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Yu the Porcupine is a valiant member of the Korak military and is currently wedded to Ai Hitōshi



Although little is known about what Yu did in his childhood, This is his known backstory. Yu was born in the relatively small country of Korak on a slightly humid spring day. His childhood was wonderful. When he was nine, his parents signed him up for the Korakian Military, where he only trained hard, like all the nine year olds. He was one of the greatest students combat-wise, but he pulled pranks on the teachers frequently, daydreamed occasionally, and had a short attention-span at times. As he grew, he became more skilled, spending his nights frequently at the training grounds.. When he was 17, it was time for him to finish up the Academy and join the real army. He finally graduated and became a knight after all those years of training.


But things changed; a huge war was coming. The Battle of Korak, it was called. Yu was filled with anger; he had just fought in a previous battle, and now another one. But he still fought just because he loved his country and wanted to fight for it. After that tough battle, Yu and his girlfriend, Ai, were planning on to get married. 

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Skills, Powers and Abilities

Yu is an amazing swordsman and samurai. He's an excellent warrior due to his skills at combat. He can charge up his attacks with a mysterious power that no one, even himself, knows the origins of. He is capable of using the Spin Attack in combat, though it is fairly weak when in his use. Being a porcupine, Yu is able to wound opponents and defend himself with his quills. Yu is also a hydrokinetic and cryokinetic, though the latter ability is incredibly stronger when in use. (this section is under construction; more coming soon.)


Yu is weakened by lightning, so whenever he gets hit by a lightning-based attack, he would be in terrible pain. He is also weakened by strong winds for some reason. He hates vampires, and is weakened by their bites. (improvements in process...)



Super Forms

Perfect Yu

Yu's super form. Like most super forms, Yu needs 50 or more rings and all seven Chaos Emeralds in order to obtain this form. His attacks are nowhere near as strong as Super Sonic's, but this form is incredibly faster than his normal form (barely faster than the average adult male human).


Ai Hitōshi

Yu and Ai met in sixth grade, where they both thought that they were in love. They kept their crushes secrets, until a sly and sneaky student found out and spread the word. Both got together eventually, and they became a couple. When they turned 24, Yu finally proposed to Ai; she immediately accepted the proposal. Ai has been Yu's "official" girlfriend since seventh grade. They often hang out and practice their combat skills with each other. They also go on dates when off duty. Yu is currently married with Ai and has no plans to divorce, even though sometimes their relationship may seem rusty, and the fact that Ai has actually attempted to file for a divorce. 

Shemesh the Dhole

Shemesh and Yu met in training, where they greeted each other and had a small conversation. The two grew attached to each other rapidly, sharing many interests and becoming excellent comrades. But one day, Shemesh suddenly stop going as much, and didn't meet with Yu until he came back at age 18. Shemesh and Yu are best friends as in the past, but they occasionally have major arguments and debates.

Stratus the Snow Leopard

Yu and Stratus met on a cold, winter day. Yu was on yet another mission, while Stratus was seeking "the Spirit of Evil", then known as Skull the Echidna, who had killed his father years prior. Yu offered some assistance, but Stratus politely declined. But the two later met again during The War of Korak. Yu finds Stratus to be an odd individual; this is mostly because of his occasional bizarreness, his interests in strange topics and his dark and absurd sense of humor.  Despite this, the two are great friends and get along with each other most of the time.


Yu is a stoic, often quiet, reserved, and kind-hearted individual who likes to aid people. He hates Overlanders, and loves tarot cards. He likes to play video games like SSBM. He is a brave warrior who is serious at all times. He never jokes, because he's terrible at it, however, he likes jokes, but jokes for adults, he also goes to comedy clubs when he's not in war. He never laughs, instead, he just grins. .

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Yu is a thirty-one year old forest green porcupine, with 20 quills both on his head and back. Being a porcupine, these quills can be used as a method of attack. He bears almond-shaped turquoise eyes, with a bright gleam in them, and a deep tan muzzle. Yu is a slim, tender porcupine and is incredibly fit, though despite this he has little muscles. He usually wears a blue shirt and a pair of navy blue pants with golden designs engraved on them. He also wears a red cloak occasionally, and blue combat boots and silver armor in the military. Yu has sea blue bangles attached to his black, fingerless gloves, and wears white and grey socks.



Spark is Yu's pet chao. The two play a lot when Yu's not in a war or training. Spark is a shiny, power-type, red chao. Spark likes to play with Yu and other chao and people.


"Greetings, stranger. I am Yu of Korak." When meeting someone for the first time.

"" Polite greeting.

"" Vulgar greeting.

"Quite elementary..." When getting an "S" rank.

"Good enough for me." When getting an "A" Rank.

"Okay, I guess.." When getting a "B" Rank.

"Not TOO bad." When getting a "C" Rank.

"What?!" When getting a "D" Rank.

"The General would be ashamed..." When getting an "E" Rank.

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