forehead and has brown hair with green streaks on it in her bangs. She also has long brown hair behind her, and she wears a hair pin on her hair that is shape like a pink flower. She also wears a dark red beret on her head and has a gold cross in the middle.

She also wears a dark red sleeve shirt and has both gray rings attached to it, and she wears a white-violet dress that is attached to her violet shirt sleeve. She also wears black knees socks that is almost closes up to her thighs witch is her legs. Yuki also wears blue boots on her feet as well.


Yuki does not appear to be any less foolish than a typical being in the physical form. She is well known as a polite, caring, calm, and truthful person who is always there for her friends and the innocents when they are needed and when they are in danger in other situations.

Yuki is always serious about any mission she is taken and not taking jokes as one of her friends described, not losing her temper or go for a fit of rage. She cares deeply about her friends very much and she is sometimes worried that one of them may not make it out alive. She recently have some courage to stop evil at all cause who threading to destroy planet earth and she will do anything to put a stop to it with the help of her friends. However, she is revealed to be rather intelligent, as she was in any being.

Yuki doesn't smile a lot on any events like ceremonies, but she sometimes smiles on some events and occasions recently. She is always calm and never insults her enemies and foes during battle witch she mostly keeps her emotions in check 24/7.

However, Yuki always follows orders and complete her mission for her desire to take down her targets and any being she battle without any form of hesitation.

Yuki is shown to have a funnier and less mature side in her like some characters do. She enjoys special fun activities in life like volleyball, tennis, basketball and exercise, but in a very humble manner.

After being saved by Zax the Firehog when she sprained her ankle during a giant goblin battle and failed to move, She falls deeply in love with him and thanks Zax for saving her and later becoming one of his most loyal followers.


During her time in her dimension, Yuki was created by her father in the castle. in 2 years later, Yuki became a mercenary and require a army of soldiers from the king and orders her army to slay demons and monsters from hurting the innocents without hesitation. Yuki and her army trying to protect innocent people from danger where ever something appears in town.

Later in 3 years, war in town is approaching for everyone. However, a mysterious black demon appear in town and try to wipe out all of humanity by destroying every last person in her world. Yuki's father step outside and he notice that the black demon is much powerful and it has the power to destroy one planet. Later on Jacob try to stop the black demon for killing everyone but he has no chance against it. So, he has a choice but to make a sacrifice to put a stop to it for causing alot of destruction. He will used the a powerful device to destroy Yuki's world by destroying that powerful black demon along with it However, Yuki shows up and saw her father fighting that black demon and risking his life to save her. So, he creates a portal to another dimension that Yuki will go too. Yuki refuse her father to go in there and can't leave with him. Jacob later push her in to another dimension and he set off a bomb that will destroy everything.

Later on, Yuki end up in Disco dimension and she felt really sad about what happen to her father when he risk his life to save her from the demon. Yuki notice that her life is started to end up bad without her father or friends around in her dimension even so she been really sad that she blame herself for not helping her father defeating a powerful black demon that appears in town. Later on in Disco's dimension, Yuki put herself in to hibernation in the pod for 98 years and makes her falls a sleep and healing her body from any damages.

In 98 years later, she was found by Azmaria and Rachel the chao in the underground base and they realized they don't know anything about her whereabouts on where she came from. After she was found by Azmaria and Rachel in the underground abandoned facility, she was awaken from her Hibernation. However, After she was awaken by Azmarria, Gun Soldiers shows up outside of the facility and they want to capture Azmaria and Rachel from HQ orders. Once Yuki, Azmaria and Rachel step out, they notice that they want to capture one of them and kill them. Gun Soldiers proceeds to capture Azmaria and Rachel. Sooner and later, they saw Yuki come out in the facility and They decided to shoot her for stepping very closer to them. She has been shot six times by the Gun Soldiers without any reaction or indication of suffering from Gunshot wounds. They left to take Azmaria and Rachel in the HQ and They think Yuki is dead. However, She Survives the gunshot wounds and she decided to take actions on the HQ. Yuki always be prepared for war when that day comes and she will fight to survive and protects planet earth.


Zax The Firehog

Yuki and Zax had a good friendship together when it comes to hanging out with each other and help each other. However, it has been revealed that Zax has a crush on Yuki.

Disco The Hedgefox

Yuki has a good friendship with Disco despite them hanging out with each other, they both fight alongside together and they get a along very well.

Azmaria the Hedgehog

Yuki and Azmaria get along very well and Yuki can protect Azmaria no matter.

Team Nebula Alliance

Yuki has team up with the organization team called Team Nebula in order to fight against the eggman empire and the deadly six.


After she was killed by Shio who stab her in the back and destroyed her core in her chest, Zax vow on that day that he will get revenge on Shio who killed yuki and he swear on his life. After Disco and his friends won the war against Phantom and his gangs 3 weeks ago, Zax asked Disco for his help to bring Yuki back to life. However, Zax and Disco found away to bring her back by calling out Angel the Hedgehog, the keeper of Astro Emerald in Skyworld. Angel help her friends and used the Astro Emerald power to contact her brother, Haku the wish maker hedgehog and asked him to bring Yuki back to life and later he agrees and something unexpected came up with the wish. When Angel make the wish, The world went to all white background. After the world went to all white when Angel made the wish, Zax was brought in to a unknown island witch is full with some harmless animals and sea creatures. Zax look around the half of the island so he find out where he's at in the unknown island by finding someone. He later pick up something in the island and he notice it was Yuki who is sleeping in the grass surrounded by flowers while she is in a white dress outfit.

Powers and Abilities

Despite her history of completing her mission, Yuki can fight with supernatural abilities that she used in any battle. These abilities consist of two types of blades, which she can have one, and only one, type of on her at a time.

  • Hand Sonic: From one on each hand, the blades will appear in both her sleeves. Both her blades can cut through strong steel unlike other blades. She can use the blades by calling out their name. This version has a curved-diamond shape on its tip and resembles a cat head, ears and shape on the tip of it. However, the blades can deflects bullets and other normal projectiles away. This blade can't be shattered by physical force; however, it can be destroyed by strong weaponry.
  • Flame Hand Sonic: Also known as Hand Sonic V2, these blades set foes when they strike on fire, dealing additional damage. The drawbacks are that these blades' flames will incinerate projectiles that touch them instead of deflecting said projectiles, with the additional drawback that the blades can be easily shattered by strong weaponry or by brute force. This blade is more combat-oriented than the Hand Sonic V1, which is more defensive. This blade resembles a fox head and has ears on its head.
  • Unnamed Time Attack: Yuki has a ability to stop time with her hands and freeze everything around her path in 30 seconds However, she won't used it again in 64 hours and she will only used it as needed.


Yuki has a angel transformation that can be used for big emergency only. This form is much stronger then her normal state and she can used her skills and her wings for this form. When she transformed, her eye color is red and her fur is bright green. When she turns back to normal, her eyes and her fur goes back to normal.

Yuki in her angel form.


When during battle, Yuki has a core in her chest that keeps her alive before her creation by her father, if an opponent targets her core and destroys it, She will die if the core is destroyed. However, its quite possible that the core could be repaired and revive Yuki.

Yuki can only stay in her angel form for 25 minutes and she won't used it again in 7 hours and will be left wide open. However, in her super state, her wings will get wet in the water and won't have the ability to take flight again in a minute. If she loses one of her wings, she won't be able to fly in that state which will make it hard for her to fight back in that state.

Yuki will also lose her angel state very quickly if she uses too much of her powers and a maximum amounts of energy in her body.


"Your attacks are not very effective against me, time to meet your fate."
— When she about to take the final blow.
"I hope we can be friends and fight along side together."
— She is about to make some friends.
"Playing the piano is a good talent for me. "
—She tells her friends that she likes playing the piano.
"That doesn't work on me. That attack is useless."
—When Yuki is about to fight a random foe.
"I got you."
—When she tries to grab a few fish in the river with no boots and socks on.
"I clean everything and cook dinner a lot. I was a maid before."
—Zax tell her about how she cooks and cleans everything well.
"Sorry Zax but i have to clean the pool."
—When she is about to begin cleaning the pool barefoot.
"Looks like i'm stuck"
—She gets stuck in a sticky giant bubblegum from her foes.
"Its ok Azmaria, i'll just go and take a bath and change in some clothes."
—Yuki tells Azmaria she is going to change in some clothes after Azmaria accidentally spill some apple juice and spaghetti all over her and her clothes.
"You can't escape from me, there is a chance that i could defeat you."
—When Yuki faces a foe in the forest during Thursday night.
"I'm really having a good time tonight Zax"
—She is hanging out with Zax at the movies.
"Thank you for the Hand-Sonic. I will used it well and protect the innocents from any evil beings."
—She got the Hand Sonic from the temple.
"I think i'll go to bed now."
—She is about to go to bed.
"I can't move. Hey, let go of me. "
—She was being restrained by one of Eggman's inventions.
"I made some cookies if anyone want some."
—She bake some cookies for everyone.
"Ow ow ow that hurts."
—She got clawed by a crab on her second toe while she was watching the view on the beach.
"Yeah, I don't like crabs Zax but I got crawled by them sometimes when i'm out here with you guys. Sometimes, they always crawled one of my toes and fingers for some reason."
—She is telling Zax that she got crawled by some crabs sometimes.


  • Yuki doesn't smile much often, even during battle.
  • Yuki's blood type is A.
  • She has a yellow core in her chest, that keeps her alive and gives her immortality that was created by her father. However, this might be a reference to the Marvel universe character Iron Man/Tony Stark.
  • Yuki's clothing is base on the character Yuka Minase from the anime series 11 eyes.
  • Her name means snow.
  • She likes to play volleyball and tennis sometimes.
  • During her adventures and hunting, she cries one time when she realize how much she misses her father when he died. Zax later tried to confront her to cheer her up.
  • Yuki can sense any enemies in 15 meters radius to see if there any enemies around.
  • Her core in her chest is waterproof.
  • Her favorite hobbies is tennis and cooking.
  • Yuki goes to sleep every night at 11:41.
  • She is immune to any hypnosis spells, including mind control effects witch means that she can't be hypnotize and mind controlled.
  • She likes to catch some fish in the rivers while she is not wearing socks or her boots on.
  • Out of all the females in the Sonic Fanon universe who doesn't wear a headwear, She is the second person who wears a headwear on her head. The first is Azmaria. However, both of them wears berets.
  • She is not very good at riding a motorbike.
  • Yuki can see her reflection in her two blades.
  • The origin of her two blades is unknown and its almost similar to Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor in Marvel Universe. Both weapons can only be wielded by someone worthy and their owners, Thor and Yuki have to pass their tests to prove their worthiness in order for them to wield them again.
  • Yuki almost resembles C.C. from Code Geass as both are mysterious girls, both are immortality, and both behaves apathetically and show some emotions whatsoever.
  • Yuki doesn't like when people hurt there own pets and torture them badly.
  • She loves Christmas decorations.
  • She likes to drink tea but she sometimes drink them occasionally.
  • Out of some female Sonic fan characters who was rank as the season winner award from previous years in the modern era in the Sonic Fanon wiki, she has not yet been rank from the season winner award.
  • While Shadow only used the chaos emeralds to freeze time and space for a small short time in the Sonic Comic book series and the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, Yuki doesn't used the chaos emeralds to freeze time and space witch she only used her own abilities to freeze time and space with her hands around her for 30 seconds. Maybe because she doesn't know exactly how to used the chaos emeralds witch she doesn't have any emeralds back in her own dimension.
  • Yuki was intended to have brown boots on both on her feet, but sonicgalaxy27 chose blue because he believes that brown boots will not fit well because its blending in the background in her appearance. So, he decided to let her have blue boots for her appearance instead.
  • While watching the view on the beach, Yuki didn't know that a crab crawled pass her while seeing the view in front of her. Once the crab get close to her, it crawled her second toe on her feet and she felt pain while watching the view. However, she pull the crab off her second toe and look at it and believe its not a normal crab. Its a robotic crab that was made by Eggman himself.
  • Yuki was intended to be name laila during her creation, but later sonicgalaxy27 change her name to Yuki instead because he believes that the name fits her personality very well even so her name means snow.
  • During the discord conversation, sonicgalaxy27 critique Yuki's new pose and witch he share in the critique section. However a few people like Flippant Feline (Gamedezyner), Kensa and Crimson Flame started to believe that his design of Yuki pose is not really that good at all and believe that its design is not looking great so far due to him using Paint and Paint.Net to draw his Sonic FCs. The reason for him using those tools is due to his tablet being damage according to him in the wiki Discord sever. However, Disco confirmed that he is currently making a better pose of Yuki with her hand sonic included and make it just right real soon he says.


Yuki the Hedgehog sprite form.

Yuki Art by Super Zach World.

Art by Shadow 'Babygirl' The Lancelot Butler666.

Yuki. Art by pinkheart wolf.

Yuki with her hand sonic blade. Art by wolfies Furnes.

Yuki in barefoot without blue boots and black legwear.


Yuki on the beach with her swimsuit.

Yuki The Hedgehog. Art made by Ochako “Uravity” Uraraka as a request.

Yuki and her friends are at the beach.

YukI in her pajamas outfit.

Yuki in barefoot.

Yuki's beret and her hair pin.

Yuki new pose.png

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