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Xifeng is the beautiful daughter of a king and was a dream princess. However she never wanted any of this. She wanted to become strong. She wanted to be able to depend on herself.


Xifeng the Phoenix

Xifeng the Phoenix
Biographical Information
  • Physical:19
  • Princess(Hates this nickname)
Physical Description
  • Feathers:Red
  • Eyes:Blue
  • Hair:Red
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations "The Heng Warriors"
  • Martial Arts
  • Pyrokensis
  • Speed
  • Weapon Knowledge
  • Flight
  • Phoenix Abilities
Super Forms
  • Flaming Xifeng
Other Information
American V.A.Eliza Schneider
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFamotill

Xifeng was always a spoiled little girl. She was always dressed as a little queen, and always destined to be daddy's little princess. As Xifeng grew her rebellious behavior became more apparent. She either beat up or set fire to all her tutors. When it came time for her to be matched to her husband Xifeng failed the Matchmaker's tests miserably making the already gruesomly manly, mean, and nasty matchmaker woman give her the boot telling her no man should be cursed with her. Xifeng realizing she failed her family set out. If she couldn't make a perfect wife then she would make a perfect warrior. She left her house in the night taking some of her fathers clothing. She traveled to a neighboring village known as 永恒河(Eternal River). She disguised herself as a man and entered the ninja academy. She beat all her competition, but was revealed to be a female. She was about to be kicked from the school when a member of "The Heng Warriors" appeared and accepted her. All of her male teachers were dumbfounded that a girl could accomplish all of this. From that day forth they allowed females to become not only ninja, but warriors.


Xifeng is quite the tomboy despite her girlish appearence. She believes people should be judged by skill not gender. She tends to be very sarcastic and hard-headed as well. She gets easily fustrated tends to try and hurt those who annoy or joke around with her. While she has a sense of humor any remarks made about sexual things or dating that involve her will result in a very angry response from Xifeng. She is a strong warrior and takes great pride in what she does. She isn't the brightest, but as any warrior she is fast thinking able to get out of messy situations. Xifeng can also be described as a rebel.


  • Fighting
  • Weapons
  • Winning(Mainly against guys)
  • Ramen
  • Fire
  • Nature
  • Hot Springs
  • Eugen the Hedgehog


  • Losing
  • Being annoyed
  • Water
  • Rain/Storms
  • Thunder/Lightning
  • Sexual Jokes

Biggest Fears

  • Falling in Love



Lei the Ferret
Feng the Yak
Ling the Mouse
Ting the Panda
Xia the Hedgehog
Chuanli the Tiger
Huizhong the Grasshopper


Any Opponent


Being a pheonix Xifeng has access to unlimited amounts of fire powers as well as energy. She can sense things most other creatures wouldn't and can even use Aura type abilities. She is also very skilled with weapons as well as gifted in Martial Arts. She is a trained warrior, but her stealth isn't the greatest. She often can come up with things quickly.


"Catch Me If Ya Can"

"What a loser"

"I am a warrior"

"Don't Judge me by my gender!"

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