The appearance of each of his forms in the final battle

Normal-Dressed up like a jester.

Super-Looks like a golden jester with 4 arms.

Weapon- Halfway through the fight, the Ultima Weapon attacks you.

Ultima-Looks robotic with 4 legs coming out of his back and his two normal arms out. He becomes this after fusing with the Ultima Weapon in an attempt to destroy you.

Final-He uses the last of his power to become a robotic-spider-dragon-hedgehog creature for the final battle. He is finally destroyed after this form is beaten.


He is a crazy psychopath who wants to destroy all life. His personality stays the same the whole way from begginning to the final battle. He does seem to change his attitude in a second. One second he's dancing and the next, he's stabbing someone. 


He was born crazy. He stabbed his mom and dad, killed his 2 sister with a shovel, and drowened his little brother in a bathtub. He was sent to a mental asylum. He escaped a few years later when he turned 19. He became so powerful in his magic that the police couldn't hold him anymore, so they gave up trying to. He ruled over a small part of the world at the begginning of the game, but eventually, he destroys other kingdoms and eventually he tries to kill the world itself. He uses all the worlds' magical and physical energy to become God. He then wakens the Ultima Weapon, which destroys all survivors that there is. He was about to destroy the planet when the heroes arrived and he battled them. He was beat and transformed into his super form. He was beat again and the Ultima Weapon came to defend him. They beat the Ultima Weapon and then he fused with it. They beat him yet again. Energy started floating through the air, the sky turned black, the grass died, water started to evaporate. He returned and said "You won't win, I've waited too long to fail"! Then he transformed into his final form."This is your day of judgement, you want to save a dead world"? "GO AHEAD, save your dead world"! Then after an epic battle with the guy who became God, he is beaten. As he dies, he says "How is the will to live this powerful"? "How could I lose"? "I became God and still couldn't win"? "What does it take to destroy one world"? "I won't allow this, I will return"! "One day, I will return"! Then he disapeered into a cloud of darkness and smoke. Then black energy fell from the sky as the world went back to normal. Then his soul appeared for the final challenge. They destroyed his soul and he said as he faded away: "How could this happen, I'm God, I'm eternal, I'm immortal, I'm life, I'm dreams, I'm all"! "How could I lose for the final time"? "How could mere mortals beat a God"? Then he finally desinagrated into ash black as coal and blew up. His ghost tried to kill the heroes but the leader, Rudy attempted to give up his life to destroy the Mad One for good, but Xia saved his life, and destroyed the Mad One together in the true final battle after blasting him with the power of mankind, he finally died and didn't come back.


He was born with a passion to kill and he had the magic to do it. He became God and learned all spells in existence. He also seems to have a regeneration factor.


His insanity makes him very dumb, so he's easy to fool. Plus, his foolishness was his downfall. He tried to destroy a world full of powerful fighters, like did he expect to win?


1.Yevon is based off of Final Fantasy 6's Kefka, who similarly destroyed the world , became god, was insane, and fought like 12 heroes.

2.Yevon's name was taken from Final Fantasy X's final boss, Yu Yevon.

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