"You really are ignorant aren't you? Foolish girl"
Yin & yang

Yin and Yang(Yin is on the right)

Yin the Hedgehog

Age 17(physically)


Gender male
Species hadgehog
Description black fur with white markings and quills

white eyes

pale skin

Attire Frogwart's Academy uniform(season2)

white collared shirt

grey jeans

white boots with yinyang symbol white and black gloves with yinyang symbol black leather belt with yinyang symbol

Relatives Yang the Hedgehog(brother)
Affiliations neutral
Nicknames Yinny(by Luna once to annoy him)
Quotes "Idiot. Your bravery is wasted"
Romantic Interests Luna maybe?
Weaponry Dead of Night(broadsword)
Abilities deathly cold

Yin Element

Super Forms Yin and Yang

Yin the Hedgehog is the fursona of Koumorichan. He is the brother of Yang the Hedgehog(although really they're one person). He appears in Star & Luna season/book 2 which hopefully I'll make.


Yin is a very clever, arrogent, and cunning character. He is very charming and seductive. He can be heartless and maybe even merciless to others. Due to the fact that he is the element Yin, which stands for darkness, cold, and death, he isn't shy about showing it. Yin is also the female element which also means he is a womanizer(although that honestly has nothing to do with it). He gets very close to a certain female, and then rip her heart out!


  • females
  • swords
  • roses


  • being called arrogent
  • getting humiliated by a girl(or anyone I suppose)


  • Yang the Hedgehog
  • he doesn't let anyone get close to him


  • almost everyone

Signature Spells

  • Deathly cold
    Deathly Cold
  • Yin Element

Theme Songs

He shares his theme song with Yang. It is Bad Apple!! by Touhou
【東方】Bad apple Eng Subtitles 【PV】

【東方】Bad apple Eng Subtitles 【PV】

His battle theme is Dream-Eating
【Karaoke】Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku【off vocal】 Nem

【Karaoke】Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku【off vocal】 Nem

Monochrome off-vocal


  • Try not to confuse him with Yang. Remember: Yang is WHITE and Yin is BLACK, so that their markings resemble their element.



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