"Sometimes, I wondered to myself, "Who am I?" Then I replied to my question, " I'm Youra, an artist who wants to help others." "
—Youra Breeze, ending up the fight with Cory.


Youra is a young grey wolf with a long kind of wavy hair that reaches to her back, with a side fringe of a blue hint highlight. She has pale gold eyes, peachy muzzle, similar to Nebuleen's ( but it doesn't mean the two are related ) & a bushy grey tail.


She's young, but a fully-experienced adventurer. As she travels from one place to another, she had gain knowledge before, from books about culture and history. She's also into ancient artefacts, learned about symbolic language, and all sorts of ancient stuffs. Youra's a quiet person, but shows true loyalty towards her friends and family.


Early Life

Before she was an artistic adventurer, Youra had a normal life with her mother and her pet chao, Painty. When she's at the age of five, the three of them moved to Aquatic Capital having a better life.

After they moved in, Yuanda decided to greet the whole neighbourhood to introduce themselves. Youra was shy at that time, so she remained silent during the introduction. So a couple moments later, she then meet Nebuleen, who made her feel like home.


Painty : Youra's macho and the jokester chao, both are the great package for one heck of an adventure. Yuanna found the little one, abandoned inside the box in one of the rainy nights. Decided to take him in, she gifted Youra as a pet, and a companion. Knowing her mother and the beloved daughter both had raised him, he vowed to protect Youra from all sorts of trouble.

Yuanna : Youra's mother and the only guardian, she still raises Youra as a single mother, after losing her husband due to an accident after Youra's birth. It was hard during that time, but she tried her best to take Youra all on her own. She's a caring, loving and warm-hearted mother that can worried her daughter too much, regardless of Bernard's death. But overall, she always be ready whenever Youra needs her.

Bernard : Youra had never seen him regardless of his death during Youra's birth. But however, she adored her father a lot.

Nebuleen : After Youra and her mother left Windy Valley to Aquatic Capital, she became more quiet as she was anxious with the new environment. Nebuleen, the one who greeted her first. Once the two know each other better, they become the best of friends.

Nezio : Even though they're not close, the both are still related, but far cousins that is. The two got the same taste for art, which when they team up, they are known as " The Aesthetic Cousins ".

Akido : Nebulae introduced Akido to her, hoping that they can be friends. And eventually, they cooperate each other well. Akido trusts her well as a companion of Nebuleen's.

Cory : When she first met Cory, she disliked her at first because she felt the mischief that she will make. The two fight for quite some time as rivals, but as they learned the truth from each other, wanting to help others, they end the fight with truce and became good friends.

Xeon : He was introduced by Nebuleen as well, the two are both Extreme Gearists. After getting to know each other, Xeon considers her as his sister, not wanting to hurt Youra or letting harm come to its way.


Since she's an artist, she can trick others with illusion by drawing techniques. Since her paintbrush is not an ordinary one, she can use normal magic & dark magic. For instance, she can make a clone of herself to trick others. She use dark magic when it's necessary like activating Dark Gloop. If she has less pitch-black ink to do that, she can't do the Dark Gloop.


Skills & Attacks

  • Ink Trap : This is one of her advanced painting skills. This skill is used for an advantage to trap the opponent in paint, usually dark. This is will disable enemies to move around, to make Youra much easier to counter attack them.
  • Dark Gloop : This skill is like puppetry. When Youra applies it below the enemies, it will work like a shadow. She will control the opponents like using psychokinetic powers, but it gets more darker & gloopier. This will also lower down foe's defences & attacks. 
  • Paint Trace : The most simple and basic skill, usually she utilise it to make her drawings to come alive, but even so, it will disappear if it's damaged. 


Even though Youra uses dark magic, she can't stand long when the opponent uses dark magic. This may result a struggling challenge for Youra. 

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