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This is an article about Yggnatius Law, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 12/21/2014.


Yggnatius appears as a dark-skinned humanoidal Crucite in his adult stage. He possesses neat, blonde hair and a thin physique. Being a Crucite of the sky, Yggnatius has a large set of wings which he uses as a cover for his shoulders and upper-chest. The rest of his clothing seems to be a black suit/pants combo with a white undershirt and a red corsage, which is somewhat odd for a police major. What probably sticks out the most in his design are the steel rings that cover his eyes and wrists, which are decorated in gold lettering that says "See no evil" in Crucite lettering on each one and also have two ruby lines on them that act as borders for the words. He also has somewhat large, pointed ears on the sides of his head, partially covered by his head-ring and blond hair styled into a small pompadour.


Yggnatius is one who prefers to play with his targets before arresting them, making him somewhat arrogant and otherwise cocky. He always seems to know just one litle thing that makes his enemies tick and usually capitalizes on that to lower their sense of security and strike when the time is right. He also never seems to take many things seriously, unless he's learned the hard way not too.


Much of Yggnatius' past is unknown. He was once a police officer for Sky Crucites to maintain balance above the clouds, which was his true dream ever since his larval-stage. He was involved in the Mionium War, having been the one who sealed Sirus away along with himself, and was rediscovered many millions of years later by Twitch and Gyro, who were looking for a rare artifact when they got lost and found Yggnatius sealed in a large crystal, with Sirus nowhere to be seen, having escaped a short time ago after re-awakening in a lesser form. He was later released and hired by EQuartz, now serving as a police officer while searching for Sirus in order to destroy it before it could get too powerful again.


Yggnatius, relying mostly on senses and strength, has only one real ability that can be classified as a power. By condensing the air around his hands, Yggnatius can fire a powerful short-range compression blast that can deal heavy internal damage and has massive knockback against his opponents, but this power was taught to all Sky-Police members. This power was the reason why Yggnatius' wrists were permanently damaged and forced him to wear steel rings.


From many years of training for and serving in law-enforcement, Yggnatius has developed quite a level of physical strength as well as a distinct level of craftiness. What would seem to be minor background details could be found and exploited by Yggnatius to find a weak-spot in a target and strike when their guard is down. Having been blinded by an unknown incident back in his training years, Yggnatius can detect and register actions through sound, and has grown much higher-levels of hearing than most others. Being a Crucite of the sky, Yggnatius is also granted the ability to fly with ease, even in harsh conditions.


Yggnatius, for all the good he has going for him, also has a great amount of flaws that make him far from perfect. His arrogance can (rarely) get in the way of his work and can potentially cause him to miss capturing a target. Yggnatius, even with his heightened hearing from premature blindness, cannot detect a target if they're quiet enough, though that would probably involve not even making a single sound, no matter how silent it may be. 

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