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You Can Choose is a fanfic by BearfootTruck. This is a one-shot story that does not star Sonic. Instead, it stars *Tails and Shadow.


One day, Shadow is relaxing at Rouge's mansion when he is interrupted by Tails. Shadow asks what Tails is doing and where Sonic is. Tails tells him that the Blue Blur is spending time with some schoolkids in Emerald City. More importantly, the Two-Tailed Wonder has come to Shadow because he perceives the state of the world to be unfair and is angry about it. The Ultimate Life Form asks Tails why he has come to him with this problems, and the latter asks him if there's a firing range in the mansion and if he can practice firing a gun. Shadow agrees, but on one condition: Tails is not to use the gun to kill people.

Once that is out of the way, the two go down to the firing range, where Tails picks out a Mini Uzi, locks, loads and gets down to business. At first, he has trouble hitting the target due to the gun's recoil, but after expending a few magazines, he gets the hang of it soon enough. Then, Tails attempts to take the gun out for a rampage, but Shadow stops him, hits him and takes the gun away. He then tells Tails that he can choose to let the world's troubles bother him and ruin his day, or he can choose to let life go on and focus on things that make him happy. Tails doubts it is that easy, but Shadow is willing to help. Shocked by this revelation, Tails is rendered speechless, and he breaks down crying as Shadow offers him a hug. When the hug is over, the two apologize to each other for getting mad at each other. Then, Tails asks Shadow if he has any ice cream. When the Ultimate Life Form says yes, he unloads and puts away the gun before taking Tails to have some.



  • This is the first of BearfootTruck's Sonic stories to use the Computer Regular font for the title card instead of Helvetica Black. This was done to differentiate stories starring Team Dark from stories starring Team Sonic.
  • This is the first of BearfootTruck's Sonic stories to mention the Roseinian Empire.
  • This is the first of BearfootTruck's Sonic stories to depict Tails using a gun.
  • The hostage depicted on the target that Tails is shooting at is Zooey, a character from Sonic Boom.
  • The bad guy depicted on the target that Tails is shooting at may be a coked-out Justin Beaver, another character from Sonic Boom.

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