"All living things have a right to grow. In order to co-exist and grow, I planted the power and concepts of emotions in all sentience. All living beings are my children, my blood, my sisters, my brothers, and more. Not even the laws of nature can defeat emotions."
Ymephilia is the Goddess of Songs, Emotions and Waves. She was known to have helped the gods in shaping Raqel'Viana and dimensions. She was born from the emotions and thoughts of the Great God Exapico. She is also called "The Great Songstress" or "The Mother of Sounds". She was constantly looked down by other gods for her kindness and gentle nature, which deemed her "weak" To the gods. She was once unfairly exiled for helping keep the balance between humans and Mobians under control, and was replaced by Agatha. She would soon retake her role as Goddess and would slowly forgive her fellow immortals, with the help of Altheumelia and her friends.


Ymephilia bears a striking resemblance to Adhaliora, who in turn greatly resembles her daughter Altheumelia, who is also Ymephilia's reincarnation, host and chosen.

Behind her head, a white halo is situated.


Ymephilia is a gentle and kind-hearted goddess who cares very much for all of creation and all living beings, especially her people, the Hymmnos Clan, who she created long ago. She acts as the glue that binds the gods together, and keeps them from disarray.

She has shown to be a very empathetic and motherly entity who treats all living beings with respect, and is rather very fond of her creations and the Hymmnos Clan. She is also incredibly wise and emotional, and due to this, many mortals come and ask her for her wisdom if the Goddess of Wisdom and Intellect cannot provide answers for them.

She also shows a protective side that of a mother's, which is shown when her creations and her clan arethreatened greatly. When enraged, she is easily capable of intimidating other deities. Even Evidelo has admitted to Riyulis that not even he nor the other gods can face her wrath.

While the other deities are arrogant, harsh, cruel and sadistic, using the lives of mortal and treating them like a simple game, Ymephilia was the complete opposite of them.She communes with mortals very much, understanding them very well. Despite her emotions and wishes, she does what is best for not only a single being, but also for all existences and all worlds. She would even do this if it meant losing something valuable to her.


While the Gods fought with the Titans, Exapico's emotions soon began to create another being. The female being would soon be known as Ymephilia, one of the god's keys to victory against the Titans and Apophis.

After the war, many deities began their work on the world, Ymephilia given the task of nurturing life.

While the other gods were arrogant and selfish, Ymephilia was kind, understanding and wise. This caused her to be ultimately discriminated and looked down upon by her fellow immortals.

When the Days of Transgression began, Ymephilia began to desperately search for a way to help protect the Mobians from the humans, and eventually succeeded. However, the gods unfairly exiled her for her act instead of accepting it, because they felt as if she was a mistake in the multiverse. Her role would soon be replaced by another female deity named Agatha.


As a goddess, Ymephilia is incredibly powerful, and her power is outmatched only by her husband Evidelo. As maintainer and creator of the Energy Waves, she is able to manipulate and distort them easily, even able to control time, space, elements, concepts, life energy, reality, emotions and the psyche, even dimensions and worlds. However, she mainly uses her abilities to defend if she was ever in trouble within an inescapable situation. If forced to fight, she can be dangerous.

Emotion Manipulation & Sensory- As Goddess of Emotions, Ymephilia can control or sense emotions. She can use this ability to turn their emotions into something else, or even drain them dry of feelings, leaving them emotionless.

Omnipotent Presence- Like all deities, Ymephilia can be in many places at once.

Song Magic- As the Goddess of Songs, Ymephilia can sing to invoke attacks, magic, defence, support, enchantments, creation, and more.

Sound Control- Ymephilia can control sound.

Wave Maipulation-


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