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Yuki the Rabbit.jpg

Biographical Information
Age 14
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Rabbit
Gender Female
  • Fur:Purple
  • Hair:Purple with red marks
  • Eyes:Pink
  • Yellow top
  • Blue and pink bows
  • Purple skirt
  • White dress shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Mallet
  • Cresent
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Tress MacNeille
Japanese V.A.
  • Yui Horie
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator User:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Yuki is the finale result of Project Messiah,along with her cousins from the Space Colony Ark.Her mom and aunts were made with Celestial DNA from Professer Okami"s partner Willis,whlie her dad and uncles were made with Black Arm DNA from Professer Okami herself. Then the two DNAs were placed inside two females of 13 animals, rabbit, cat, seahorse for dragon subsitute, mouse, boar, wolf, snake, horse, chicken, sheep, monkey, tiger, and ox. Born in a forest, she enjoyed making cakes and watching the moon near a lake.She got in trouble when she fell in the lake and a big fish almost ate her,but then she was saved and join her new found family. Soon she got a job at a coffee shop, making coffee for the costimers. Years later, she married her boyfriend Jack, open a cake shop and gave birth to a baby girl call Armony.


Yuki acts girly most of the time,but knows how to keep a cool temper. She likes to eat mochis to which she can make a whole bunch, also known to whine when someone offers more. Other then that she's confident, works well with others, seeks adventure and is cunning, charismatic, and smart around her enemies. She's also very loving to the family that she lives with and those she's related to.


Jack Kenshiki

Yuki was taking a walk then she saw Ryan,and then soon his friend Jack came.Then Ryan left them alone, leaving them to take a walk to the park and a trip to the café', and it is there wher they shared a kiss to which started their relationship.Years later, they got married and had a daughter named Armony.


  • Hi folks, I'm Yuki the Rabbit.-Inroducing herself.


Yuki is a female mobian rabbit with purple fur with red markings, white belly and white on the top of her tail and hair is styled short where is parts at two ends and she has three short bangs over her face, a white muzzle and pink eyes. Her outfit is two ribbons, one pink and one blue, which she wears on her ears, a short yellow top, white gloves, a purple skirt, and white dress shoes.


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