Yellow Drill is the alter-ego of Bunnie South in Cyber Sonic.


Yellow Drill wears a black spandex suit that covers everything except her head, and a pair of gloves and boots. Her chest has a yellow triangle symbol, and she has a black mask that covers her mouth.

Powers & Abilities

  • Drill Manipulation: Bunnie can create, shape, and manipulate all types of drills.
  • Spatial Hole: Bunnie can create hole within cyberspace to teleport, but, this takes up too much energy.
  • Phasing: Since she's in Cyberspace in this form, Bunnie can phase through objects in the physical world.
  • EM Rails Grinding: Bunnie can grind on the EM Rails within Cyberspace.


To turn into this form, Bunnie needs to fuse with her wisp, Spin.

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