this is your basic punch with a twist, this allows the user to stun his or her enemy, and allowing his or her the advantage, this is very much like The Xenoblade Slash, the differences is that this is hand to hand.


Geno the Hedgehog (only known user)


How it started is a descendant of the infamous Dr. Eggman created this gene called the XenoGene and created 2 Hedgehogs Genetically Based off of Sonic And Shadow, to do his bidding, then implanted the XenoGene inside both hedgehogs. After that Geno and Veno was born. (the same as XenoArts bassacally)


no one can really access this move, its very rare to achieve, Geno is the only known Mobian to use this, not many has this ability, but others can access this just by having the XenoGene Genetically bond with the users DNA and can be permanent one it does.

Significant Variants

Xenoblade Slash



Despite the fact that this can stun the enemy, there are 3 drawbacks, one its stuns only for 10 seconds, giving only limited time to plan a attack when his/her foe is stunned, two if its used to frequent, this can harm or kill the user depending on the amount of times used in one go, and third if two users use the same move at each other, both users will be stunned for 30 minutes.

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