This is Yourilivian Teris in part of the Pursuit of Colona series, created by TZ on 3 Oct 2016 and adopted by Megaphantaze
Cquote1 Doubted I can be. Seen I cannot be. What do you ask of me when I never answered you the first time? Cquote2
Yourilivian Teris to Opia Cilia when she attempted to have him lie to the media
Yourilivian Mye Teris the Shrew, or shortly Jori is the candid individual of a despondent spirit in the outlook of the world. For most of his life, he had viewed his world as a corrupt one, so impure that he suggests it being an illusion. As he does encourage these discouraging thoughts to those he speaks to, without regard to who they are, he has some advice that is considerable to an extent. He is currently life driven to experience what he believes as the last moments of his life, due to the possibility of death from Errines. He is depleted of his blood supply from the disease, but he is weighed down more by the concept that luck never seemed to behold him.

For the most part, his life is quite the ordinary one, and yet he claims to have an astounding light to show the world. His wisdom, as he claims, supersedes much of the rulers on Reyonis Platura. Because of this, he devotes his life to living among the common people and ranting the conditions with them. Most of his conversations conclude to how it would all pass away once he dies. He lives humbly basking in squalid conditions, aware of others' viewpoints about him. Most say that he is a somatic delusional; he says that they are just illusions.

In any case, he's just a citizen of the Pursuit of Colona series attempting to find his outlook of life to deem himself wrong.

Concept and Creation

Yourilivan Teris was created by the time that Princess Penelope Tuwark's design was almost complete. He is mentioned in the "Relationships" section of her page as a "Citizen", so every attribute respective to that follows here. Under circumstances, Yourilivian is supposed to be a side character of wisdom for Princess Tuwark when she has no one else to go to. Most of all, he is there to provide some pity on himself.

October 1st of 2016 came around for Creator, who was deeply buried in the closing realm of quarter syndrome in education. "Grades, grades," Creator's eyes popped, seeing a disturbing number on their unofficial grade report. "What am I going to do about that one?" That was a rhetorical question. They knew what to do.

Not worry about it.

So, dedicated to this carefree personality that Creator began to submerge in, they created Yourilivian Teris to show how much they did not give regard to their grade panic. After all, Yourilivain Teris quite resembles the carefree attitude, never giving attention to his squalid and untidy appearance. Even then, as Yourilivan has this attitude of emptiness, he still somehow maintains his sucess. So, is it carefree to be at all with all gifts granted to him?



Yourilivian was born in the Colona's Heart (also recognized as the "Salwomese Central") at the Tunis Health Institute. His Colonaian father, Naokapian Biva, and his Pertanese mother, Wexut Mannikay, were both experiencing some level of discourse between their relationship at the time of the birth. Naokapian did not know what to name of his son, for he did not know at all that he was going to have one. In due time that Wexut told him, being when she was close to birthing, Naokapian was upset. He was still ready to accept his son, though. So, the baby's name came to be Yourilivian Biva. Wexut wanted to marry Naokapian, but because of their youthful age, the despise from the social outlook would just tear it down. Plus, being forced did not mean she had to get married.


Most of Yourilivian's childhood consisted of promises that had blind emptiness because of the ignorance of the child. One of Yourilivian's first promises was with his father when Yourilivian was three years old. Naokapian told him that if Yourilivian ever felt threatened in any way by someone else, his father would intervene.

One child near Yourilivian's home, named Ergo, had a Pertanese father that despised Colonaians. Yourilivian had befriended Ergo when he went out to a stream with Yourilivian's father. They shared interests in the water and how it moved--particularly of the science perspective. Ergo became a very close friend to Yourilivian in a short time, as they were both young and did not understand true relationships. However, when Ergo's father came to retrieve his son, he made good eye to Naokapian and told him to stay away from his son. So, that is why Naokapian made a promise to Yourilivian to tell when he felt threatened.

However, over the years of living in Colona's heart, Yourilivian never truly knew when he felt threatened. When he was four years old, still having secret connections to Ergo, he met Ergo's mother and had dinner, since Ergo's father was away back in Pertan for a while. He even stayed over the night of their house, since he lived near him. Ergo's father would be in the area, and Yourlivian's mother, Wexut would visit with him. Wexut would encourage her other two family members to come with her, but Naokapian denied it. Ergo's father would glare at Yourilivian and his father when he did come across him, balling his fists. When Yourilivian was five years old, he began to go to school with Ergo, but learned that Ergo's father was trying to put him in Pertan under the Bondas Covoy system. So, Yourilivian came to his father and asked why Ergo had to leave. All for an answer he got was that he had to stay away from Ergo as much as possible and to keep the promise. Yourilivian forgot all about the promise, so he continued affiliating himself with Ergo. Ergo kept him good company at school, but when Yourilivian was at home, he was alone--for Ergo's father was back again. His mother would be out most times, also, leaving empty time for himself to discover the world for himself by walking around. His walks had occasional encounters with Ergo's father, with the latter freightening him to keep him away from Ergo--once by throwing rocks. But, as soon as Yourilivian came home, he did not show much concern for anyone to ask what happened to him. When Yourilivian was six years old, his mother, Wexut, confessed to Naokapian that she had been having romantic affiliation with Ergo's father, Haymane. He had also figured out that Ergo's mother, Tu, left Haymane a while back.

For Naokapian, enough was enough. He asked Yourilivian if he was still accompanying Ergo, and promise-forgotten Yourilivian confessed. Naokapian was upset with Yourilivian and Wexut, leaving out of the house. Wexut got Yourilivian and brought him over to Haymane's house, so that she would run away with him. However, Haymane was hard against Colonaians and ordered her to kill Yourilivian. Wexut openly accepted, picking up a glass shard that lied beside Yourilivian to stab him with.

Yourilivian discovered his special ability for the first time, threatened. The glass shards of his betraying mother crashed down on him, but then moved up after a matter of thought to "Rising Rain", as the ability is called. The shards stabbed into Haymane, having him weakened and to the ground. Ergo attempted to help his father, but Wexut ultimately intervened. From there, Wexut and Haymane were angry with defending Yourilivian, as Ergo understood the circumstances. Wequt told Yourilivian to find his father and stay with him, Ergo to come along as well. So, they did so. The coming days was Ergo staying with Yourilivian, becoming his surrogate brother after finding his forgiving father.

This new stage in life, now with no mother, would bring seven-year-old Yourilivian a new promise. Naokapian told him to protect his new "brother" Ergo as much as possible, since that Haymane and Wexut achieved the dream of going back to Pertan together. Naokapian was unsettled by this separation, but believed that he and his two sons could prevail over the dysfunction. So, they continued to go to school together and such, learning more about theirselves and what they believed. Ergo was more of an eccentric person learning out of the respective arts, whereas Yourilivian was leaning more toward the logic part of it--that each person is designated to one assignment and never straying. They shared a romantic interest for Desdai Ghaph, an Ovilian female with the smarts under cultural identity. Even with their differences, the two remained close and kept their ground on protection when necessary.

Years go by with times of laughter, when once again trouble strikes. Naokapian, distraught of the romantic separation of him and Wexut, decided to find romance elsewhere. He went out one night and never returned home for weeks. Therefore, Yourilivian had to ensure the protection and nurture of Ergo, fishing and cooking, bathing and tucking him to bed. Even with enough effort to do all this, their hygeine gradually depleted from ignorance. Time passes to a whole six months, and his father is still not there. Yourilivian misses him, Ergo questions it. But, there was no true answer to give him. Even on Ergo's birthday, father was not there.

When Yourilivian was eight years old, his father finally came home, with a new female addition on the side. Popuy Biva-Utina, another Pertanese female, welcomed the two of them and cooked for them. Yourilivian was spiteful against his father and went the measure to ask him why he did not come home a while. Naokapian told him the real reason, being that he wanted another woman similar to Wexut so that their family would not seem disjointed. However, this did not help Yourilivian at all. A good three years were granted to them, with no ails to mention but the gradual psychological stress that pressed against Yourilivian. Pity.


Yourilivian was once again asked to hold a promise when he was eleven, and it was deeper than all the other ones. Naokapian revealed that Yourilivian's mother, Wexut, was forced to have pleasure with him. He did not know that she had one when she carried Yourilivian, but when he figured out, he was nearly devastated. However, since that he started a duty, he was determined to finish it. So, he told Yourilivian to hold the secret that he forced Wexut into his deeds.

Yourilivian did not understand at first, but then he began to settle with himself that there was something wrong. He went to school and asked some of his peers if "forcing" was illegal in Colona. Indeed, it was an order that had to be controlled, but it was not illegal. So, Yourilivian went to an educational advisor and told them about it. The advisor reported it. Then, one day the next year, Colonaian Officials of Ethics came and took his father into interrogation as well as retrieved denying Wexut. The scene was very blurry on Yourilivian's case, with the Colonaian Time Scope getting into the trouble. School officials and students began to look down on Yourilivian, hearing and judging the rumor that Yourilivian was holding the secret the entire time, and they implied that even Popuy was another victim. They even dug deep enough to title Yourilivian a "maimer", due to his "vain" attack on Haymane just to have Ergo as his brother. Lies became reality.

Yourilivian became so distraught of all the words going around, that he began to believe all that they said. They called him "The Maimer", a "careless", "ruthless" being that only regards his ulterior motives. Yourilivian had no room to explain what was going on, for the Flock Council would seize him of what everyone believed as a lie. He was so stressed that he was diagnosed with "Errines", a disease that would cause his air supply to lengthen when in distress. This is a positive point to be under water, but when on the surface, hyperventilating would cause him to faint. And Ergo would just watch it all happen before his eyes.

They were smothered in questions, buried in titles, and wished out of the city. So, to accomodate it all, the Colonaian government under King Uwa Iwa ordered that the Bivas were banned from Colona's heart--Bivas only. They went to Acaster, near the Heart instead, and lived more hectic lives. Naokapian was looked down upon and could never get a job. Popuy was viewed with sympathy as everyone thought she was another prisoner. Ergo didn't seem affected, as wasn't Yourilivian, since that it was now revealed that Yourilivian was trying to tell the truth. However, this had a toll on his mind.

Because Yourilivian believed that telling the truth would bring corrupted results, he was never true to himself. He believed that it would bring the opposite affect--that if he did not remain honest with his conditions, the truth would be revealed later. Yourilivian no longer attended school, as did Ergo, and spent much of his days fishing and cooking. He rarely bathed. People looked down on his low-hygeine, including his parents.

Then, Yourilivian wanted to go back to Colona's Heart, for much of his friends were there. Donbaiyschzer's Law, stating that children's crimes were on the account of the parents, meant little to Yourilivian. So, he walked there himself and went into the Colonaian Universal Institute when he was fourteen. He marched down the halls with his relentless stinches and kissed many girls--against Colonaian law. Most importantly, he finally made his way to kiss Desdai Ghaph of his childhood romantic interests. With all the strange behavior, he was ejected back to his home, and his father paid the price of having to stay in his home with a guard attendee to watch him. This meant that Naokapian had more time to critisize Yourilivian of his squalid lifestyle.

When Yourilivian became fifteen years old, he finally became tired of being told what to do and what not. He left the home for himself, walking back into Colona's Heart, and fished day and night. After eight weeks of staying outside alone, Naokapian found him and had a very close conversation with him, asking him why he was acting as such. Yourilivian said that he was doing it because he was a "maimer", a "careless", "ruthless" being that attended to his own motives. Naokapian asked him what the motive was, and Yourilivian told him that the motive was to show society that they had no purpose. From there, Naokapian gave up on him, leaving him behind to suffer his own consequences of living alone with no home. Yourilivian finally became an official part of Colona's Heart once again, changing his surname to Teris, just like his brother, Ergo.

It was all sweet for him at the beginning. Although much of the people forgot about the case and such that swirmed around Colona's Heart, they did not look over Yourilivian's unclean presence and careless habits. Some people believed that they were the right person to speak with him a while about his habits to possibly change his ways. But, Yourilivian was dead-set on his goal, and that was to stand out from society in order to bear change. He expressed numerous times to the people that ethics didn't exist, that they were there to bring order to break division, but was ultimately disregarded. Some he successfully convinced, and some he did not.

A good two years pass, and the times were becoming more easier for him. Ergo would still come and bring him food when he needed it. People who came to speak to him provided him some new friendships that he never knew could exist before. He even had a tutor come to him and provide some teaching that would be necessary to make him learn as much more possible, being Eoa Henison, absolutely for free. Most of all, meeting Princess Tuwark speak to him on the side of the road encouraged him to stay even longer. So, he creates stories about his Errines and how it prevailed him and his distressing past to make him act this way.


So, here he is on the way side of the coast, finding his own self about where he is. He creates much lies about himself, yet speaks to truth when those such as Princess Tuwark need him to.


Yourilivian Teris is a quite denying person yet has some level of understanding when it comes down to basic wisdom. He is cornered in the strange belief that he possibly would never submerge from sickness. When others remind him of his lifestyle, he takes it arrogantly and resists change. He may even take it to a level and insult them back, as he often does with Opia Cilia.

However, there is a time and one place for his arrogance, that being all the time and anywhere, except when truth must go forth by the stream. Princess Penelope is the person that normally comes to him for advice or expression time when she's under pressure. When people like her do, he will give the truth to them straight with no setbacks on empathy. Some of his advice is much trustworthy that people take it, and it ends up being a good one.

Even then, his uncomfortable presences upheaves much of his communicators, therefore narrowing down visitors. He is not bothered by this, though--as he is not bothered much by anything anymore. However, deep down, he doubts his own self on how to carry out his means. He is understanding himself and why he may be there in this presentation, giving lies about himself and such. That would be that he is in a hole of being titled.

Powers and Abilities

Yourilivian Teris' main ability is "Rising Rain," although it had been credited to move in any direction. If there is an object that falls toward Yourilivian at some point and has at least one millimeter of distance between him and the object, Yourilivian is able to return the source of where the object had been coming close in contact twice as farther back as it was set to move. Most times, this would also come with the breakage of the object due to the excessive force of pressure put upon it. With Yourilivan only having the consideration of only being a side character in the series, he has one of the strongest abilties and refuses to use them too often. He believes that since his definitive childhood determined his own trouble, he does not want to further use his abilities and cause more harm. However, he will choose to use them when he is convinced for the better of the situation, especially if he had to protect someone.

Meanwhile, Yourilivian did not attend schooling and therefore did not attend to gain much skills. He does, however, have some skills in communication of his own points on advice and other forms of wisdom. Let alone, he has one of the best of skills of lying in the series, and he normally comes to use his expertise in lying when being a witness for Opia Cilia's sake after being convinced for a while. Even then, he does know how to fish and will use it to survive on seafood and serve others with some form of hospitality.

Character Theme Song

Some Humpty Dumpty Song


  • Ergo's father, Haymane, was originally going to be killed by Yourilivian. However, since that Yourilivian's past is supposed to be mildly salted, this part was omitted.
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